What is the most obscure/rare doll or doll head you own?

Sep 14, 2021 at 7:43 PM

    1. I have recently re-entered the hobby after an 8-year absence. The first doll head I purchased was a Mikola, by artist mimo_marina, on Instagram. She is currently a captive of the postal service, in her way home to me from receiving a faceup. Mikola was created as a boy sculpt, but also works as a girl. I’ve only ever seen one other, on DoA soon after I rejoined. What is the rarest sculpt you have, and could you post a photo? I will show Mikola on here as soon as she arrives home and her body and clothing.
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    2. I have a Jerboa by Birdcube... I'm still debating how I want them painted.
      I almost never see them around; I feel very fortunate to have been able to find one secondhand on the Marketplace.

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    3. DS Special Lian pukifee sized from Doll Leaves. I havent seen many if any on this forum.
    4. Hmm...Probably my Souldoll Shiva with four arms or my MNF Tika with scar event arms (who is a WIP).
    5. I have a Hypermaniac Sirang and she is just my dream girl :)

      She's in my doll profiles if you're interested in checking her out!
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    6. Technically my Sweet Gale Cyril is the rarest, but the one I've never seen another of is my Doll in Mind Galahad.
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    7. I recently acquired my grail head, a Rainman Su. I'd been searching for one for almost 2 years because it seems like very few people have one, and the artist discontinued the sculpt.

      For full dolls, I think my rarest is an Amadiz Yolande from very early in their production (now discontinued as well). She was my grail doll for a long time and it took me almost 2 years to find her, as well. I'm actually considering making a hybrid with her body and my Su head! :)
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    8. I've ended up with a few "rare birds"... A CP/Delf Edgar, for instance. (He wasn't limited. Just upopular and released not long before the whole line was discontinued-) My first-release Lati red-line Adels are also pretty unusual. They're two of a limited batch of ten. The black-line Largos aren't exactly common, either, having been both unpopular and limited... but I don't remember exactly how many were made.

      (Lanander, my Edgar)

      Thinking about it, a lot of Volks' FCS sculpts are also pretty rare to see, even though they aren't necessarily all that hard to get. For awhile my F-43 was the only one on DoA. F-50s are odd-balls, too.

      (Octavian, my grumpy-gus FCS F-50)

      And then there are the ones who just came from more obscure companies... Several people here on DoA, for instance, do have dolls from a little Chinese company called FectDoll, but only two of us have a Jisanniang. I think my Patiya and Bruce may still be the only examples of their sculpts that have been posted on the site. While it's certainly possible that they may be a lot more common in the Chinese collector's community, here? Not so much. Again, they weren't limited or hard to get... Just obscure.

      (Joey "Kid Bravo" Marzetti, my FectDoll Bruce)
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    9. I have both the minifee scar arms that I do absolutely nothing with. They've been sitting in a box for a while. Reminds me that I should probably figure something out. And I also have a Delf Chiwoo with original company faceup but he's going to be going to a new home soon. I guess I'm not big into those rare dolls. :lol:
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    10. None of mine are too particularly rare. Maybe my Iplehouse Louis? I don't think he was popular even compared to the other old Iplehouse sculpts. He's such a sweet looking boy but if you click on Iplehouse I don't think you're looking for a sweet boy. He's definitely not highly sought after either! I've never seen another one in realskin either but that doesn't mean one doesn't exist.
    11. Dollmore Kid Sona is not rare, it’s been a standard release since at least 2009~? But I’ve only ever seen one other person with a boy Sona, all others that I’ve seen have been girls.

