What is your grail doll, and why is it your grail?

Feb 3, 2015

    1. Volks Shinku
      Yeah, sometimes life sucks.

      But honestly:
      I saw the anime back in 2009 and thought to myself "hey maybe someone made a custom doll of them" - turned to google and discovered the world of bjd ...and volks (which my wallet still won´t forgive me for). She is the first bjd I adored and she has lost none of her appeal to me after what has now become a decade of being in this hobby. Unfortunately, she was one of the early volks dolls (released on Christmas 2005 in a small quantity) and the price for her fullset seems to never leave the 6.000-10.000$ range.
      Am I hopeless? - No. I can say with almost 100% certainty that she will be mine one day because I believe if I truly want something I should be able to save up for it, even if it takes me many years.
      This year gives me more hope however: volks has their 20th anniversary and for the first time ever they had Shinku in the voting for dolls to be rereleased to commemorate the event. I´m anticipating 2019, my family is dreading it and my wallet is fearing for it´s life.
      If I see her being rereleased I will definitely cry my eyes out and then frantically search for someone to buy one of my kidneys... this is going to be an exciting year for me.^^
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    2. I think the closest thing to a grail doll would be Soom's Puka.

      They're a tiny little goat baby and I'm so upset that I missed him when he was put on the website a few years ago (as all Soom dolls are limited). I always hope Puka will be re-released but idk if he was popular enough to warrant a re-release.
    3. I don’t think I have a grail. Well it was sort of a fifth motif venitu but I realized he wasn’t the fit I though he would be. So now I’m just happy with my incoming dolls. I guess for grail or wish list would be a white skin doll. I know I’d like a Volks Lorena but that’s out of my budget and super rare.
    4. I don't think I have a grail that I'm looking to attain anymore really. The couple I had I've kind of gone off, so I guess it was a passing affection and when I realized they wouldn't work in my crew that need to own them ended. IOS infernale was one of those but I decided the fixed expression while gorgeous would be too static for me. I'm sure they'll be others one day though
    5. I think the concept of a grail doll is really interesting, it is such an idealised thing and it seems from reading a few of the responses here that quite often the reality is not quite as wonderful as the imagined entity.

      I am not sure I have a grail, there isn't one single doll that I dream of and think "if only I had this, my collection would be completed". I have two dolls that I would never willingly sell (my WS F10 and my tan Coco), but as they are already with me I don't know if they count.

      Maybe one day Volks will release a sculpt that I want more than either of these two, but until then I am comfortable with not having a grail.
    6. I’m incredibly fortunate to own both of my grail dolls. Kdoll keikei and keikei black. I just love how different but appealing the sculpts are. Also their big button noses are so cute!
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    7. My grail doll is pretty ancient now. I have been in the Hobby since 2005 and I have always wanted a CP elf Yder. I have had a couple of chances which I unfortunately was forced to miss and never was able to acquire one. As it has been nearly 13/14 years I do not hold out much hope now.
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    8. For a long time I had two grails. Migidoll Sleeping Yujin And Crobidoll Yujin. Maybe I just have a thing for Yujins. I got my Sl. Yujin, and I wonder if I’ll ever get my Crobi Yujin. :pout:

      Migi Sl. Yujin was my grail because A. I have an obsession with Migidoll without a doubt and B. I have an obsession with Sleeping and Dreaminf sculpts so having both in one beautiful doll was like a dream.

      Crobi Yujin became a doll I wanted when I saw a beautiful picture of him on Tumblr when I first started collecting when I was 16 or 17 and I had always kept tabs on him online because he’s just so pretty. He got elevated to Grail status on accident I suppose when I noticed less and less of him online and became determined to acquire him before he was gone. As you can see by my signature, I’m still working on that. I actually have a bittersweet story to it as well because the very Yujin I first saw on tumblr was on sale here on DOA in 2016 and I just missed him. I still kick myself for that.
    9. Volks Shinku was the first BJD I ever saw, too! I've settled on other Rozen Maiden stuff to satisfy my inner fan, but Volks really did such a wonderful job with her :)

