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What is the worst part about being a BJD collector/owner?

Dec 20, 2011

    1. I tried searching for a thread like this, so I'm relatively sure I'm not repeating.
      In any case. . .

      We always think about the good part of owning our dolls, but let's be honest: what do you think is the WORST part about being a BJD collector? Is it the comments about your doll that other people make? The cost? Do you have any stories regarding the worst aspect of ownership?

      Personally, I've accepted the cost, but I'd say that the worst aspect of being a BJD collector is the fact that anything and everything that you buy. . .won't usually get to you for a week at the earliest. Shipping times are the worst, man. D:
    2. For me, the worst things are:
      -The Constant Feeling of Never Really Being Done
    3. The worst part for me, as of right now, is the fact that one doll always seems to lead to another.... or five. I guess that's my fault for making characters out of them and giving them a history and whatnot. Because now I have one girl home who I would love to have 4-5 more dolls to complete out her story. But I am not made out of money so who knows if that will ever happen.

      Oh! And the other thing that's the worst: not being made of money! :D
    4. For me the worst part is falling for limited dolls when you KNOW you can't afford them, or after their time frame, or number to be sold, is up. Or else finding out that the doll you love, and have added to your list, intending to get it 'next year', was actually an LE, and the company just forgot to add that little tidbit to the description (Huujo resin action doll Cora) when it was first released. On her, I found out she was an LE after using my dolly money on some others I wanted that were higher on my list when I thought she was a 'standard' release doll because the description didn't say she was limited, and the dealer I wanted to get her through (Junkyspot) was pretty sure she was a new standard doll, too. Then I found out she was an LE, and Junkyspot was the only place left that had one in stock and she was sold out through Huujo's site, but couldn't afford her price before that last one sold.

      I don't NORMALLY fall so hard for an LE that they wind up on my list...she was a first there...but when it happens, it SUCKS! Though I do have a FEW LEs that I'd love to have if I had the money for them, they show up second hand at a good price, and the rest of my list is complete for the time being.
    5. Not enough money! There are so many dolls I want but never enough funds! And so many dolls are limited! Actually, mostly all the dolls I like are limited, so it's a lot of pressure. And a lot of dolls I like I just can't ge. But there is always another doll around the corner.
    6. While I'm not crazy about the cost, I've made peace with the fact that if the dolls I wanted only cost $100 or so I would need to build an addittion onto my house to keep them all. Which brings me to my first worst: Space. Especially for those big 70cm boys, finding a cat-free zone to put them is a bit of a challenge considering I have a lot of books and knick-knacks already filling up my living areas.

      My second worst would have to be overseas shipping. When all I need is one stinking pair of shoes, the idea of paying twice that in shipping costs forces my dolls to go barefoot until I can save up enoug hmoney for a decent-sized order.

      The only other real complaint I frequently have is sculpt photos. I want to see pictures of the blank heads from practical angles front, side, and three-quarter. So often have I seen what seems to be the perfect sculpt with a very nice nose and artistic photos, only to spend hours searching DOA's Galleries to find a side view that reveals a ski-slope nose, recessed chin, or other weird facial feature that doesn't show up on the blushed and slightly cocked, mostly forward company photos.
    7. The worst part for me so far is the wait! I gotta wait a few more months before I can finally purchase my boy ^o^ But it'll be so worth it, I'll get him right away without any delay.

      Oh, and the way people judge you. Things like 'she must be crazy, she collects dolls, I thought you only played with those when you were 5 or something.' the ignorance just drives me crazy :(
    8. The worst for me is the revolving door thing I seem to have going on lately. I keep thinking the collection is good, then I bring in a whole bunch of new ones, then they don't work out and move on, then new ones come.
    9. For me, it's cost. I used to collect a number of things when I was younger, and they were all easier to obtain because of their price.

      It's also a pain because not everything you buy for your doll is going to fit, because not all dolls are created equal. Add the fact that companies won't let you simply return things, and you're sort of playing Russian Roulette with companies that didn't make your doll in hopes that things fit properly.

      I also agree that time is an annoyance, but I've learned to live with it. I wish that they could have a stock of ready-made dolls, but I understand how that might be impossible due to resin yellowing over time...

      ^ This is too true, though. Except for Volks (in some instances) buying something so minor such as new elastic alone isn't justifiable when you need to pay $22-50 extra. With Volks, minor things can easily be purchased because there's a US store; otherwise, if I want to buy new elastic, I'll also need a pair of eyes, a new shirt, and maybe a wig to justify that much money. I also dislike the fact that there's no craft store near me with elastic I can substitute. If I could, for such minor things, I'd like to have to go to a physical store rather than order it online.

