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What is the smallest doll you know of?

Aug 10, 2017

    1. I love tiny dolls! I want to know about all of them! Please share all the knowledge of tiny dolls!
    2. From the top of my mind I know of Fairyland pukipuki and Luts honey delfs. My friend used to have a latidoll. If fits into bratz tops!
    3. oh how cute!
    4. I'm not sure if they're the smallest dolls out there, but the littlest member of my crew is Wisp, who's a 6cm Piko from Dream High Studios.
    5. There was the DollTi/Leel Tinman. He was smaller than a PukiPuki(11cm) but I'm unsure if he was the same time as the RealPukis(9.4cm). Felix doll brownies are around the same size and Pukis. Lati doll has a 9.5cm doll called Lati White. Latin Yellow are Pukifee size. Luts has a few lines 26cm and under.
    6. The smallest I have is the Nano fairy from Blue Fairy-only 5 cm. tall. Here she is with a giant looking RealPuki (9,7 cm tall)

      [​IMG]Primrose and Fairy by Rosanne, on Flickr
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    7. My tiniest are Realpuki, Lati White, and Dollzone Christmas Baby (she's off-topic but the smallest I've seen).
    8. The smallest I have is a Dreamhigh Studios Fresia. She is o tiny!
    9. The smallest doll i've seen irl is my sister's PukiPuki PongPong very small even when compared to a Pukifee but so adorable!
    10. The smallest I know of are some of Dream High Studio's. The smallest I have are Real Puki, who are small enough to fit in some Bratz Kids' clothes.
    11. Charles Creature Cabinet do the tiniest I have seen, some of them are micro!

      Felix Brownie and Fairyland Pukipuki are the smallest that I could handle
    12. Dreamhigh Studio Squee is my tiniest resin bjd but I do have extremely tinies that are porcelain. Got both from a dear friend & I don't remember the artist but I think she may be from Germany.


      Oh no....just when I thought I had Flickr conquered! If anyone can fix this I'd appreciate it. What did I do wrong?[/URL]