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What is your style like when it comes to dolls?

Jan 6, 2017

    1. As in, what is your taste like when it comes to the look of the doll? (Mainly the sculpt, but also expression and clothing)
      Do you have a thing for chibis, or mature dolls? The large eyes small nose aesthetic, or realism? Skinny or chubby dolls? Modern day clothes or fantasy wear? Are you one of those people who can't stand how double joints look, and so on..? I'm really curious what your tastes are.

      (And as a little side question, would you care for an "ugly" doll? As a doll that was made to look ugly or creepy or weird, creature or human? Curious since I'm sculpting a little alien kind of creature right now, think E.T./Oddworld characters, and would like to know if I'm the only one that appreciates that aesthetic.)
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    2. As long as the doll is a mature mini who can convincingly pull off being an adult (as I simply can't deal with SDs so all my adults have to be MSDs) they are fair game to me xD I'd absolutely would adore to see some more unusual sculpts in that size range that are not the usual pretty faces tho!

      Clothes-wise it is high fantasy all the way cause I love that style ;u;
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    3. I'm only interested in minis, mostly because I found the size just right and most of them're not too mature but not too baby-ish. I think it's also because my art style is kinda similar so I can easily imagine my characters that I've drawn as minis. And definitely button nose :lol: I love double-joints and doesn't mind how they look at all. as for clothes, it really depends on the character.

      I think it's great that you are making a different sort of sculpt! unfortunately, as much as the description intrigued me, my family would probably be unable to sleep if I bought a "creepy" doll :doh
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    4. Pretty goth twinks. That's...... that's it. Oh, I like them with sleepy, disdainful eyes, but otherwise... pretty goth twinks. I am my own parody.
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    5. For me, it's all about mature bodies, no matter their size, and fantasy clothing. I am absolutely okay with odd-looking sculpts and skin shades - it's a bit hit-and-miss, actually liking them, but when I do like them I love them :)
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    6. Basically the same as you! I think MSD size it's the most comfortable for me: not too big and not too small. I like mature looking dolls, although for a money - avaiability thing, I have MNF (who look mature, altough not that much) because I found them in the second hand market here in my country.

      Their characters and looks are sort of medieval-celtic-fantasy themed. I like creating so I got this range of looks I like to combine and move across them and mix them the way I feel it. (And I still have a lot of work to do to achieve the look I wan't - they've been with me for less than a month)

      I like realism, and double joints work perfectly for that. I'd like to see more SD like molds in MSD size.

      About "ugly" sculpts, It obviously depends on the sculp itself, but I like original and innovative looks. It's a thing I feel for art. It has to be disruptive to be amazing sometimes :)
    7. I don't really have one thing that I like... but for my own dolls I do seem to like more normal, because I want my clothing that I'll be making to speak for it's self. I also like younger looking dolls, like YOSDs and less developed MSDs... because well, the mature bodies bother me. I think they are amazing in photos and I'm sure I would like others dolls in real life, but they are a bit too grown up for me to own. I think a lot of that comes from me still looking like a kid myself. I constantly get mistaken for 13-16 years old, so having dolls that look so much older then I do feels odd. I also like a more androgynous look for both males and females.

      As for the joints, I don't care what they look like! I love the dolls partly because of their different joints, and I'm never going to try and make them seem human. I actually tend to like the semi realistic style over the really real looking dolls, because I like them to not look like humans. However I still have my eye on some more realistic dolls!

      I might have to get a few dolls that are totally out of the norm though, because I love them too! "Ugly" is often something I find cute or pretty, so I can't say I like ugly dolls, I just love different looks! The only thing I'll never want is a doll that has a clearly negative theme.
    8. This is not a simple question.
      At first I liked the little cute dolls. But after my second, my preference began to change. More to adult looking bodies. But the cute faces remained.

      However, for some time now, I have been increasingly interested in unusual faces. Faces which are different and do not look like the perfect beauty. And probably my next BJD would go in this direction.
      (Like the doll's of "Looloo" on Flickr, but not so tall :D)

      I do not like the optics of double joints, but I appreciate them very much for posing. And depending on the clothes you can not see them ;)

      I like very much the magnetic body system of Fairyland. But until now, I have not yet found the perfect body.
      My biggest problem, when posing my doll's, are always the hands. Often they do not stay where I want them ;)
    9. Realistic or stylised realistic minis and tinies here. I love when they have small eyes (sometimes, the smaller the better), large nose and large lips, but I want dolls to fit a wide range of different looks, as long as they're decently realistic. I could absolutely go for a doll sculpted to look more "ugly" (I have one or two that seem to be considered so by a lot of people already), as long as it could realistically enough pull off being a human being.
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    10. I'm in the grip of a craze for making pretty doll clothing. To me that means looks that work for the young and cute, or if they're older girls the look is soft and romantic. In either case I'm working with nice quality fine cotton fabrics and laces in pastels and florals and correspondingly high quality trims.

      I find those looks translate equally well to younger and older dolls, and equally well to less realistic and more realistic sculpts - it's just a matter of tweaking the design. I can use the same fabrics and trims for my chubby big eyed Volks SDs just as well as for my elegant Iplehouse SID, as long as the style of dress works for the age and shape of the doll.

