What is your grail doll, and why is it your grail?

Feb 3, 2015

    1. I found my grail tonight: Lumedoll Koit. I just moved my size preference to tinies from minis, but only in mature sculpts. Once I started looking, Koit kind of jumped out and he's just so... lovely and possibly perfect for my first tiny (Rumpeldoll's Abby) who's on order. Rather devastated to find out he's been discontinued for a while. :...(
    2. Manuna Mouse by Whispering grass. She is he best mouse on market, in my opinion. She even have fully jointed tail. But Manuna is really rare, so there is possibility I won't have one in forseeable future.:(

      DollZone Raymond. I really, really love the sculpt, but it never suited any of my planned characters, so I was postponing the purchase. Now when he was discontinued I regret I was trying not to be head collector so hard. Big mistake.
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    3. Dream of Doll Elf Ducan. He was the first doll i saw. I saw his webpage and assumed it was for clothes and had no clue it was a doll, so i memorized the url and came back to him several times. A couple years later i learned what they are, and felt really stupid... but he is still the one i want...
    4. my grail would be the 2 amnesia boys that dolks did a while back but theyre so rare and hard to find T^T i think i would cry if i got my hands on those 2 little bastards.or the red kinf retro verson. but my grail that i have physically is actually my Dika doll Aosagihi with his limited face up which was 20 world wide, i have him ordered and i think he is one of the rarest dolls i have
    5. My absolute grail doll is a Loongsoul Gregor!! I love his sculpt sooo much! Its going on 4 years that i have wanted to buy him. He's pricey(well pricey for me). Been looking for him secondhand for a year and a half!! I WANT HIM SO BAD!!!
    6. I haven't had a grail until recently, but after I missed my chance to get the Souldoll Yeon-bee before her retirement, I'll say seh's my grail. I always really liked her, but never got around to buying her, and then it was too late :C
    7. Like a few others in this post my Grail is Hwayoung from Distant Memory.I also want to one day own a fullset from fairyland, preferably one with fantasy parts. I just want to know the feeling of a full doll. Doll zone or Dream valley, something similar had an event body come out in December and I missed it, but the body was perfect for my character and I can't even remember the sculpt. I have too many Grails honestly. I just have too many doll plans that I feel I NEED to complete. But my biggest WANT is Hwayoung and a Fairyland Fullset.
    8. My grail is a Spirit Doll Dolce Michelia. I've wanted this doll for a few years, even before I took a hiatus from the hobby. He's more expensive than what I usually spend on dolls and I want this doll the most, so that's why he's considered my grail.
    9. My grail doll is still not made .. he’ll be a custom
      Of a certain celebrity , I’ve already talked to
      An artist and some fans to look for people who wants him made when I have the money ready ..

      He will be a great addition to my new line of bjds , back then I wanted a lot of minifees and I do now so they need boyfriends I guess hehe .. now I’m into these hot bad boy looking guys ..

      I would also want one day to make a character from my games ..

      Dolls that are already existing that I want are : 5th motif Venitu, he’s grown on me his pouty lips and lazy eyes.. also a Kris Wu doll , 2D dolls have some cute 70cm boys too , Ringdoll and luts and switch but they’re always sold out
    10. My grail is a pipos limited edition minty Cheshire full set. I have been thinking about it everyday since I first saw it. I have settled on the fact that I may never own one but it still hurts:pout:
      It's honestly the cutest doll I've ever seen! I don't even collect small dolls, all my dolls are in the 1/3 or 70+ category. But I'd instantly make an exception for that darling. I also don't have marketplace clearance yet...
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    11. Mine is a SoulDoll Devonia in grey with a company face-up :D

      My order for one fell through so she’s top of my list :)
    12. I’ve been lucky to obtain my grail at this point. I’d say I have two overall and both had been achieved. These are the OG’s for me. I’d been admiring the hobby since late 2011-2012 but didn’t join until late 2016.

      With that said, my grail was a LUTS Delf Elf OE Chiwoo and a Nobledolls Raspberry. Both dolls were some i was introduced to at different times in the hobby for me and I had instantly fallen in love. A few of my favorite collectors own these sculpts and I had just swooned over them for years from afar. Originally Chiwoo. I just love that face so so much. His smug eyes. So much attitude. I adore the aesthetic of both dolls so much. Such smooth sculpting on both ends but very different aesthetics I feel. Joining the hobby in late 2016 you could see how these could be difficult... Chiwoo imo a little more considering he’s discontinued. I got super lucky finding a raspberry, even better an ELF! I’m a sucker for elves to to own her very limited version feels like a dream. A grail I didn’t even know I had considering I wasn’t aware of the elf.

      Chiwoo I’ve also been lucky to obtain. He’s my all time favorite sculpt. I got a NS and a BW Delf Elf Chiwoo in my collection. I feel v fortunate to own both of these grails. They feel so at home. That’s how you know the grail feels right, when they just don’t feel like they’re going anywhereeeee.
    13. My grail is a Woodolls Pandora/Pandore. I really love her posable ears and her larger nose ridge. She is just adorable but there are not many out there in existence and never will be.
    14. My grail is 5th motif Venitu, it’s cause it’s worth $800-1000+ and I can’t bring myself to spend that much on a doll. I love his pouty lips, I have a long list of dolls I want mainly male SD dolls but they seem to be attainable just not now lol
    15. My grail is a Whispering Mouse Mr. Ropuha. He's such a sweet little toad/frog. He hasn't been made since 2014, and only had two runs. :'(
    16. My grail is one that's probably not attainable for me personally, so I'm trying to convince myself I don't like him. Doll Chateau's Snowborn! It's ridiculously expensive, but big 72cm centaur, if I had the funds, space, and opportunity, I definitely wouldn't say no :D
    17. My Grail doll is a Dolkot kiss because I used to have one but sold it. I regretted it the moment I did it and have not been able to find one for sale since.
    18. My number one grail is probably Triffony Artwork Sphinx. I think anthro bjds usually look a bit odd because they're supposed to be a furry creature but are made of smooth resin, but a hairless cat is just perfect. I love the huge ears, the wrinkles, all the details in the sculpt. If only it wasn't so expensive...though I understand why it is.
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    19. Loong Soul Min Yan. Charmdoll Baron.

      But, at the moment, I'm trying to figure out if I restart my resin collection with Fashion/MSD rather than the "cumbersome" SD+ that I have. So, I'm not willing to commit to more large dolls, until I've figured out what I'm doing.

      That, and they're quite expensive at the moment. Due to the current economic turmoil, I'm not sure I'm willing to put money down on a doll.

      I've also got Iplehouse FID Bichun on my mind a lot, alongside Raccoon Doll's Sarah, Robbie, and Gene. For that planned restart. So, I suppose they could be grails at the moment.

      But, definitely Min Yan and Baron. I've struggled to forget them, since I discovered them.
    20. I’d say my grail would probably be Luts Delf elf Shiwoo. He’s an old, limited sculpt that’s long been discontinued. He rarely pops up on the market and on the very few instances he does the seller usually asks for WAY more than I’m willing to pay for a fifteen year old doll. So, unless Fairyland is willing to re-release his head as an event head or he comes onto the MP for a far more reasonable price, I’ll just have to admire from afar.