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What is the most important factor for you when buying a doll?

Jan 3, 2017

    1. Aside from really liking the sculpt, do you have some form of check list when you want to buy a doll?
      Do you have a preference for a specific size or style, availability of clothing, company reliabaility? How well it fits in with the rest of your dolls, price range, and so on?

      Or do you really only just care about getting a gorgeous sculpt? :)
    2. I have a bit of a checklist - is it a size I know I can deal with, is it from a company that has a reputation for making heavy dolls (because my wrists are terrible and if a doll is too heavy I can't handle them), what's the price like, what's the company like, how does the resin look and feel, how does the doll pose, the aesthetics of the body, and so on, but my most important factor is whether I feel inspired when looking at it.
      Does the doll speak to me in some way? Can I look at it and see a character, a face-up, a style, a potential dyeing project? Do I feel inspired to do something with it?
      If the answer to that is no, no matter how gorgeous the sculpt is, it's not going to work out (and it only took me three years in the hobby to work that out :sweat so many purchases I sort of regret but am now too emotionally attached to:doh)
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    3. Nope! Although you could say I have doll type moods- for example my first few dolls were all basic model regular MSD types, then for a few years I bought limited releases, then for a few years all my purchases were dolls of odd sizes that didn't wear clothes. Most recently most of my purchases have been easily clothed SD types.

      As for companies, I tend to be unforgiving and unwilling to buy if there was ever a really bad event that resulted in a lot of angery people. Sometimes companies have a valid reason but there are lots of companies without problems too so I just stick to the ones i trust- dolls cost to much to take too many gambles.
    4. I just go base on how the sculpts looks cause my number one priority for me is how they will end up looking. Also, the doll should be SD and up only for me.
    5. I usually consider things like how the joints look, and for SD guys, whether they have a pelvic joint as well as a chest one. I also look at how the style of the doll (height, head size, realism, etc.) will match up with the crew I already have. But if I really loved a doll that wouldn't fit with my others, or whose body wasn't my ideal, I don't think I would let those things stop me.
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    6. 1: Trustworthy Company - I will not even look if I've seen a lot of complaints and it seems like they are not reliable. I have limited money, there are so many nice dolls out there, so I'll go with a company I can trust.

      2: size - Right now I believe I don't want anything bigger then 35cm. If I find I miss having MSDs I may change that and allow myself 2 MSD sized dolls as well. I also can't handle dolls smaller them 16ish cm. I had some that where 12cm and it was just too small for me. I don't care if they are not normal sized for clothing as I can make my own, but they need to be able to have shoes and wigs. So they have to fit some of the normal sizes for those.

      3: sculpt+makeup - I have to like the sculpt, and I have to like the default makeup or be able to order custom from the same company. I'm not too picky, but I don't want to do the faceups myself, and I don't want to send them back out right after getting them.

      3: Waiting time - This matters to me to some extent. For my first two I was super happy to be lucky enough that they came from a company that makes and ships amazingly fast! However if I like the doll enough I will buy them regardless. I'm less picky about the doll if the time is less though, and the faster companies have really nice dolls too! It saves me money, as most of the slower companies I like are also the ones that cost more!xD

      I think that's it really. I'm not super picky, as I like all of the dolls! : D
    7. c: Inspiration is the most important deciding factor to me. If I can imagine a certain doll suiting a character of mine I am already very inspired by or if the doll captivates me so much that they inspire a new character/concept that I'm deeply enamored with enough to want to pursue them as a doll, then I feel justified in committing to getting them.

      The only rule that applies across all sizes of dolls for me is posing/body aesthetic. I absolutely won't get a doll if they are single jointed or I don't care for the body for the character/concept I have in mind. I typically try to avoid seriously considering sculpts from companies that don't sell bodies/heads separately for this reason (looking at you Crobidoll >__>). Not being able to get a head sculpt unless it comes on a body I don't like and have no other use for is literally the only thing that would completely deter me from pursuing a sculpt that I was super inspired by. I make most of my dolls things myself so unusual body/head sizes and what is readily available doesn't usually influence me all that much either.

      I do have different rules/"checklists" for certain types/scales of doll though.
      When it comes to MSD/YoSD scale and creature/pet dolls I almost never buy sculpts that I don't have very specific characters for that fit into a story with my other dolls, so size/aesthetic/proportion is a huge factor when committing to a sculpt for them specifically and i'll usually check how a sculpt would work with my other dolls in every way imaginable before actually going and purchasing it. Since i'm incredibly picky with my really specific character dolls I do tend to prefer them to come from the same company or companies with similar aesthetics that play off each other well. But again, inspiration is the biggest thing so even if I think a sculpt would work for a character I won't commit to it unless that "spark" is there and it genuinely captivates me. I'm more than willing to take a chance on a new company or a more expensive sculpt if it both fits my concept and ignites that creative spark for me.
      Up until very recently I had a no SDs rule, but i've become greatly inspired by them so i've decided to make a separate "fun" project with SDs that is entirely based around inspiration and has very little limitations. The only real limitation is to keep them under 65cm and have at least a vague concept idea that fits into the overarching theme I want for all my SDs, but aside from that its pretty much free range.
      Tinies and 70cm+ dolls are basically out of the question at this point regardless of how much one might inspire me but that could change in the future~
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    8. The doll has to be msd sized. I have one yosd and another on layaway and I know that 2 yosd dolls with be enough.

