What is the difference between the two bodies on Bambicrony?

May 29, 2007

    1. When you go to buy a bambicrony doll, it gives you two options for the body, but they are bth the same height. What is the difference? Will both bodies fit into YO-SD clothes?
    2. One body is a two-part torso and the other is a one-part torso. You can see the two different bodies in the parts section.

      Both will fit Yo-SD clothes.
    3. Ok, Thank you very much! The two part torso is the more posable one, yes?
    4. Yes, you'll be able to bend it forwards, backwards and to either side to a small degree, but definitely more posable than the one-part torso :3nodding:
    5. Ok, thank you so very much!
    6. There something I am wondering about according to the parts both bodies have identical measurements but the new Viya outfits say for one torso body only. I wonder where they differ slightly that's not listed.
      Or is the recommendation an aesthetic thing for the outfits.

      Just FYI YO bodies are slightly larger than BC so outfits for YoSd can be slightly loose depending on cut and Bambicrony outfits can be too tight
    7. Yah, anyone know when anyone will recive a one part body to compare?
    8. some people already have both bodies since it was first released with Sisley. someone in the other thread said they'd measure
    9. I have Sisley with the one part body, and I'd swear that in profile she looks larger. But I don't have a 2 part to compare too. The only local person I knew that had one sold her before I ever saw her. Sophie sort of fits in Patsyette clothing, but I don't know that she'd fit in Barbie clothing.
    10. Opal can you measure her waistline?
    11. Ok, just measured Sisley's waist admist lots of giggling..seems she's ticklish. Anyway, her waist is 4 1/2". Not sure how that compares to the 2 part body, I've never looked at the measurments. Hope this helps. :)
    12. The tummy looks so cute and chubby, but i want a two part...