      Also I haven’t seen many other people with a Luts 2012 Winter Event head. But the head is basically just the Kiwi sculpt with elf ears so it’s not super special. Same with my Dollshe Saint- loads of people have one but not so many get him in tan skin (tan, not light tan) so all of my dolls are normal just… not incredibly popular ahaha :sweat
    12. I have not seen any other owner photos of Dikadoll Tea. I got mine in-stock from Alice's Collections around the time the event order period ended. I have a weakness for elf ears, dreamy eyes, and tan resin. She's a just a bit bigger than a Puki Puki. Old pic of her in oversized clothes-
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    13. Not to brag but I have a lot of Chinese artist heads that are not really known in the English speaking parts of the hobby. :lol: But my most obscure and rare is probably my -souji- bear twins heads. (Full disclosure, they might technically be off-topic because they were made with the ob24 body in mind but they're resin, indistinguishable from any other bjd head and I use a bjd body for them)
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    14. My rarest would be my DZ Tengyuan yosd from 2012. Long since discontinued, and I’ve never seen another anywhere.
    15. Dream of Doll closed in 2012. While you see DoD sculpts sometimes in the marketplace, they aren't nearly as common as when I first started collecting in the late aughts.
    16. I have a few:

      • HyperManiac Omicron - only about 10 of them made in 2004/5
      • Kanon Yui - only about 10 of them made 2005/6, artist made two sculpts and closed
      • Dollshe SA Bermann - depends on how you count him, limited to 11? 33? 66? he's one of the old ones
      • Soom Mecha Angel Corvi - he just wasn't popular
      • Ozin5 - Bellis - artist made 4 head sculpts and closed
      • White Luster - Sylva - artist released 4-5 head sculpts and closed
      • Edelweiss Sculpt - Gagnon - not sure how popular he was, artist doesn't release much
      • Ahkmel - Nathan - limited release with a long wait time, artist hasn't released anything in years
      • MoroLab2 - Nagi - pretty recent sculpt but the brand isn't well known (even though her faceup work is very well known: Heavybomb)
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    17. My rarest is probably my Feeple Riff, if only because it doesn’t seem like he was that popular back in the day? That, or it’s a tie between him and my unmodded ns sleeping Breakaway vampire boy that I was able to snag last year. <3

      edit : or maybe I missed all the buzz the Riff sculpt used to have? Lol. I hardly see them in the marketplace and that is where I tend to haunt.
    18. I have a few that are pretty hard to come by! Soom Bix was only released once, and he had these ridiculous fantasy parts (a crab arm!!!) which I think contributed to him being unpopular. Ages ago someone made a poll asking which of Soom's monthly dolls people had bought, and Bix was at the very bottom. I've got two Bix heads- only one is painted, and I'm trying to build up the courage to mod the other one.

      I also have a Fairyland Esther, which was from their discontinued Feeple70 line. The Esther sculpt wasn't very popular, and at the time when I bought mine I'd only seen a couple on the forums. I ended up selling her, but regretted it soon after and kept an eye out. Never saw one come up for sale... but last year I managed to find the current owner of the head I used to own, and asked if they would consider selling it back to me, and they said yes!

      And finally, I have a Soom Sard in blue resin! I didn't even know they made him in blue until I saw this one for sale. Went digging through the forums and only saw two other users saying they ordered one- and only one of those owners has posted photos. It seems like he's super rare? I can't believe he wasn't more popular :lol:
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    19. I don’t think I have any rare sculpt or anything. That said most of my dolls have artist faceups and tailor made clothes, making most of them OOAK dolls.
      Some of them were won in lotteries like Lorina. I believe she isn’t rare at all though.
      I don’t mind it being rare or not as long as I like them and can have what I want. Things being rare usually means it’s hard to get and that’s too stressful for me.
    20. Hmm I don't know if I would call any of the ones I own rare since I came to the hobby later than my friends, but I haven't seen too many photos of Soom Corun? I am pretty confident my Soom Elf Dia was popular and maybe the long named Witch and Albin were popular too...but also maybe not? I also have a Soom Quartz head and I am not sure if he was popular.

      My Volks dolls and my Withdolls are pretty common I think. My Latidoll Censya might be rarer but that's because of age - there are a lot of old owner photos here on the forums! But I suppose I wouldn't say any of my dolls are rare - just that I have a hard time finding fellow doll owners on here!
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