      So it's really good that I don't have to tie myself down to any particular doll aesthetic, because I do enjoy variety; I really appreciate the enormous variety of dolls out there. Although I'm afraid I'll never appreciate an ugly/creepy sculpt ... not even if you dressed it in a white lace dress and a straw hat with velvet roses!
    11. I prefer SD or Tiny, but size doesn't matter that much! I like big eyes and full lips. Im super picky when it comes to noses.. I dont know why, but a nose can be the deal breaker! I also love blue and grey skin! Any unnatural skin colour will intrigue me.

      I love gore and scary stuff, so an alien sounds super interesting!
    12. I prefer larger dolls, and doubt I'll ever get any smaller than an MSD, unless I find it irresistibly adorable, like DF-A Luca or DZ Egg. Otherwise semi-realistic at least, so smaller eyes and slightly longer noses I suppose. Style wise I kind of express my more masculine side through dolls, but like my fashion it stays in the vicinity of goth. :blush
      I am not certain if I have any preference for single or double-joints, other than that I don't mind the look of double-joints and that they seem somewhat more poseable. I may be wrong though.
      But, and this is a big but, I do love the aesthetic of fantasy/chimera dolls, weird and 'peculiar' dolls, even if it's not what I would pick to make up my eventual doll family. :)
    13. I like all sizes but my preference has to be SD and up. I love dolls with strange facial expressions, especially wide grins and smiles.
    14. Most of my dolls are separated into different categories.

      My human dolls are very realistic looking in proportion and the majority are mature 1/3 dolls ranging from 60 to 80cm. For my human dolls I love semi formal wear. I do love my boys to wear suits.

      My vampire dolls are also mature and realistic. I love vampires with open mouths and showing their lovely fangs! Because they are vampires, they can wear clothing from different time periods. :aheartbea

      Finally, I have my fantasy tinies so they have very peculiar wear.

      I love double jointed bodies the most, but I don't mind single joints. As for dolls that are outside of the mainstream aesthetic preferences, I believe they have their own beauty. I would love to own one some day, but at the moment they would freak out family members and I'm trying to avoid that.
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    15. I have a preference for slim MSD sized dolls,it's the perfect size for me personally.

      For sculpts,I prefer either small/dreamy eyes and very large eyes.

      Clothing style varies for each doll,I don't think I could have a group of dolls that wore the same style.

      I don't mind if a doll is single or double jointed,so long as the joints don't subtract from the look of the body.

      And I would definitely own a doll that is considered ugly by most,as long as it is able to inspire me.
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    16. I think my doll style is still developing. I've only got one right now, but my second is on the way, and there are few more I'm drooling over online. So let's see. . .
      So far, I'm basing my dolls on characters I've already created--and I have a wide range of characters, to be sure (I like to write a lot!), but I guess the characters I'm "bringing to life" as dolls all have things in common: modern style of dress, pretty normal hair and eye colors and styles, neutral/aloof expressions, and they're all male (with one exception). I'm also sticking with SD size for now, and I prefer the more mature sculpts, at least for the boys. I like sculpts that are somewhere between stylized and real. I like larger-than-normal eyes, and I'm a sucker for beauty.
      I don't have much to say about joints, yet. I only have experience with a double-jointed doll, and I don't think about it. My Kyle poses quite well, and that's all I care about :)
    17. I am populating a little town - so variety is key for me. I've got kids, teens, young adults, mature & some faceups done to have the doll look old. The only common thread besides all of them living in one town is their connection to the town's nerd community (which encompasses lots of stuff) cause the main focus for my dollie photo books is the group of cosplayers.
      So I've got tinies, minis, all sizes SD, male, female, different body types etc.
      I really hate uniformity LOL
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    18. The only universal thing is that I like dolls that look like they have some kind of an emotion going on behind them. A lot of dolls just look like dolls to me - pretty and empty. I like dolls that have something going on.

      I think I do prefer realistic dolls as far as buying goes because for the stylized ones, I have a very specific taste that I haven't really seen in any BJD so far, so while I definitely like cute dolls, I think the only way I'd ever have one is if I sculpt one myself (unless another artist comes along that just happens to share my aesthetics).
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    19. Usually, I prefer slim minis or SD, leaning more towards realism but some less realistic is ok (like Minifee or Luts). I prefer human characters in modern styles, like regular people or maybe celebrities, but not fantasy. Body type just depends on my character, but I like the body to pose well.

      However, I really like pet and monster tinies.
    20. I prefer realistic or semi realistic dolls. I have off topic dolls about the size of MSDs and find them big enough to be awkward. Most of my BJDs are mature tinies and the others have to be in scale to them, so no one has eyes over 8mm. A third of them are tan and only one of them is white. A lot of them have elf ears. Most of mine are single jointed but pose pretty well anyway. In terms of clothes, they mostly wear fairly modern clothes, with a few vintage style pieces. Though I'd like to make them more fantasy styled clothes as well.

      I guess whether or not I'd like an ugly doll depends how one defines that. One of my Fairyland Real Puki has fangs and kinda creeped out one of my friends. I have a Dollzone Wendy who's head is half delicate girl and half fishy thing.
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