      When I look at a doll and I don't get that I must have you feeling straight away then I know it's not the one for me. However when I do get that feeling I let it sit for a while as it has been know to be short lived. Sometimes I see a doll I like but there's something not quite right so I move on.

      Also the doll has to be female and has to have a face up I like. As it would take me forever to get a head sent off for a face up!
    9. Looks and size and (to some extent) price :)
    10. Beyond just liking the sculpt, I'd say the first thing I look at is the scale of the doll. They'd have to fit in with the existing crew. I collect SDs (and my 3 MSDs are children). So, if they don't jive with the size I've already committed to, it's a no go. That helps limit my choices some what but there are an awful lot of SDs available still!

      2nd would be the company itself. Are they reputable? I don't care about wait times, but if a doll maker has sent broken things or has a shoddy quality then I'd have to scratch them off my list. Even if I loved the doll, I won't buy from someone I'm not sure I can trust.

      3rd is resin choices. Do they have the colour I want? If I need the doll to be tan and you only offer WS and NS then I may not buy from the company. I find this to be more important with bodies than with heads. I will airbrush heads to match.

      4th would be posing. I have limited patience for terrible posers. If you can't at least sit and stand, you don't make the cut.
    11. Nope. My only checklist is
      1. Do I like it?
      2. Do I like it enough to shell out the money

      (And recently: 3. Does it come with a box? - cos I've run out of space to store doll boxes ...)
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    12. I am a very impatient person (which is never a good trait but especially so in this hobby) so one of my main concerns is usually waiting time. It's the only reason I haven't bought my grail, actually - I adore his sculpt, I don't really mind the cost and I am okay with all sizes yet actually prefer his, but its company has a certain reputation regarding timing and customer communication and I don't quite feel like subjecting myself to the torture of waiting quite that long...
    13. I have to really like the sculpt, and when I say sculpt I could tolerate a less than perfect body with a perfect head as the head's more important to me. Must be female, size has to suit my current doll so she has to be 60 or taller, unless a younger sister of course. Clothing tends to be an afterthought. A reputable company is fairly important so definitely a consideration, but also their waiting times. However I'd tolerate a long wait for the right doll. Price isn't a major concern if she's THE one. Colour, well I like the more pale sculpts so I think most companies cater for that. Mmm, not a very big list of requirements really.
    14. 1. Most importantly, the doll needs to be realistic. I don't like big eyes and small noses.
      2. It needs to be able to pose and hold poses.
      3. Does it have dealers in Europe?
      4. Is the foot/clothing size common, are there options for shoes? (This one was added after I got my Ludvig - there are no male shoes for him on literally the whole internet.)
      5. Are there many skin tones? Is the head sold separately? (It eases when making hybrids)
      6. Size. I prefer something within 45 to 65 cms. 70 cm would be difficult to hold with such muscles I prefer.
      7. Female bodies: breasts. Breasts are everything. If the only option is a DD cup, I will likely pass.
    15. The look of it. If I can get it in a tone I like. If it fits the character I'm trying to shell and definitely the size
    16. If I can't buy the head separately from the body, then there is a good chance I will pass or wait until I find one secondhand unless the doll can be bought on a specific type of girl body. I only keep girl dolls and am picky about body types, so it would be too much trouble for me to buy a full doll that comes on a male body and then have to to through the process of selling that body. That's why I'm currently so sad about Luts new Burgundy. I adore the sculpt and default faceup but I can't deal with a Senior65 Delf :(
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    17. When I buy a doll, I look at the aesthetics of the sculpt and price. I seem to like well proportioned bodies, preferably with double joints. I also look at the price because if I can get a doll I want during a company's event period, I will definitely buy it.
    18. For me it is the sculpt (face mostly, as for bodies I'm pretty forgiving), and price. Another big factor for me recently is company wait times. My last three pre orders have taken 5-6 months each. That is a long time to wait and still keep the vision!
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    19. For me it's mainly aesthetics. I don't have a lot in the way of funds to put into this hobby. So that plays a large roll too. I won't be able to get a bunch of them so finding the "right" doll is more important. I want to create things like fashion, furniture, rooms, accessories, and photos with the doll. So finding the right size that will make sewing a little easier is nice too. (Like I don't really want to sew for a tiny doll lol) Then I would also like to use her as a drawing mannequin so finding a sculpt that works with my drawing style is a necessity too. It might take me much longer to get this doll that is right for what I need but, it is something that I would only have one (or a few) and have her for a long time.
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    20. 1. Scale is my biggest requirement. All my dolls are 30cm mature tinies or smaller (same scale) children. Much as I like a doll, if it doesn't fit that scale, its an automatic no.
      2. They inspire a character for me that will work with my current group.
      3. Its a reliable company or I can order through a dealer in the U.S.