What is your grail doll, and why is it your grail?

Feb 3, 2015

    1. A Luts Juri event head, I've been on the lookout for one but I've only found two but I was broke at the time and couldn't afford either. I first saw her from a YT video and fell in love, I mostly love her for her adorable face sculpt.
    2. volks lieselotte because her face is so sweet and has so much expression and to me looks very original, just gorgeous and perfect. I wish and hope so bad I can get her one day :sorry
    3. I had definitely been attached to DC Vincent for a really long time. He was basically the doll that got me into the hobby. Now since I have one on the way (yay!!) I’ve been very focused on DZ Freddy. More unrealistically I love the look of SOOM Kay but I’m not sure SD is a good size for me
    4. I didn’t think about grail dolls never, until I found mold of my dreams which one is no producing anymore :( It’s an unpopular mold of Doll Chateau Hubery discontinued in 2017. Unfortunately I didn’t know about hobby at that period, and now it’s quite hard to catch it on second hand market. But I believe I’ll find him very soon. :chibi
    5. My grail doll is a Ring Doll Rinku Fullset..... which hasn't been sold since 2017....:...( As soon as I saw him I fell in love with his Limited Fullset but unfortunately that's unattainable at this point. That being said, I love his sculpt so much still that I'm probably going to save up for the base doll anyway, despite being like 3 years late to his Fullset promotion :T
    6. My grail has always been a lucywin cus I love centaurs. She still is however I’m just making myself happy with dolls I can afford in one go. One day I’ll be smart enough to save up slowly for her. To be honist I almost spent my entire stimulus check on her but we needed a new air conditioner instead lol
    7. She is Fantasia doll Canary. To me she has become the ultimate "what money can't buy" doll. There are simply just a couple of them, and it doesn't matter how hard I look for her, I haven't even come across anyone who currently owns her. I have kind of silently come to accept that I may never get her, or it may take five years. I have her body though, or another one of the two she could be ordered with, with another head from the company. I was around when Canary was released, and I could have ordered her then and wanted to, too, but I was hesitant because the company was new. And then they disappeared, before I could read any reviews of the dolls. I regret that I didn't order, although I couldn't have known that the company would exist for such a short while.
    8. My grail doll was Iplehouse Luo. I wanted him at first because I wanted dolls of Louis and Lestat from the Vampire Chronicles and of course I wanted him as my Louis. The first doll meet I went to I saw one in person and it solidified my want for him. Later another friend in my comm was selling him and I knew I had to bring him home. I have most of the dolls I would consider "grail" status now.
      The only one left is Soom Sabik because I think he has the most gorgeous face and because a girl I knew many years ago had one and I think he was one of the first BJDs I had ever seen.
    9. My grail is a Fullset Red King from Ringdoll. He was the one that got me back into dolls after years of forgetting they existed.
      I can't remember where I even saw pictures of him but the moody photography of a captivatingly beautiful man in blood red armor captured me.
      I'd found bjd's years before in my college days but I could not get into the hobby then. On finding the Red King I was drawn in again. Sadly by the time I found him his Fullsets were sold out.
      I would love to have this dark temptor amoungst my collection but I don't know that a Fullset will come up on the second hand market. But if anyone who is lucky enough to have one ever feels that they want to re home theirs, hit me up!
    10. My grail doll is a full set Date Masamune 2nd Version from Volks, he's been the number one on my wishlist since I started this hobby. I didn't buy him initially because of his steep price but I worked overtime the last two months and found a proxy in the UK so I don't have to pay customs when he arrives. Once Volks allows orders from overseas again he'll be mine:D
    11. I will probably never get her and have to make a OOAK or artdoll myself (A curvier satyrl girl to shell my OC) to get what I want but Pathos Tale's Pan is the doll of my dreams. It's a shame I wasn't in this hobby when she was available as I would have snapped her up in a heart beat.
    12. I had a grail doll, and I finally caved after several years and got him only to find his size intimidating and impossible to make him look exactly how I wanted. I don't trust my wants anymore after that. It was a hard lesson for me because I got a fraction of what I paid for him. From now on when I want a doll it may be cheaper to take a trip to a bjd meet and see dolls in person before shelling out my money.
    13. The Volks Miruku and her sister make, Kurumi. So not one. But two. I ended up with a sizeable amount of money a few years ago, and being so new to the hobby despite knowing of its existence far earlier than that, I was a fool. I didn't do my research. I bought both for a combined total of at least three grand. o.o". I don't regret it. Because I have since spent similar amounts for a Lieselotte, and a Luna. Along with plans that include shelling out more money for other LE Volks girls.

      My Miruku and Kurumi, to me as much as I love all the others I have, hold a really important place. I can't part with either of them.
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    14. A long time ago I fell in love with two BJDs. My grail dolls are Qingyi and Chiyu from Angell Studio. :D This lovely BL (?!?) couple are limited editions and out of production. :(
      Because of their limited edition status it is very difficult to get them. I'm only interested in their full sets (with some special additions to their phoenix bodies etc. offered back then by AS). I guess that point makes it even harder. Perhaps I can find them someday. :) If I'm not too picky and I must have a buyers layaway option for this awesome set. But that's another story. :blush
      They are my beautiful grails, because even after all this time I can never forget and still want to own them both. :hug:
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    15. My grail is Dollshe Amanda Beauty in Fasion Maxi size - the reason is simple it is the most nuanced and detailed doll sculpt in this size I have found so far (and I have been at it for a loooong time), the fine details and nuances in the dolls sculpt is what attracts me to BJDs in the first place and I am unreasonably fond of miniatures of all kinds - this particular doll is just the perfect balance of size and details for me - any smaller and the detailing is lost, any bigger and it is no longer fine enough for me - I'm picky :D
    16. My Grail right now is a Sheepy doll! ifind her sculpt so unique and i love she's made by a smaller creator.
    17. My grail doll is Elfdoll B9ng Sun Hwa. I honestly think she has the cutest face i have ever seen on a doll. I also like her tiny size
    18. @elfy016 Keep a watch on the Whispering Grass Etsy shop as a new release of Mr Ropuha Toad is imminent! :D
    19. *has melt down* OH my gosh! Thank you so much for the heads up!!!!!
    20. Omg I loooove Sheepy and her Sheepy dolls! I also want one! She has a preorder now for her newest doll: Count Sheepy and has some really awesome colors: even glittery white! I wonder how come you don’t really see her or her dolls here on DOA? Do you know?