      I've never gotten a lot of comments about my dolls, but I don't show them a lot. When I have showed them, I've gotten good comments.
    10. The worst part for me was when I attempted faceup the first time for the doll that I absolutely adored. And I didn't do a good job, it was very frustrating. >.<" But after many attempts, he looks good now so I'm happy lol.

      Another bad part (but not the absolute worst) is falling for a limited edition doll that I can't have. >.<" I'm not a fan of second-hand dolls but I think I will go for it if I'm desperate enough. That is, if I can find the right sculpt with good price and trust worthy seller.
    11. I have to agree with some other people and say the cost is definitely high up on my list, but the constant criticism and being told to 'grow up' is just disheartening. It has to be my number one, especially since these are the people I'd love to show off to, but they never 'get it' and just tell me I'm stupid for spending $400 on a doll.
    12. Lack of access to resources. By which I mean that when I was collecting LPS I could go into Walmart, look at the figures, and take them home right there. Dolls are a far away phenomenon and we put so much trust in companies hundreds of miles away. It's possible that we might never see the doll, faceup, clothes, shoes, or wig in person until they're bought and paid for.

      That and the cost... sooooo much money.
    13. The two things that plague pretty much the whole world. Time and money. Time is a double kill. You need time for your doll to get to you (and the wait is agony) and you spend a lot of time ON them. Which sometimes isn't such a good thing.

      And money speaks for itself. Except I often feel guilty that I'm buying these expensive dolls when my close family are all suffering and are struggling to literally feed themselves. It's just not right.

      Disclaimer: These are all personal feelings and I am in no way saying what I say is true to you. It is only true for ME.
    14. I'm echoing other people here, but for me the worst part of this hobby is the feeling of never having a "complete" doll collection. One doll always leads to another, and another, and another. Not being able to see these dolls in person for the most part seems to fuel this want for more and more, and it can be incredibly frustrating sometimes.

      The cost is a second runner up, though I have to say that I don't feel like it's really that outrageous-- hobbies are expensive, plain and simple. That being said, money (or lack thereof) tends to get in the way towards collecting, and it can be annoying.

      I'm going to agree with the others who have said that having a lack of support is a bummer; outside of doll friends, no one that I know, family included, understands this hobby. It would be nice for people to understand this thing that I've fed so much time, effort and money into, or at least understand that it's just a personal hobby that doesn't need to be criticized.
    15. Things cost $$$ so that's not my big problem (although it IS a big consideration!) and while the limited thing (SOOOOOOM) is annoying when you finally find the perfect sculpt only to realize it came out 8 months ago as a limited edition...well most can be found later being sold 2nd hand.
      MY biggest problem is no dollie stores where I can just go in & LOOK at them before I buy! & also, having to wait wait wait, worry about customs, etc. Even for those in Japan, the whole Volks ritual/ordeal makes me shake my head.
      Wish I lived near MoC or Denver Dolls :(
      There is a doll store somewhere in NC - I may take a trip there...
    16. Seeing a doll you want to buy and it's either a sold out limited or it's not available.

      Second is buying lots of wigs and eyes for a perfect match that suits the doll.

      Forgot my biggest gripe. Seeing promotional photos of a doll that doesn't really tell you what the doll looks like. Eg: lack of profile shots, no face-up shots, joint shots, etc.
    17. For me it's....

      -Not have alot of money to buy the dolls you want.
      -Not finding the wigs in the right color that are the size you need.
      -Friends and Family think your crazy for being in the hobby/spending that kind of money for one ect.
      -Clothes can cost an arm and a leg to get.

      That's all l can think of right now.
    18. For me the worst thing is feeling guilty about spending so much money on myself. My partner is quite thoughtful, always buying me little things, so I do feel kinda bad about spending hundreds of pounds on a new doll for myself.
      Other annoyances are things like the difficulty of getting hold of doll items in the UK and wait times for doll orders.
    19. I agree with those who say time, and that elusive sense of 'completion'. None of my dolls feel anywhere near finished to me - there is so much stuff I want to make for them, most of their clothes I haven't actually finished off properly, and I feel guilty just buying their outfits as the reason I wanted the dolls in the first place was to design clothes for them!! That is my major frustration with this hobby :sweat
    20. Personally I can live with the cost. They are expenisive as are the things they "need", just accept it and deal with it.
      I don't really have a worst thing. Finding fabric is sometimes difficult, as is saving up for anything they need. But it's my hobby. When I need the money for something else, I can't spend it on doll stuff.
      I don't really care how others think about my dolls. Most of my friends don't get them and talking about them would therefore be pointless. But my boyfriend and the community substitute for that. ^^