      Currently, my grail doll is DreamingDoll's Little Elva Ryuna. She was the first BJD I saw that was actually within a price range I could afford and I've been in love with her sculpt for years. Now that I have Airi from the same line, it's time to save up all over again!
    10. Soom Saiph. I wanted to get her when she was first released but never had the money. Now that I could get her, Soom no longer sells the MA line and she's become rare and hard to find.
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    11. Currently my grail would be a Fairyland Sircca Elf in white skin. She’s extremely rare in that resin color and not to mention a discontinued event head. One day.... one day...
    12. Adding my Grail: Nabarro's Boy Wally. I have very little doubt that I'll never own that sculpt, with like.. 20 in total made. And I missed his order period by like a month too, to twist the knife in the wound.
    13. I came across a Souldouble Elgar whenever I first joined the hobby. It was love at first sight, but unfortunately I did not have the money to buy her from the person who was selling her. She just had so much expression in her face, has a beautiful sculpt for her body and face. Ugh, it’s almost torturous I had the opportunity to buy her but couldn’t.
    14. My Grail list just keeps growing and growing, I have an Artist Doll - Sheepy

      Lillycat Newt- Chocolate Skin
      Lillycat Newt - PNS
      Lillycat Elana - Marron Glace
    15. If there's anything that could be considered my grail, it'd be Soom's Nor-Masters of Jinns sculpt. I'm a huge sucker for fantasy sculpts of all types, but especially wings. And I adore the uniqueness of having the wings be the arms, rather than attached them to the back. Couple that with how much I want to make a doll for my harpy character, and it was love at first sight
    16. I'm still trying to figure out what it means for a doll to be a grail doll. Is it that coveted? Is it that rare and unobtainable?
      I just jumped on a Dollzone Snow Fulai in brown because the opportunity became available- the beauty of this doll was literally one of the things that got me pulled into the hobby. I adore fantasy elements- especially demons and angels- but I'm also very particular about those elements and how their aesthetics fit together as a whole, and everything about her meshes so well... And the brown version of her with her golden hair is just so beautiful. I seriously still can't believe that I managed to get her. (now I just have to wait...) She would've been my grail if not for happen-chance...
      Not in complete contrast to my appreciation of all things fantasy, I also love cute things- so I've fallen for some super fun art dolls as well. Especially the dolls made by Atelier Enaibi... my wallet fears the day one of her dolls becomes available... but I have a feeling that it might be a while before that opportunity presents itself. I'd also like to get a Atelier Momoni doll- which doesn't seem nearly as difficult- but my wallet might appreciate it if I hold off for a bit so it can recover from Snow Fulai first... heh.
      Anyhow, I'm sure that my list will change as I find new sculpts and new artists, but for right now, I'd have to say that the Enaibi holds the title of grail doll for me.
    17. I was lucky enough to find my grail - Soom Wolf the Knight (Wolf ver.).

      I wanted my first BJD to be *the* one I wanted, and I was lucky enough to find his head. For me, I adore those long lines, particularly that nose and how pointed it is while not being large. The facial lines are gorgeous, but those ears..! When I saw the ears, I knew he was the one. I'd seen so many lovely dolls but none of them were the right one - until I saw that one.

      I wasn't crazy about his body, though, so my grail there has been "making him *him*". So far he's turning into quite an interesting hybrid, and it's a lot of fun.
    18. Soom Photon - Angel of death. both human and skull version (not full set, just blank doll). When I joined the hobby He was sold out for years. My taste changed a lot since then, most dolls I adore first I just don't care anymore, but I still want him. Maybe one day I will be lucky enough and get him second hand.
      Amadiz Magdalena new. She is too expensive for me. And Amadiz stopped selling pre-order dolls...
    19. Mine is just a head, as I plan to use a body that is available from other sellers currently.

      Its the Jonasson head from Charmdoll. Ever since I saw it I was in love because it is the closest match Ive seen to my fav/oldest oc. Ive always wanted to make him as a bjd but cant find any heads just right.

      The other I have on layaway, she was the first doll I saw that really hit me in the 'I need to own this feels'. It is DC Lydia. I finally pushed myself to buy her due to the discontinuation.
    20. My grail is an Iplehouse circus master Tedros though I like the Tokyo story version too. Saw him many many years ago at random in a google search and fell in love with his face and his outfit. I’m not sure I will ever be able to find a full set but I’ve seen a few basic dolls sold through the years. I also know I can get him as a smaller FID but I just don’t think I like him at that size.