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What is the deciding factor in adopting a doll?

Jul 19, 2011

    1. Just sudden question it hited me.

      What is the deciding factor in adopting a doll?
      How do you choose which doolies to adopt?

      I'm wondering, would you consider the price to order a doll or, it is totally up to their character or, it is your preferance brand of doll companies? or?

      Let's talk about this topic, we could have other's opinion. ;)
    2. maybe you could consider a doll that is already yellowing..some people are fine with this, while some aren't.
      you could also consider about damages, and modification done on a certain doll..
      price- it's up to you if you have a budget enough to buy a doll(either second hand or brand new)
      in the end, it's still up to the person on what kind of doll he/she is looking for..if he/she likes to give a new home for a doll..I also have an adopted doll..he's a bit yellowed but it's fine for me..:D
    3. If you're talking in terms of buying a doll directly from the company, it's a variety of factors. "Does the doll look like a character I already have?" is a big one for me, but I also consider things such as the cost, the company's reputation, the size of the doll's body in relation to my other bodies (is it too small or too big? is it in the same scale, but smaller than or bigger than the established relative height of the character? Will I need to hybrid to get the right scale? What other companies have resins that match suitably?) and how important that character is to the story. (Are they a main character? Do they appear once and then never again?)

      Another big one is if the doll is limited, and if it is absolutely perfect for the character, how long do I have to snap it up? Will I have the opportunity again later to buy this doll?

      If you're talking about buying off the market place, my questions are the same as above, but they also include things such as: how old is the doll? Is the doll overpriced? What damage does the doll have (yellowing, cracks, chipping etc.)? What is the feedback for this seller like? Does the seller smoke (stains and smell) or own pets? (I'm allergic to cats) What are the seller's selling terms (paypal fees, layaway)? Where is the seller located - how much will shipping cost?

      There are a lot of things that I think about, but I think sometimes it just comes down to the following: Does my want for the doll overcome any other setbacks that the questioning process has arisen? And if the answer is 'YES!' then in some shape or form, I'm getting that doll.
    4. For me to buy a doll, it takes love at first sight and enough available cash to swing the deal. That's all, really. Character development, hybriding possibilities, clothes...all that comes later.
    5. I have to fall in love with the doll. And be able to afford it. For me the price is a consideration, but that has to do with the fact that I still have kids at home. If I didn't, I would chose dolls over more mundane considerations any time - but I don't want my kids to feel embarrassed about the home they live in or the clothes they wear while I am playing with my $1000 BJDs.
    6. Some pretty consistent criteria for me. :)

      Gotta love the doll.
      Gotta be able to afford it.
      Gotta look different than my other ones. But I usually stay within the same type of dolls at a time.
    7. I care about many things when buying a BJD, it is from a company or from a second hand seller I may trust: Price, quality, condition (Yellowing, damages,...) when it is not new and I always ask for it with any modification, if I have the chance to get it (When it is limited), if my pocket might afford it,... Shipping cost is a condition, but not one of my main factors always it is sort of reasonable.

      When it comes to deciding factors to get a BJD for me, it has to be that I see a character I really want to own (Mostly main ones) in his/her sculpt and that the mold matches the style and proportions of the character itself and among the crew already home, if possible, even in their skin tones. Having to make it hybrid with another body to fit the same requirements later does not affect my decision.
    8. For me I just kinda..know. I can see many dolls and think they're very pretty but then suddenly I'll see a doll and think "that's the one". Of course I need to be able to afford em too :p
    9. Price is always a factor, since I have to support myself and my family and "free" spending money is often scarce. Also, the doll has to appeal to me aethetically--a nice face, proportionate limbs, and such. And yeah, poseability is key. So I guess I'm pretty picky when it comes to dolls.
    10. Have to fall hard for it, but It also has to offer something different to the current ones I own. If I'm just going to end up with two sorta similar dolls, then I don't really find myself wanting to spend on that,
    11. I have a very simple rule when buying dolls that, in my opinion, stops me just buying everything I like the look of. The rule is: no character, no doll. If I don't have a character in mind for the doll itself, I'm not interested. Oddly enough my most recent doll purchase came about because when I saw the doll, the idea hit me like a lightning bolt to the brain.

      It's partially a safe guard for my spending, but also that I tend to find if I don't have something actually planned for that doll, the character tends to be a little flakey and "meh.."

      Then come in all the other factors like new vs second hand (personally I love buying secondhand dolls and giving them a new home) that everyone has mentioned above. They're all very important factors, but character comes first for me.

