What is your biggest fear concerning your dolls?

Oct 3, 2011

    1. What are the things you worry about when it comes to you dolls?
      For example my biggest fear is that my cats will decide to jump up and knock him down and use him as a play toy one day when I'm not home :P I always have to make sure hes out of reach from them. My cats are so curious and every time i play with my doll my cat always comes to watch, pawing at him and trying to play with him.
      Share what gets you anxious when it comes to your dolls! Even if its silly irrational things, Id love to hear them.
    2. Probably... that my doll would come alive. Like, start walking around and moving on his own! I just couldn't handle that. I'd rather him get destroyed in a freak accident than have that happen, which sounds terrible, but... I can't stand spooky supernatural things.
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    3. My biggest fear is holding my dolls, tripping, and having them fall out of my arms and having the head break into pieces - all while out in public where there's a possibility someone could see me.

      Strangely, I wouldn't be as panicked if I was totally alone and that happened, but it'd be awkward for me to be carrying a doll around other people, only to have it break in front of everyone.

      It would be bad in either situation, but also especially bad if my MSD's head broke beyond repair. As far as I remember, her head is currently not for sale on the MP, if I had to replace it. I wonder if one could write to the company and ask them to mail you a head, even though they don't sell it on their website?

      I also sort of worry about one of my dolls going MIA because someone stole them from me, even though I've never really taken either of them anywhere.
    4. I worry about losing magnetic parts. I've lost a horn before but that wasn't too bad because it was part of a home made pair so i made another one, however the other day i went into the city with friends and at one point noticed that my littlefee only had one of his wings. i re-traced my steps, certain that it would be lost forever or that i'd find it crushed by a car but i managed to find it caught in an uneven bit in a gutter. It was completely unharmed, even the tiny tip that's quite thin. I'll know better and take them off before going out next time.
    5. I suppose rubbing off the faceup would be my fear.
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    6. It's not for my dolls themselves, but a dolly-related fear (and a sad/stupid one, too)--just a fear that a certain dress/shoes/etc will sell out and I won't be able to buy it! xD
    7. My biggest fear is probably having Rune's face-up damaged. It's really amazing, and custom-done. I'd be so sad to have to get it replaced. In all honesty, I could care less about his body getting damaged because he needs a new one anyway. He's a 'tough love' kind of guy and has a few chips from trying to restring him T^T yikes.
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    8. LOL you're fear is so morbidly specific. I'm sure you're to careful to ever let that happen! ^^
    9. My biggest fear is having some sort of Natural disaster roll through and destroy them all.:( I would cry soooo hard if that happened. I'm actually thinking on getting them insured. Although, a few of them are irreplaceable because of modding or rarity. I'm not really sure what I'd do if I lost them that way... *_*
    10. I do worry a bit about damaging their faces/face-ups, but since most of them rarely leave my room, and I'm the only one I have to worry about touching them, it's not exactly a significant fear.
      I'd have to say I've been more concerned about how other people perceive the hobby, and me for being in it.
    11. My dolls never go out anyway, and they're always above a carpeted floor, so whenever they do fall, they're always safe.

      I just have these weird thoughts that I'm walking in some mall, with my doll in my arms, when suddenly I trip, the doll slips out of my arms, and lands onto the floor (maybe head-first) with a resounding "crack" sound. The doll's head goes off in two directions, it becomes eerily silent, and I get a bunch of awkward stares from people who see me with a broken doll at my feet.

      I tend to envision the worst things happening to me, though.

      So, it's highly unlikely that I'd be carrying my doll (unprotected) into any mall, luckily.
    12. One word: Fire. It's way more likely than a natural disaster and would destroy them utterly (not to mention the rest of my possessions, pets, and possibly me).

      I have a nephew that smokes and he stays over occasionally and every time he does I have to watch him like a bloody hawk even though I don't let him smoke inside. Last time he was putting cigarette butts in my recycling bin! He said someone told him you could recycle them. :doh
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    13. What?! It's not even a paper product. :lol:

      Luckily, I don't worry about natural disasters and my dolls too much - though I do wonder if my leaving them out 24/7 is a good idea. They're not getting hit by direct sunlight, and the blinds are always down, but I wonder if even the indirect light can slowly speed up yellowing. To be honest, I haven't noticed anything yet (though I haven't photographed my dolls in a while) so I'm not too concerned; more curious than anything else.
    14. A natural disaster or accidental fire in which I had to abandon them, or while I was away from home. Losing all my investment, monetary, emotional and artistic.
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    15. LOL that's the funniest thing I've read XD
    16. LOL I know what you mean, I saw that and was like, Omg this list is huge D:
    17. I am terrified of sending my doll for a face-up and never seeing it again!However, I think the only face-up artist I will use would be the one who did my Enat. And she lives close enough to meet up with.My second-most fear is having a doll damaged/going missing during shipping to md.
    18. I agree with the idea of them coming to life. Worse than that, coming to life and not liking me. I think I'd be traumatized for life.

      Supernatural fears aside, the idea that my clumsy self would destroy one and or they'd get destroyed during a show/while traveling.
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    19. I'm mostly afraid of buying a doll and it being lost in transit. Or the color of the doll being off by a little bit.