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What is the Number inside your Volks MSD heads?

Oct 2, 2005

    1. This is the number carved inside the head when you open it up to change eyes.

      Shan and I were discussing this.

      I have found out that my MSD School head Shulze has 14 written inside.
      MSD Enn has ...13 written inside.

      But my FCS MSD F-13 has MSD F-13 written inside.

      Old MSD F-03 just says "F-03"
      FCS MSD F-04 has MSD F-04 written inside.
      FCS MSD F-06 has MSD F-06 written inside.
      FCS MSD F-08 has MSD F-08 written inside.
      FCS MSD F-09 has MSD F-09 written inside.
      FCS MSD F-10 has MSD F-10 written inside.
      FCS MSD F-13 has MSD F-13 written inside.

      Hewitt "10"
      MSD Sinsia, has "F11"
      Tsubaki "12"
      MSD Enn "13"

      Toppi "24"

      FCS Msd F-02 has MSD F-02
      MSd Ken and Mika have a "05"

      Yuni ?

      Sakura ?


      and all the other MSd and FCS MSD?
    2. MSD F-10 has F-10 written inside.

      I think MSD FCS probably all have their F-(number) inside.

      As for limited MSDs, maybe the number indicates the order of production?

      As in, Hewitt as the 10th LE MSD produced, Tsubaki as the 12th, etc.?
    3. Can you check Mitchell (FCS MSD F-10) again? Does it say MSD-F-10 or F-10?

      All my FCS MSD have "MSD F-09 or MSD F-13 or MSD F-08" written inside.

      As others post we can check out your theory.

    4. This is interesting.

      Kyre, who's a BW FCS Ken has F-02 carved in his head. Wren, who began as a kit Ken, I believe (she has Ken papers and box and the person I adopted her from said she'd had a body swap), has a 5 carved in her head.
    5. LE Lilith's head has MSD-F-06 inside.
    6. OK,

      I think my LE Ken (Stephen) has a #7 and there are no numbers inside my MSD Sakura's (Jinny) head.

      I got her in Fall of 2002. ^^;;
    7. Hmmm.

      Is your new Wren...Ken pureskin or old skin? I wonder if Volks changed his head numbers for pureskin version.


    8. My SDC Kurenai has a "20" carved into her head. I think for LE's, (or at least, for SDC's), it's the production number.
    9. My Hewitt has a 10 as well.

      From what I understand from past posts, the number refers to the series number, like someone else theorised.

      Basically, Hewitt is the 10th of a certain type of mold produced. It's a lot easier to keep track of molds by number than by name, especially in the case of similar molds, don't you agree?
    10. Sorcha, my MSD Sinsia, has "F11" inside her head. I'll also note that she is older and does not have a 'plated' headcap, either. I got her used and she came in a MSD Mario box.

      Xylina is at my mothers, I'll check her head later!
    11. Hehe...all this theorizing is making me wonder if Volks would just tell us their system if we asked?

      Yes, he has the "MSD" as well.
    12. Alice has "MSD F-06" inside her head.
    13. We have an oldskin Ken from 2003, and he has a "5" carved into his head.

      My Schulze has a "14" carved inside his head.
    14. mio has msd f-10 (f10)
      Ruki has msd f-09 (f09)
      Nico has msd f-08 (f08)
      Kenji has 13 (enn)
      Mak has 10 (hewitt)

      and my f-06 who is going to be on its way to rosario in the next couple of days has msd f-06
    15. Wow! I'd never noticed that! Mine, indeed, has "12" written inside the headcap as well as close to his left eye inside (facing away from me).

      Yeah-- it does seem like that would be an easy way to keep track of headmolds.
    16. My MSD Sakura and my Shinshiya have nothing written in their heads. Shinshiya has an F in her headcap though. Both these girls are oldskin from kits with 2003 dated headplates.

      Toppi has a "24"
    17. SDC Kurt has "35" inside his noggin.
    18. MSD Nagisa in Preschool says "17".

      F-04 says "MSD F-04".

      ...but my F-03 just says "F-03". My F-04 is a good 3 years older than my F-03. My F-03 has the magnet headcap and is UV cut, while the F-04 is regular pureskin and has the rubberband headcap attachment.

      Hope that helps! :3
    19. My Huis Ten Bosch Toppi has "24".
    20. this may already have been talked about but I'm having a hard time navigating the site to find the answer to my question:

      It's is known that Volks made MSD public in Sept. 2001 (is that true?).
      But, did the first dolls have headplates?

      I ask because my first doll (which happens to be an MSD Sakura: adopted in 2003) lacks one. Does anyone else have an old skin MSD sans the headplate as well????

      (apologies if this is the wrong place. ^^; )
      Input is welcomed. =3