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What is your favorite doll size and why

Jan 14, 2010

    1. I'm am curious to what everyones favorite doll sizes are........like do you like the Super Gems, Mecha Angels, SD, MSD, Tinies. And why is that your favorite size. I tend to like myself, the larger ones, the largest is 90cm for me, and Puki the smallest, so far. I don't have any MSD's, nothing that speaks to me like take me home. I like to take my large (SD's) ones with me everywhere,usually one at a time, wether or not people stare or comment, and be seen. I cuddle and talk to them usually in private, except at doll meets or DDE, like doll places.
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    2. I like 70cm. I don't know why. MSDs and 60cm SDs are just too small for me, I don't know why... I take my boy out everywhere~ Many people say that SDs are big and heavy but I don't find them big or heavy at all:)
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    3. I usually like MSDs because the ones that are 60cm above take up too much space in my room
    4. I love anything tiny, have all my life - but I like big too, so I'm torn. I think really tiny would win out, though. :)
    5. MSD.
      SDs are too big, and tinies are just too tiny (though I will be getting a Narsha, but they're on the larger side of tinies). For me, MSDs are the best size to travel with and keep on my lap when I want company. Also, I can afford them xD
      I do own one SD and, while I love him, I just find him too big.
    6. I like SDs and MSDs. I own more SDs so I guess I prefer them :)
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    7. Though I love my SD boy to bits, I'm most attracted to the MSD and Yo-SD sizes in a doll. This is mainly do to size proportion, as I'm 5'2" and SD dolls tend to be heavy in my arms. I'm exercising I guess, but MSD is especially easier and more appropriate for my size. >_<'' Whenever I'm at my friend mel-mel-chan's house I love to play with her boy Kuroku because of his size and ease to carry.
    8. 70cm. They're a pain to buy for, and a pain to carry, but it's so much easier for me to work on them because of their size. Whenever I hold other people's MSDs I'm always nervous I'll break them because they feel so small and fragile compared to my big boys! They've grown on me though, and I'm waiting for a YoSD. While I like all the sizes now, 70s or anything over 65cm will almost always be what I prefer.
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    9. I find that a 60cm doll fits just right in the crook of my arm (I'm 5'7) or on my lap.

      I love holding SD/SD13 boys. My second favorite is MSD.
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    10. I personally like the 60-70cm bjds. They're a nice size to sew for and dress although they do take up a bit of room.
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    11. Nothing smaller than SD. MSD is too small and tinies just look ridiculous to me.
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    12. MSD's are currently my preferred size~ I think it's just the perfect size for me. They don't take up much room, still big enough for cuddles. :D
    13. I would prefer 45cm-70cm doll. It will be hard to lost them when they are bigger in size. Limited place for them to hide when playing hide-and-seek =P
    14. I like the SD sizes better they r bigger and easier for me to deal with though they r big. I am visually impaired so I think that the bigger is just easier for me to hang onto to bond with.
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    15. I prefer between 61-63.5 Souldoll double and CP Delfs being my favorite size and shape. Souldoll's are so flexible they can curl up in your lap like a cat, and i think delf hands were sculpted just so they can wrap around your thumb like a baby's > < so cuuuuuute~

      Tall dolls (65+) get intimidating or something for me, I almost literally jumped away from the first 80 cm doll I encountered (LOL) and I just don't get into MSD's. I LOVE tinies though, like puki size tiny. Anything that fits in the palm of your hand is squeeably adorable XD
    16. so far all i've owned are 62-64cm. i'm about to get my first tiny soon, though.
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    17. Love SDs--nice size to sew for, and can't imagine trying face up on anything smaller right now. I have a couple of MSDs and really like those, too--they can swap and share fashions with my 16" fashion dolls often. Just ordered some Jrs and thinking about a tiny or two--different sizes make for interesting families :)
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    18. 60cm all the way. I like big dolls, and I think they're a perfect size! I do like MSD, however, (fairyland's bodies are amaazing!) and I'll probably get a few of those and maybe a tiny (nothing that's only three inches tall, though), but the majority of my dolls will be 60cm.
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    19. I have only purchased MSDs, probably because the first one was at a price I could afford. I have seen a couple of SDs that I liked but price has remained something of a condition and so they are on a wishlist. But I do like the MSW size and my ladies can share clothes and space quite easily. I know that some folks say the larger sculptures have more details and are more beautiful but in the end....your heart picks more than your head...and my heart is with my MSD ladies. julie
    20. I love SDs so much (60-70). The size is most suitable for sewing an intricate clothing and not too large to the point I'm unable to carry them))
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