What is your grail doll, and why is it your grail?

Feb 3, 2015

    1. not sure if I have grail as such as the one I wanted just seemed out of my price range but could be obtained Last year I saw a Kimberly Lasher doll Lydia who is classed as a punk and as I adore Kims dolls any way this little girl stood out. Then two weeks ago I saw one for sale and could afford her yah! she is at moment going through customs so hoping my next weekend will have the letter for fees and she will be home
    2. I don't know if this really counts but my grail is a shell that will hold my main character. I've been through 3 dolls trying to capture her and I'm working on #4. I don't know what doll or hybrid that will turn out to be, so it's not a specific sculpt, but that's what gives me that grail feeling, that combination of intense want/obsession and difficulty.
    3. Mine is a dollshe venitu :D I just love everything from his body to his under lip thing. He is just soooòoò amaziiiiinnngg. I will most likely never own one though :sigh
    4. I've been lucky enough to bring home all of the dolls I considered grails. For a long time, my grail was Oasisdoll Natalie. She was discontinued and I'd missed her ordering period by a few years. I actually own two now thanks to DOA! She's still my favorite.

      The others are rare or hard-to-find artist heads (Rosettadoll Zio and Agave, and Edelweiss Gideon). Two of them actually found me rather than the other way around. :) I put up WTB threads and their owners contacted me. Agave was recently re-released and I made sure not to miss her.
    5. The one I’m currently set as my grails are Juan (iplehouse), Jaeii (distant Memory) and Nephelin (SOOM).

      My ultimate goal is Wolf (Gentle Homme) though I am still searching for him or waiting for Soom to release another version of him.
    6. Well to me a grail doll was always the Enchanted Doll. I prefer MSD or fashion sized dolls and Enchated Doll was the first and only doll I knew for many years actually. A couple of years ago however I discovered Tender Creation dolls and they became my grail doll actually. I love the body, the articulation and the faces most of all. Luckily enough I was able to get one as my first doll. She is still my grail doll even now that I know of so many other dolls. Chimera doll is a close second but I'm not sure I'll ever be able to get my hands on one anymore... We will see =)
    7. Lately most of my wishlist dolls have fallen into my lap... Three hard-to-get dolls in a row.

      So I guess the ones that are left are DC Jodie and DHS Kinoko, which are both really hard to find. I guess that's what makes them "grail" - that they're unobtainable because they're no longer made.

      I don't really have a doll that I am saving up for, or that I can't buy because it's too expensive.
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    8. My grail is a Fairyland Lucywen in white on a pink Centaur body. I sadly missed the preorder, because I took a break from the hobby and was all into Pullip dolls. So yes, now it’s all about Bjds, and I am searching for her nearly everyday :roll:
    9. The first release or Little Monica's Gloomy Vampire Enrill will forever be my grail doll. The company face-up and everything.. It's the sculpt that made me interested in bjds and I missed their reopening ;////; )) But not as sad since the face-up is different. XD
    10. At the moment, my grails are all the DollZone Tarot series. They are gorgeous and I love them so much. I love macabre dolls and they just fit my style so well. Ideally, I want to have a display case and just have a collection of them.
    11. I am hoping to find a SoulKid Apple. I just love her face, and I have seen such cute photos of her with short hair.
    12. My grail is shinku,she is so cute and unique. But she is also expensive too:(
    13. My Grail is a tan skin SD-size Unoa doll because I have always loved Unoa sculpts but I much prefer SD size dolls and ever since I learned about BJDs I have been enchanted by tan skin dolls.

      Then AL released the Unoa Prim and Metia (Rowan) dolls in Paradise skin and now I have my gorgeous Unoa Prim in tan, so I have my grail and I love her so much!!
    14. My Grail is a Trinity Doll Klaire. Common sense will not allow to buy it.
    15. DC Elizabeth. One of the prettiest heads DC has made that I've seen and the spider body is just to die for. She's literally the reason I got into BJDs as a teenager because she was just so strange and lovely. I finally had the money and time to get into the hobby for real and I find out she was discounted! Such is life, I guess.
    16. My grail is a merrydollround Olathe. I’ve never seen another doll like her, with more native features. And it looks like she’s not for sale right now, or I’d put her on layaway ASAP.
    17. Granado Uriel is my grail. His ordering period happened long before I bought my first doll, and it was at a period in my life where I wasn’t financially stable enough to justify buying a doll. I always remembered him for some reason; he has this ghost of a smile to his sculpt, like he’s got a secret that he won’t tell you.
    18. Well...I own the majority of resin 'grail' dolls that I've wanted, but I dearly wish that I could get my hands on the original Volks release of their DD Asuna, to go with my Kirito. I see her sometimes, but people want upwards of three times her original cost...and I won't do that. She's a vinyl doll who will eventually melt into a pile of brown, vinegary smelling goo, for goodness sake!
    19. Probably Ringdoll's Dracula and I always wanted an Iplehouse Claude but never got one. They rereleased him for a special event not that long ago, but I didn't have the money. I don't have the money for the more expensive dolls right now.

      I almost bought myself a Dracula a few years ago, but it was at the same time I decided I'd go back to school, and in order to do that I had to quit my then job as well as work with a budget in order to maintain college life. Sucked, but until I can find myself a permanent job (which will more than likely be after I graduate) I'm not going to acquire anything more than $300.

      But I just returned to the BJD community for the first time in four years having just now but a $300 doll from Boy and Girl which was nice. I didn't really get to get into the hobby as much as I wanted to on account of being interrupted by school and bouncing from job to job and whatnot, but I'm hoping to get back into it. I plan on making hand made clothes for the one I just bought, so we'll see how that goes.
    20. My grail doll is the Soom Breccia. She's my grail because of her fox parts. I've wanted her since I was young and I remember seeing her on the Soom website. Then Soom came out with a Soom Breccia Harmony version and I've wanted that one ever since. Personally I love animals a bunch so it's nice to have a doll that's a lot like one of my favorite animals. Now I just need to figure out what kind of fox she is :D