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What is the limit??

May 26, 2010

    1. I was just wondering if anyone has a limit of what they will pay for a doll?? I know I do, all of my dolls have been just at, or under $500. I'm not sure I would pay more than that for a doll. Not simply because I can't afford it, but because I don't understand the reasoning behind it. I have seen soo many beautiful dolls that I want so badly, but when I see the price of them they lose some of their appeal. There is no doubt that these dolls are well worth what they cost, I just would rather buy two inexpensive dolls than one very expensive one. So, I suppose I draw my limit at $500. I'd like to know your limit and the reasoning for it.

      P.S. Mods, if a thread like this already exists feel free to delete or merge this one. I searched and didn't find one.
    2. Even though this is an expensive hobby, it's smart to me to have a limit too.

      I the doll hits about a grand(1000) I really really won't even bother. DOD is pretty pricey and those prices will truly make you think
      about if you really want that doll or not. $800 is pretty much the highest I would go.

      Souldoll, also a great company. But after you add up all of those extras...you can't tell me your not out for the count.
    3. I suppose I won't pay more than $900 for any doll...? But that's because I can't afford that much at once.
      I would rather have one very expensive thing that I really -love-, than two inexpensive things that I just kind of really like. I don't see the frugality in settling for two less expensive dolls just for the sake of having more than one, instead of just one very expensive one you love to bits. (That seems like you're getting less "love!" for the same price)
      However, if you fall in "love!" love with an inexpensive one, there's nothing wrong with that either, but that's a totally different story than what I think you're talking about here.
      I think there are already a few topics like this, but they might be just slightly different, so who knows.
    4. i agree with you here but my max would be anything below 900$ but it has to count shipping and company custom makeup default outfit and shoes if the price is just the doll no way. but i know later on after first purchase i would buy lots of clothes but to me this does not count as the price for the doll.

      to me basicly the first purchase is like the bill from the doctor that delivered your kid. after that is just the clothes for them to wear.
    5. you're right there. Shipping is awful! And yeah 800 is quite steep. For me, that's more of a 'doll I cannot find the like of anywhere else price!" I mean anywhere.

      I should have said, about $600. That's probably the target range for me.( I'm to broke to spend more.@@)
    6. I tend to take the total cost into account (including shipping + extras) when I buy but I do have a limit that I would pay for an actual doll. $325 is pushing it a lot for me but if I had the extra cash, then I would pay that much but only if I had extra cash. Also, because a lot of the prices are in USD, I still have to convert it to AUS and depending on the current exchange rate will also determine the limit. Generally though, I do try to keep well below the $300 mark which includes shipping + extras. That does limit the companies I can buy from and the types of sculpts I can look at and yes, it is sometimes frustrating as hell to see nice looking dolls and then see the price tag but that's just the way things are right now financially. I just can't afford anything beyond that budget and I don't want to shortchange as I have to take into account my bills and mortgage and the day to day expenses of living. It does mean it takes me a little longer to save but that's fine. I work under the assumption that if I like a sculpt and save for it and it suddenly gets sold out while I am saving for it, then I was never meant to have it.
    7. I've broken the 1K limit that I used to have... but she was pretty much EXACTLY 1K so it wasn't too bad.... I think more than 1.5K and I couldn't really do it. Except for a Soom Topaz. I'd spend upwards of that on her if I could.
    8. I would have to say my limit is $400. No more, I just simply cannot afford it. Especially now, because I do not have a job. As it is I am struggling to save $335.00 for a littlefee! Volks is out of the question. As much, as I like those dolls there just is not much appeal in a super expensive $1,000+ doll that I would NOT want to take anywhere with me, for fear of damage. I'd want one, that I could take outside and fully enjoy without it starting to feel like a trophy or some other super special object that shouldn't be touched at all. Plus, I like basics...because it gives me a MUCH better chance of getting it, than some ultra rare LE that'll get sold out in the next few days. I don't like being rushed.
    9. I tend to like big 70cm boys. So I am normally paying $600+ for nearly every doll I like anyway. That being said, the most expensive I've paid is $1000 (that's including shoes, pants, carrier bag, wig, eyes, face up, limited skin tone and shipping) and I don't think I'd pay much more than $1000 for anything (mostly because I haven't as yet, found a doll that I have to have that costs that much). I mean I will DEFINITELY shell out the money if it's a rare or hard to come by doll and I desperately want it.... but things like multi-month layaways come into play then.

      To be honest I don't see the point of buying two less expensive dolls if the one you really want is a little pricier. I think if the price can bug you that much, then dolls you're looking at aren't really the dolls you truly want to bring home in the first place. I didn't think I'd spend so much on one doll at the start, to be honest, but the fact of the matter is... I wanted him THAT much, that I paid for him. It was as simple as that.

