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What is the difference between Volks Super Dollfie and Dollfie Dream?

Jan 7, 2007

    1. I don't think Obitsu 60's come pre-assembled. If I'm right, how do you assemble them. I know they don't have strings, and I like them because they are cheaper then DD or SD or anything like that, and more poseable. By the way, what is the difference between a Dollfie Dream and a Super Dollfie? Aren't they the same size? And what about SD13 and SD16? I'm confused! Can obitsu body 60 wear a type of dollfie (dunno if it's SD or DD or what) clothes and wigs/eyes etc? Because I wish to purchase an Obitsu Body 60 but I need lots of help!
    2. Their body is assembled, you just need to put on their head. The specifics depend on what style of body you are interested in. Regardless, it's pretty simple to do

      Here's a comparison with an SD10, a DD and an Obitsu
      and here's one with a U-noa, a Custom House, a DD, an SD10, an SD13 and a Dollshe
      An SD16 is even taller and more mature than an SD13
      The way the clothing fits varies, here's one link that talks about it
      You can use the same type of wigs and eyes that SD dolls use. The size depends on what type of head you choose.
      Try the Junkyspot for even more specific information. Emory sells Obitsus and we are a very helpful and friendly forum.
      Here's the 60cm specific area
    3. Susan provided a lot of helpful information and links for you. About the differences between
      the DD and SD, there are many. Some would be that the former are made out of vinyl not resin,
      they are also not strung. The DDI base body was partially strung, but is no longer being produced by
      Volks, the DDII base body has an internal skeleton, like some of the 1/6 scale Volks Dollfie. Another
      difference is that DD have a more 'stylized' look, more closely associated with anime, more so
      than other BJD might have. They do come assembled, and with a default DD anime-styled head,
      you have to paint the eyes on, or you can also put any other optional DD head with eye-holes, or even
      a resin head.

      I know very little about the Obitsu, so I can't offer any information on them, but I hope the
      other information is of some help. ^_______^