What is your BJD company and(or) BJD artist Kryptonite?

May 13, 2019

    1. What company keeps roping you back with almost every sculpt being appealing to you? What (small) artist has a doll that you can't get enough of?

      Over many companies I keep coming back to DollZone, with every new release they have I seemingly enjoy them all! I don't necessarily want all DZ sculpts but the majority is very aesthetically appealing <3

      For singular artist I always seem to come back to Rosen Garden :D I adore the detail in their mature tiny dolls and the SD head they have looks amazing! (too bad I don't have a reason for him yet haha)
    2. Luts Bory. I'm going to be that person that has one in every size one day. Especially now that they've released a YoSD-size (honey delf!) version, and I've been wanting to see that specific sculpt forever! BB Bory so cute!
      For artists, I was drawn in by Batchix when I first researched the hobby, so I'd say she has a special place in my heart. Though the artist-cast dolls I want to get right now are Summerbird Viola and/or OrangeTeaDolls Pollet.
    3. LLT is always so good! They are the only company I have two sculpts from. Almost makes me wish I needed their body for someone.
    4. Luts
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    5. For me , it will be LLT and Zees Studio dolls. Although I only own one doll from Zees Studio, both artists always have amazing dolls. LLT dolls are just too expensive for me to afford, I don't even know if I could afford one in the near future.
    6. Dream Valley everything they have brought out lately i am in love with, i wish i could got the glen and aiden they released but my wallet was drained from a dollzone miyou.
      as for favourite independent artist cuartosdolls.com is amazing but i don't think i could afford anything from there in the near future :(
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    7. I don't purchase anymore BJD, but I love SoulDoll's facial aesthetics, I own two full dolls and two floating heads from them -- they are old discontinued sculpts. I almost had a heart attack when I read they were stopping selling dolls, but then I read it was only temporary -- I don't plan on purchasing more resin, but I'm always fascinated by their beautiful head sculpts and eyes. I feel like might get a few more floating heads, if I can from them, so it was really sad when I thought they were done for good. I also quite fond of DollZone Sculpts, I only own two of the very early styles from them, but I love the way they have evolved over the years (wish I had the will to get more dolls, just to get a few from them but I won't). Lastly I love EOS/Limhwa, I wish I had gotten a Mono when I was still purchasing BJD, but I was always holding out for the artist to upgrade his body as she did for the girls; she never but she never did. Limhwa is like with SoulDoll for me, I love the faces the most, I wish I could own a few floating heads from her, but she doesn't sell bodies and heads separately and I don't collect female BJD (I own one female and don't need more). [font]
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    8. I'm a Volks nut. Have a lot of my resin crew from them, but lately getting more into the vinyl Dolfie Dreams
    9. Doll Chateau and Dream Valley. While I actually don't currently own any dolls from either company, I keep going back to look because I just LOVE their work. Eventually, I am going to save up enough to get a DC girl! It might take me a few years, but I just have to have one. Since they discontinued most of their Youth girls, maybe by the time I can afford one, they'll have released several more. :sweat

      But...looking at my current crew, I'd have to say Luts. I absolutely love Luts and almost every single Senior Delf doll they've released.
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    10. Granado and LLT, most definitely - I want to own all of their sculpts if I ever got rich enough! (Their dolls are on the more expensive side unfortunately :( but ONE DAY!!!!!)
    11. Same here. I’m brand new to this but I’m already like “ok how much can my soul go for so that I can get all these Luts creations....”
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    12. Doll Chateau pulled me back in this year with the huge discontinuation event. I hadn't planned to order many more until next year and now I'm waiting on three full dolls, a head and a body. Oops! To be fair I'm not overly keen on their newer sculpts so it was a now or never situation.
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    13. For me, Miracle Doll! I have to keep restraining myself from buying every other head they have, especially the MSD ones. I just feel like they have the perfect ""ugly'" (and I mean that in the most affectionate way) edge to keep them from seeming quite like any other company I've encountered.
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    14. Iplehouse head sculpts. I would be drowning in them if Iplehouse sold their heads separately. But luckily I do not like their bodies at all, so I am safe. Lots of money saved...
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    15. It seems SOOM Petite Gem has gotten hold of my wallet and I plan on getting quite a few as they release new ones. They are just so cute.
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    16. I love the monster dolls that Aileen Dolls makes. I have two of the baby cyclops dolls. They seemed more focused on their little dragons though, so I think I'm sadly safe.
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    17. I love Fairyland especially the little ones, and Kim Lasher dolls I have more of them in my collection than any other
    18. Soom Teeny Gems. I love them all, and they're so hard to resist.

      Although the dolls I have most of are 5StarDoll 1/6 size dolls. I currently have 10 of them, and there will probably be one or two more.
    19. Ringdoll, for sure. I keep telling myself I'm done with them for now (or at least until they get their wait times under control) but then they keep releasing new dolls that capture my heart and arrrgh, I just can't quit them! :...(
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    20. Granado doll, for sure. I love practically every one of their sculpts but unfortunately they just don't work for the direction of my crew. I try to only buy dolls that will fit my characters and not just buy ones I like; it helps me save a lot better. I actaully bought several heads from them when they had a sale going and I was so upset to find that they just don't work for me but, boy, do I keep going back to Granado though.

      Also Iplehouse straight up stole my soul the second I got two of my dolls from them. Practically my whole crew is now being planned to be shelled by them lol
      Then I have two grails and both of them are by LLT so there's that company too. :XD:
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