      I love this question btw *lol* :)
    12. The picture or the sight of the doll has to grab me by the throat and say " You MUST buy me!"

      So far, nothing has that is a size I am not comfortable with ( well, except one tiny). And none have been over budget.
    13. I don't worry about characters or matching my current ones, I just have to really love the sculpt enough to think about it all the time -and after that it comes down to money for me. Money is always the final deciding factor, because if I don't have enough at the time, I have to pass. Loving a doll does not grow a money tree in my backyard, as much as I wish it did lol.

      But really, it just means I have to wait longer, so it's not a big deal in the end I guess. I usually prefer to wait and think on a purchase anyway.
    14. These BJD's are all very expensive so I buy what I really want even if it costs a little more because I want to be happy with my dollie when I get it. Unfortunately I don't really budget for them but everydolls I have purchased so far tripled in value on the secondary market so I think Ill come out alright in the end.
    15. I have adopted all my dolls from users here on DoA. Basically, it's about how much I love the doll, if the user has good feedback and if it's in my price range.
    16. I like BJDs with personality, that are different. I tend to be attracted to ones that are either hybrids, have unique faceups, were modded, have problems, etc. xD I like when they don't look like they came right from the manufacturer. And I need to be able to afford one. That is my main concern. (Then again I am a teenager, so... I can't throw money around.) Nothing I like more than getting an awesome deal on a doll!! :D So yeah. Personality, affordability, and good seller feedback, and I'm hooked. haha
    17. This, exactly. Unfortunately I'm pretty good at coming up with characters and fitting dolls into my group! Several dolls have gone on the wishlist because when I saw it I immediately said "Oh, you're _______!" or "Oh, you're the navigator for the crew!" even if I had no idea that character existed before. But if I just like the doll but can't think of how it would fit in, it stays on the "maybe someday" list rather than the "need to get" list. There are tons of dolls I really like but have no plans to save up for because they would have no place here other than to sit and look pretty.

      Price is also a major factor for me, as is whether the doll is limited (or limited in that it's an amazing price secondhand). If it's a standard that's always available, I have to determine if having that character is more or less important than getting bodies for the heads sitting in the cabinet here. If I'm looking at buying just a head, I have to think about whether there is a body here it can use. I dislike having heads around with no bodies they can share, which is one reason I have so many NS Minifee heads! I'm also somewhat picky about posing.

      Another factor for me is how it looks with my current dolls. I can fit in most different looks, but one of the ones I sold had to go because it's profile was much too flat compared to the Shiwoos and Els around here, LOL! Another that I LOVE from straight on has been knocked off the list for it's flatter profile, I keep looking at it but I know full well it wouldn't stick around long if I got it.

      So, it must have a character, it must fit in with the look, it must either come with a body or be able to go on one I have here already, it must pose decently. And I must be able to afford it!
    18. It's really good to know everyone's thought. :)

      Hmmm, for me.
      I'm a newbee and I've been considering to buy a doll in my character since I fall in love with BJD.
      But, it is really hard to choose mine until now cuz, when I found a doll which is nearly close to my cahrater then, I notice the size of the doll's body that I don't like it at all or, it's too much costs so I cannot offer it. lol

      And, I don't know much about doll company's reputation, which company is nice or not so it is not a big deal for me.
      Thus, I can say what is the deciding factor in purchasing a doll for me is character development, hybriding possibilities, reasonable price which I can offer it and, size of doll's body(it is important to me cuz I prefer to have a size between 25~ 45cm) *am I so picky?* , and Of course first thing is it takes love at first sight, hehehe. ;P
    19. The deciding factors for me are price and payment options. If I get to that point then I've already fallen for the doll, looked up user pictures, checked feedback/reviews, registered, and scoured FAQs. I'm not a pre-existing character doll-er so it frees me up to buy a doll just because I really like it. I don't have to worry about whether or not it will fit in with my crew; it fits in because it's loved!
    20. I haven't bought a doll yet but have been thinking about this question a lot as I am trying to figure out what my first one will be (and saving money!) but the most important thing for me is the loving face sculpt, looking at lots of owner pictures from all different angles with different faceups and wigs and deciding that yes, this face is one I love. I am extremely picky about faces! I guess that's similar to what other people have said about "falling in love" with the doll.

      The other important factor for me is whether I'll be able to get clothes etc for the doll because I'd rather have 2 dolls and millions of wigs / clothes / eyes than lots of different dolls and only one outfit. So if they're a strange size, that would put me off buying.