      So I think I'm on the side of the fence that says "If it's expensive and you really want it, then don't settle for anything less, and find a way to get it." To me less can definitely be more. I've sold off a lot of dolls that didn't 'do' it for me in the beginning. I bought them on the mentality of "OMG CHEAP!" and I ended up selling off most of them because hey, they just weren't the dolls I REALLY wanted. I'm not saying this happens to everyone, because one of my friends is just OVER THE MOON for ResinSoul and she adores every single doll she buys from there. You know? I just don't see the point of putting a dollar value limit on a doll you really love (except if you simply can't afford to finance it - which doesn't seem to be the issue here).
    10. My limit's at $1000, and luckily I haven't broken it yet. :)
    11. I'm pretty positive my limit is going to get higher and higher as I begin to find even more expensive dolls that I love. I tend to buy the nude doll and sew, or buy cheap clothes for them. So, the most I've seen a blank doll (other than Dollmore lusion, who is AMAZING mind you) is around $700-$800. I may go that high someday, but I still don't know if I am willing to do that when there are so many less expensive companies that make dolls that are just as good of quality.
    12. $500.
      It is a bit of an affording issue as well as. I think if I ever break the $500 limit I can't justify it to myself. I'll feel selfish. :>

      Because of that I gave up on large dolls and will only have smaller dolls. :>
      It is good to have a limit, because this hobby is almost limitless. Oh ya, and I won't have more than 10 dolls. XD
      Otherwise it's almost pointless to set a dollar limit. :>
    13. My limit is around $500 Being in the Uk I have to factor in customs, shipping etc... I love some dolls that are way more but I just can't justify it. I no longer buys dolls in multiples either so its easier to stick to my limit.

      I like modding my dolls too so I don't buy expensive ones if I am going to carve themup!
    14. I don't even HAVE a resin person yet, still have only vinyl. But I'm learning as much as I can now so that I don't make one of those expensive mistakes I read about here. Or maybe not as MANY, LOL!

      That said, I lean towards Quality over Quantity. Especially with the bigger dolls, I only have so much room for dolls, so I'm going to make it count. If that means spending more than I intended, or having to save up a little longer to get the ONE doll I want, then so be it.

      Fees and Pukis are another matter.

      Must. Not. Look. At. The. Pukiiiiiiiiiii...
    15. I'm in Australia, so I already have to set my limits higher then a lot of people. Damn our dollar! xD My personal limit is $1200. Breaking a grand is fairly hardcore for me, and once it gets past that, I am getting out of there, quick smart. But if I saw a doll, an amazing unique doll that I knew that I would kick myself forever for missing, I would probably break that limit. Probably. I don't know, at some point, frankly, I just cannot justify it.
    16. To be the odd one here i guess... I dont really set limits for myself. If I love the doll and think its worth it, and if I am financially able, I will spend whatever I please on a doll.
    17. I don't have a set limit, it just depends on how perfect the doll is and how long it'll be available for me to save for. My family has a budget spreadsheet and I can look and see exactly how much fun money I have and how long it'll take to come up with the money for a particular doll. I would've said my limit was $1000, but I've recently fallen in love with a Sato-only Volks boy so...there goes that theory. XD
    18. My limit depends on the size of the doll... if it's an MSD (most of mine are), I can't bring myself to spend more than $300 on it. For SDs, my limit is around $600 (my two planned SDs come close enough to that, though, that if they break it by a little bit, I won't mind much). I could never justify to myself spending more than $700 on any doll, though D: I would feel too guilty, like I should have spent that money on other things, like gifts for people I love and things for my other dolls, and so on.
    19. Quality over quantity. (I don't mean quality as in expensive, more so as what you love.) So I don't set limits for myself. Why have 2 or 3 dolls that are just ok to me when I could have had the one I love? Like my last doll I purchased, I could have had 3 SDs for his price, but they would not have made me happy, and in the end I would still be pining away for him. And I wouldn't have spent any less money had I bought the three other dolls. I'm not interested in a large 'they'll do' collection, I'd rather look at the ones I have and love them.:D
    20. My most expensive doll so far, once he's finished, will pretty much be exactly $1000, shipping, wigs, eyes, outfits and face up materials included. Just the doll is 'only' $700 and that was a lot for me already.
      Thinking of the fact, that I was willing to spend this amount on just a head before, I don't think I really have a limit. My bank account is my limit. If I can't afford it, I don't buy it. It's really that simple.
      I'm also not a big fan of having layaways for several dolls at a time, I'd rather save up for a while and actually have the money before I hit the buy now button.