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What is the difference between the different Dollshe Hound versions?

Dec 2, 2006

    1. I hope this doesn't make me look completely stupid but besides skin color, what are the differences betwen the hounds. The hounds on the luts site all look the same except the tone, but people keep saying they want a Haute hound which is from the magazine Haute Doll I dont see difference between the Haute hound and the white skinned hound :ablah: .
    2. As far as I can remember, the Haute Hounds had nicer clothes and faceups, and they were extremely limited. (There's probably something else, too, but that's all I know.)
    3. The Haute Hound did have a slightly different face. Helene has two regular Hounds and two Haute Hounds, look for her posts in the Gallery.

      (I'd find some and link you, but I'm running out of break time at work!)
    4. Thanks Idrisfynn! I used to be convinced that the Haute Hounds have a rounder face (mostly the eyelids and jaw line) but man with a bit of sanding any Hound can have a rounder face :D

      I believe the Haute Hounds look alive cause their face up is natural and soft but yeah any Hound can look like that just give them a soft make up :D

      I suppose the real difference is in the bodies. The Hautes have version 1 bodies which are narrower in the chest, they don't look as buff and sexy as the new version 2 bodies I personally find.

      here's my boys:

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      my regular hounds:

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    5. I think there's something subtly different about the eyelids/eye shape as well -- I can't nail it down, but Haute Hounds seem to have a slightly more defined eyelid than the V2 Hounds. May be a V1 vs. V2 difference, though -- I'm not sure if all V1 Hounds have the more pronounced lids.

      But no, there's not a skin-color difference or anything -- it's just a slightly variant sculpt.

      -- A <3
    6. I don't think your question makes you look stupid at all! There is a lot of specualtion about the various molds/bodies/resin of the DollShe dogs. The Haute Hound is not a whiteskin - he's normal. The "differences" between the HH boys and the other Ver.1 hounds hasn't been completely answered - some think the HH head sculpt is different - it could have been modded by the tensiya atelier - there were 30 Haute Hounds released and that kind of work could have been done. Or perhaps the face-ups on the HH's make them look different to collectors. The body IS different from the Ver.2 Dollshe bodies - the resin is gorgeous, heavy and dense and with a lovely lankiness to it. Closest to the Bermann bodies, but with a nicer hand sculpt.

      Any differences noted in current Hound incarnations is because of different company face-ups.

      Here is a lovely comp thread helene posted last year -

    7. The Haute Hound is definately a V1 body, but I agree with Zag and others who have speculated that there is something different in the face sculpt of the HH hounds, Vs the regular V1 Hounds and the V2 Hounds.

      I have a V1 (one of the first) and his head sculpt looks a fair bit more elfin,more turned up and narrower through the eyes than the HH ones. The HH ones almost seem, (to me anyway) to have a more similar eye shape to the V2's.

      Then again, it might be face-up. But the HH's have always appeared to have a larger eye which is a different shape than the V1's.
    8. What Gayle says is true. When the V2 hound bodies came out, the head sculpt changed slightly in the eyes. The eyelid was less defined in the newer heads, or the eye is more 'open'. However, I am working on a hound for someone right now that goes against that rule, which is realllly interesting. There may be a few of the older head molds still floating around that are getting mixed in with the V2 bodies. It has a V2 body yet the older style face with the pronounced eyelids. I'll try to find pix of the 2 eyelid styles together....

      Ok...I found a couple pictures. The first photo shows a couple of the older version hound sculpts. They have more of an eyelid as you can see. (Gayle's Armand is to the right, I can't remember who Byron belongs to though :( )


      This photo is of the newer head where the eye has been opened somewhat and the the eyelid isn't as prominent. I can't recall who's hound this is....it was from a meetup I attended in Seattle:

    9. Thanks for all the replies they've been defiantely helpful, I know I want a haute hound but I've been told they can only be bought from haute magazine and are sold out is this true? I've been thinking about getting about getting my haute hound before Gena.

    10. The Haute Hound was an exclusive, limited release of the Ver.1 Hound from tensiya - an Anu special - sold through Haute Doll magazine. When the run of thirty dolls and costume did not sell out through magazine sales, anu purchased the remainder back and sold them through tensiya.com. They are now Sold Out. They do appear in the secondary market, however - both here and on Ebay.

      Good luck! You may find that you're equally as happy with the non-limited Hound offered through tensiya.
    11. Thanks for clearing that up I appreciate it. If I don't find a hound I'll either go with an Del elf or simply a regular hound.
    12. Those pics show it perfectly Christy! I am so glad you found them to post :) Oh, and Byron belongs to Ellen, he's such a pretty boy.