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What is the biggest doll you have ever seen?

Feb 14, 2011

    1. Ok, so I've seen a lot of 70cm and even a couple of 80cm dolls, which to me, seems giant! :o
      But I've heard stories of dolls 90cm and taller! *_*
      What is the biggest doll you've ever seen (whether in real life or online)?
    2. I believe I was browsing Bimong's flickr page and he had a picture of a doll that was suppose to be a meter tall. It was just the one and made for some event.
    3. I got to see one of AoD's 90cm boys in person! I couldn't get over the huge size of his hands in particular. XD He was sitting down and I didn't think to ask his owner about his weight so I'm not exactly sure. But I do own one of AoD's 60cm girls and she's the heaviest out of all my dolls, so I can only imagine how heavy that boy must be!
    4. I remember seeing a doll that was literally life size by Papermoon (I think) they could actually wear people clothes o.o; like around 5'2" to 5'9" tall. Someone here bought one years ago and mentioned it costed about as much as a car X.x;;
      But otherwise the one I've seen that would be even bigger (like two story or more) would not be considered on topic as it was one a youtube video and was control by machines and a crane for some kind of parade or show.
    5. 90cm Angel of Dream. My friend's daughter has one. It's huge. And I totally no longer want one. I would love to see an 80cm Soom Mecha Angel in person. Seeing dolls in person really does help with buying decisions.
    6. There is a dolfie dream on one of the websites that hasn't come out yet, it will be 4'11". That is huge. The size of a small woman.
    7. My friend first introduced me to dolls through her AoD 90 Cm doll x.x Seeing THAT in person almost turned me off from this hobby completely. I'm only five feet tall so I was like 'D: It's almost as big as meeee!'

      Thankfully I was introduced to a MSD shortly after and realized not all dolls were so ginormous XD
    8. There was a 150 cm Obitsu at one of the shows. Which translates to adult human size, for a small woman.
    9. Someone posted in the brazilian forum about BJD that I belong (Resin Heaven) pictures of BJDs with human size, that could wear human clothes. They were imported from Korea and used as mannequins in a store...
    10. Girl I know is 160cm (5'3") and can be seen schlepping one of those 90cm AOD beasts around town.... everybody thinks she's carrying a preschooler in her arms, it's hilarious. xD I am 175 cm (5'9"), so he looks more like a ventriloquist-dummy on me. Which can be almost as funny.

      But, in my own collection, my tallest doll is 80cm (Soom Mecha Angel). Much more manageable, & doesn't wear toddler clothes.
    11. I have some 80cm dolls on the other side of the room, at the moment, but they aren't the biggest I've seen in person. That would be the 90cm AoD in the dealer's room at Anime Boston last year. Even owning 80cms, the 90cm seemed enormous for some reason.
    12. The biggest I've seen in person is around 60 to 65cm. But I have heard about dolls that are around 90cm~ I hope to be able to see the bigger dolls one day though XD
    13. I never even thought there would be people size(4'11) sized BJD. I have a friend who is 4'9 that doll is taller than her. XD
    14. Okay, until I read this thread, the tallest doll I had ever seen were the Dollmore 80cm Lusion. I had no.frigging.clue. that Mecha Angel's were 80cm!!!

      My God! No wonder that Sabik looked so huge!!!
    15. The largest resin doll I've seen is only 70cm. However, the largest vinyl non BJD I have in my collection is 90cm or around 36 inches. She is sculpted like a real 3 year old girl in exact proportion. She is vintage IDEAL Patti Playpal made in the USA around 1960. She is 50 years old and still very beautiful in her original clothes, hair and makeup. She is heavy and difficult to carry around. In the 1960s, small children in the US played with these big dolls, the same size as themselves. Some children shared clothes with their dolls. I've seen at least one photo where the girl and doll are dressed alike in same size clothes. The largest doll is 42 inches or almost 4 ft, she is known as Daddy's Girl, sculpted to perfection like a real 12 year old young lady made of vinyl in the 1960s. I have not seen one in real life but I've seen her in photos. She's a beauty to behold. A highly sort after, rare and illusive American vintage doll, I don't think it's easy to ship her overseas. I was very thankful to my doll's (Patti Playpal) American owner for shipping the 36 inch (90cm) vinyl girl to Canada 2 years ago when I adopted her. It was an anxious wait, like a real 3 year old shipped in the mail. I know the contemporary American company Ashton Drake Galleries make reproduction of these large life size vintage dolls with articulated movable joints but these repros cannot be considered as BJDs.

      A doll 1/2 size, 90cm (36inches) or 4 ft should be made of vinyl, otherwise, he/she will be heavy in resin. Shipping will be a problem but I know such big dolls are love. You can hug them, sleep with them, when you are sad and depressed, you can curl around them for comfort and have a good cry over their shoulders. :(

      Dolls this size can be sculpted like a real human. In proportion. There were statues of live size anime characters when I visited Japan last year, took photo with one of them but that is a statue, not a doll. I would surely love to see a Dollfie Dream more than 4 ft tall. She will be beautiful.

      A few nights ago, I had this strange dream that two of my boys Isao and Yukinojo became real people. I wish I could dream forever. Only in my dreams can I see them as real people, taller than me, strong, able to speak with personalities and feelings. :aheartbea
    16. Someone around here once posted a link to a human-sized Dollfie Dream type doll standing next to its owner. I seem to remember that both doll and owner were around the same height and dressed in the same clothes.
    17. Online, there's the Mecha angels and the 1/2 AOD, but I've seen neither IRL
      There's also the Lusion dolls, that look almost like real sized children o-o
      I'd die to see one, really.
    18. I haven't seen many dolls in real life, the biggest one was 60-cm SD T___T
    19. I think the biggest dolls I've seen in person were the 70cm Dragon Doll boys, or the 70cm Dream of Doll boys, and they seemed ENORMOUS to me, I can't even imagine Angel of Dream's 90cm doll! Yikes! I own a 70cm doll, but he's really skinny, more like a Dollshe. The thickness of the doll really makes a big difference.