What is your grail doll, and why is it your grail?

Feb 3, 2015

    1. Mine is the first version of Volks's Lorina, and I'd like her fullset. She is exactly the image I have in mind when I think of a ball jointed doll.
    2. I've got two and they are both early limited dolls with dark skins. One's DOD's black Luke and the other one is Luts' Lance Matsuri ver. I guess I liked both of them so much because of the dark skin look and also both of their outfit look so amazing and took my heart away!
    3. Mine is an Angell Studio Hua Rong. Been wanting to have one but unfortunately, she's limited :-(
    4. I have quite a few haha.

      The most easily attainable grail doll to me is IOS Valentine. I love him because he's so pretty and friendly looking. His display pictures remind me of Yu Narukami from Persona 4 which is one of my favorite games. Of course I would probably make him look entirely different but the display pictures just made me love the sculpt even more.

      I also would like to get Souldoll Paw (wolf version) but I know he'll be really hard to find, especially since I'd only want him in blue or grey.

      Right before posting in this thread someone introduced me to the gorgeous Ringdoll Frankenstein and I am in love. Yet another doll I'm unlikely to acquire but a man can dream.

      I also would love to own Conarium Lilith. She is so cool and I love that she can wear childrens wigs and clothings. It would give me so many options! She's just so expensive, especially with the special faceup with the 3rd eye....but I am determined to have her one day!

      Musen Lou is also another head I want. I love his two little buck teeth. Both creepy and charming! Right after IOS, Musen sculpts are my favorite!

      And last but not least, DC Hathaway is such a creepy yet beautiful sculpt. Fingers crossed I can acquire her one day, rather it be the A or B version!
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    5. ringdoll's cyanopathy faust fullset is my grail. i dont really want to collect many dolls (i'd rather just buy or make accessories and outfits for the one i have), but seeing cyanopathy ignited that same powerful desire that i got when i saw my very first doll that i bought. it's what made me really excited about the hobby; i haven't felt it since then, so to feel it again now, i knew i had to have him ^^'

      while not the most expensive, his pricetag is nothing to sneeze at for me, and i really prefer msds (cheaper to buy and dress, and my little baby hands can hold them better lol), but i just want him so bad orz im hoping to buy him for myself either for birthday or christmas in 2019.
    6. I have a couple of grails... Or maybe just four, everything from Volks: Tohya/Kohya, Michele, Carol and Yugiri. Long time ago I fell in love with Yugiri thanks to one person's doll... Then I was more interested in Volks dolls, I started loving their classical characteristics, I adore their eyes, noses, they're just so... Well made and so different. Then I discovered Volks Michele and it was love at first sight. The doll was perfect fot male and female characters, I just couldn't believe how perfect it is... And how expensive! Back then I knew about Tohya and I liked it, but not that much... And now after some years I fell for Tohya so hard, I told myself I HAVE to have that one. And this is my number one grail. It's eyes are perfect, the same with nose, I love the lips too, just so many favourite things in one sculpt.
    7. Currently I don't have a grail doll as I'm pretty content with those I have. But for a long time my grail was a Boding, Boding Sharmin, very rare, I think only 10 were made & almost never offered for sale. But I waited & when she finally showed up, I pounced. I still love that Goth face-up & gorgeous necklace that is part of her full-set. She holds a place of honor among my dolls. And she was a good deal too!
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    8. My grail doll since the day I entered this hobby has been a Volks Michele. I actually have been out of the hobby for a few years now. But my bestie had let me know that Michele was up at a one-off this month. So I figured I would enter and I WON! My grail doll has inspired me to return to the hobby full blast :)
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    9. My grail doll is the Maji Harucasting doll in Dark tan of Chocolate skin tone. When I was looking through which doll I wanted as my first I settled on Luts KDF TTori RTS. The price was right with the Luts at the time but I will save up for a Maji doll in the future.
    10. My grail doll is fortunately safely in my collection. Its funny, I did not know he was my grail until I saw a picture of him (mostly because I did not dare dream he would ever exist). My Grail is the IOS 70 cm black skin.

      If I had to pick a 'second' grail, it would probably be the Elfdoll Hana Devil. I missed out on her when her event was going on oh-so-long-ago and she is hard to find after market.
    11. My grail is SOOM Lazule! Because it was the first BJD-doll I wanted to buy. The sculpture is very beautiful, the young man on the promo looks like a elegiac prince from a fairy tale. He awakened my romantic dreams.
    12. My two grails are from Volks! A Sweet Dreams Nana, a SDGR Lorina and SD Michelle. They are my grails basically for the price
    13. My biggest grail is a Soom Pure Spirit Amber. I love fauns and she's just stunning. My second grail was a pukipuki cupid but I was lucky enough to find her at a doll meetup! I just love her sculpt and her size, to me, is perfect. I love carrying little dolls around with me and she's just the right size <3

      Edit in 2020: Since this post, I've had two SDs and ended up selling them both because they're just too big for me so Amber is off the table completely :XD: I'll just admire her from afar. New grail is a Harucasting Maji <3
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    14. Mine was a Doll Chateau Matthew a while back since I couldn't afford him and a lot of people weren't selling him secondhand. The DC bodies and cute but ugly faces really inspire me and that's why I wanted to get him. :)
    15. I know what my grail doll is, I just haven't managed to find one yet. The Fairyland FeePle65 Siean was kinda love at first sight for me, I love love love that gorgeous face, and the body was the only one I've found that met my super-specific criteria for what I'm planning to do when I get one. Plus, I'm super picky about elf ears and Siean's are just right <3
    16. Mine would be Volks Yotenshi Mamu, i love her cute face alot! But i cannot and wont want to pay so much for her cos her selling price are too expensive now. Maybe in the future if i could find 1 selling within my budget. :)
    17. There are a lot of dolls that I would really love to add to my collection someday, like Doom Bomi and Summerbird Viola, mainly because of their unique body shapes. My biggest grail would probably have to be Doll Chateau Agnes, though. The first time I saw her I was absolutely smitten, there is just something so special about her face! At the moment she's very much out of my price range, but hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on her sometime in the future...
    18. I have quite a few dolls i really want but i REALLY want a plain white snow fulai to customize myself how i want her to look
    19. For me, the holy grail would be a doll from Enchanted Doll, but I’ll never be able to afford one.
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    20. At first I really didnt know or have one till i saw a lillycat sun . i don't know what it is but I love most of her dolls but that one felt like my first grail . i dont know if a grail has to be of a character you made up first . im not much for characters . Im just really drawn to small artist dolls and particular sculpt. I let them decide on who they want to be . But now my all time faveorite and very much anticipated and loved doll is a somniacrawlerdoll nara . speechless . im absolutely swooning. I have to have her and hopefully ill get her and eventually a seol too. I dont know what im gonna do when she makes more dolls because so far Im loving all the dolls shes made. Including the male floating head but shes already talking of plans of other dolls to come.

      My reaction to Nara was woo... Id make jewelry for you. Id make wigs and horns for you . id make clothes for you.my heart is screaming Nara. I dont norm feel the need to craft for most of my dolls . i do want to make a few thjngs for some but this girl is special. I have to have her. Its the first doll ive felt so strongly for that i could see never getting rid of . just so much potential. At least for me.
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