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What is your favorite doll size and why - Part 2

Mar 1, 2019

    1. I've got three slim MSD's, one YoSD, and three tinies (one only 10cm tall). They've all got their benefits and drawbacks. My MSD's are easier to make things for, and can use some items made for 18" dolls as props. Tinies are portable and cute, but such a pain to make anything for. There also seems to be less of a selection of things like wigs for them. Finding a 3-4" wig that was what I was looking for for my Illusion Spirit Anita (16cm) took forever. It probably would have been easier if I'd wanted a fantasy look for her. My YoSD is a good size for both portability and not being too hard to sew for. Their proportions are too immature for most of my characters.

      So I guess slim MSD is my favorite size overall. I could see myself getting an SD at some point, but not making any kind of diorama or display for the doll due to size requirements.
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    2. I love the 10/11 cm dolls because they fit Mattel's Kelly clothes, so I have a huge wardrobe for them.
      I love the 15 cm (PKF size) dolls because for me they're easy to sew for.
      I love my big boys, because they're big and chunky.

      I think all I can say is that probably my least favourite size is MSD, which is the size I started with. I thought they'd be a 'happy medium', but I tend to prefer the extremes.
      And 'least favourite' is relative. I love all of my dolls, and I like having a range.
    3. I love my Tinies (four Lati girls!). But I will soon try YoSD as well. I wonder if this will push me to upgrade to bigger dolls eventually. But I do adore my little baby girls.
    4. MSD is my favorite, particularly the slim minis. However, I love my tinies too. I prefer to sew for them, but I prefer making wigs for my MSDs. I have more MSDs... I have been getting more small dolls lately though so maybe I will change my mind about my favorites lol
    5. I do love the tiny ones. pukifee size are so cute but also like the littlefee size I have been a bit put off by the larger ones as my mum used to collect larger doll (not BJD's) and I have some of hers still so the smaller BJD are better for display for me.
    6. 30cm and under! I adore my Soom Teenie Gem, she's absolutely the perfect size for me! I've also had the chance to play with a smaller anthro (a Jr. Pi, I think) for a bit, and again I really liked that size as well.

      I like the additional sculpting details (dainty fingers) and clothing options that are available for mini sized dolls and bigger, but I'm (somewhat) content with my current slim mini and will most likely continue my focus on collecting smaller sized dolls in the future. They're easier for me to handle and appeal to my love of cute tiny things.
    7. YoSD is my favorite size, because they are reallyyyy small! I love so much all small items, and I would like to make dioramas <3
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    8. I love my 1/3rds. I only have one 1/6, but I love the detail on 1/3rds.
    9. I like 1/3 best!Because I like to build up more mature feeling for my doll So 1/3 is the best to express what I want.
    10. YOSD is my favorite size, because it's really small for me.
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    11. I love my YoSD and my MSDs most. It would be a toss up between them. I desperately want to get a smiling Adori twin for my current Adori, so I'm leaning towards YoSD, but my new Kid Delf is super cute too. I love sewing for them and looking at patterns etc for them. I'm keen to work on roomboxes for them over the holidays too. I have 2 tinies which I like, but they aren't the ones I gravitate to. And I have an SD girl I love just because the bf gave her to me for being on my best behaviour during social outings :D
    12. I like only sd and 70cm+ dolls. The bigger the better.:lol: But I think I never buy taller doll than 75cm.
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    13. My SD girl is 60cm and I think she is huge! I couldn't imagine having a doll that is 70+cm. It would definitely be easier to sew for them though!
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    14. @svc16 60cm is my boy's length from shoulder to feet. ( I measaure it a few days ago because I like to have a 60cm girl. ) :) I like that he is tall, and heavy. He is my comfort doll. But I don't like to have a girl as tall as he is. It's true that it's easier to make pattern for a bigger doll. And easier to make details an clothes. But otherway I can't make him a dollhouse, because it must be the same size as my own room!:lol:
    15. I think a lot of the 1/3 dolls are quite beautiful, and the tinies are adorable, but MSD and 1/4 sized dolls are definitely my favorites! I like having a doll I can hold in one hand, but is also a decent size.
    16. I love yosd. This size are easy to carry outdoors
    17. Even thou I have one YoSD and MSD (and I am extremely fond of them), I feel the most comfortable with 60+ and 70+ dolls.
      My YoSD kitten is the most portable doll I own, because she's so small (and extremely cute), but the bigger dolls are just more my thing. The weight, the details... And creating things for them is a little challenge for me :D
      The only "not-so-cool" thing is, when people outside are asking, why is my child so tiny. Eh... Sure, it's my child, but not the one they think it is. xD
    18. MSD. Easy to handle, miniature and beauty.
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    19. My favorite is SD size, 60 to 70cm, I feel they are just the right size and weight, other than it being easier to make clothes and do faceups for bigger size, I also love to hold my dolls or hug them sometimes, so SD is just big enough without being too overwhelming.
    20. I like making clothes for my dolls in my spare time so the 60cm+ ones have quickly become my favorite. I'm thinking of looking into 1/4 dolls but I'm worried they'll seem to small for me. I also like the amount of detail you can put into the bigger ones.