What is your grail doll, and why is it your grail?

Feb 3, 2015

    1. My grails are:

      Liam - BJDivas - Souldoll
      Nicola B - Doll Chateau
      Sharon - Doll Chateau
      twigling Ingenues

      Each has a specialty in their sculpt that makes them alluring one way or another.
      I would have to say that once I achieve these, it will be solely looking for mates for them, rp mates or another.
      Either that I would have, or that someone else would be willing to roleplay a mate with them.
      But each of these that I listed look a lot like OC characters that are very dear to me. I hope I can snag them.
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    2. @Whenrabbithowls Sheepy is banned from DOA, that's why you don't see much of her
    3. Ohhhhh.... thank you. Well that stinks. I really do love her sculpts... are they banned also?
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    4. If I got my Grail doll is he still my grail? XD
      My grail for the longest time was Soom Euclase, missed him about 10 years ago, and he just happened to be re-release recently so I finally got him. Totally in love with all his fantasy features!
    5. My grail doll is a Doll Chateau Zora. Her face was the sweetest thing I ever saw in my life. I fell instantly in love with her sad eyes and full lips. Truely a beautiful doll. I would be happy with even just her head.
    6. Yeah, the person was banned, so are all her sculpts :(
    7. @elfy016 you’re most welcome and the pre-order is open now, toads available in two colours :love
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    8. My grail doll was my dark tan Ellana from Lillycat on the Lune body (from the 2015 preorder). I looked for her for a long time and finally managed to adopt one a few months back! :love I had to spend a little more than planned for her, but it was worth it! :aheartbea