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What kind of BJD person are you?

Aug 26, 2007

  1. Hobbyist

  2. Collector

  3. Dreamer

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
    1. I was browsing the forums the other day, and it seemed to me as if one could divide all the members here into 3 main groups, based on the characteristics they display ^^

      I know that many of us are combinations of all below, but sometimes we identify ourselves mainly with a certain group.

      Hobbyist: Sewing, photography, customization, face-ups... you love it! It's so much fun and it incorporates your other hobbies and skills with your dolls. It's a great feeling to see what you can accomplish with your own hands and a few tricks of the trade. It's not something just anyone can do, and it takes a lot of hard work and first-hand experience to get right-- and you've got it.

      Collector: Everyone has a collection; stamps, rocks, souvenir spoons... you collect BJDs. Limited dolls, rare items or outfits, getting one of each... it's like a treasure hunt! :D There's nothing like a good challenge to help you appreciate your dolls just a little more. Dolls and all the cute little shoes and things that go along with them are like fantastic little works of art and bring you joy simply by having them close and being able to see and touch them.

      Dreamer: You love your little resin avatars; they are the physical shells of your imagination and you give them stories, personalities and their own world to live in. Demons, angels, vampires, angsty high-school students... they're yours to control, like a Deus ex Machina working the ropes behind the curtain. Your dolls are like little individuals and you care deeply for them on the same level an author cares for the characters in their novels; you have 'given birth' to their existance, and they are almost like children to you.

      I'd kind of like to know what kind of BJD person you are (mainly). I know we all have a bit of each three in us, but I'd like to know which one you find best describes yourself in this hobby <3

      Me, personally... mainly a hobbyist with a bit of collector. Not much of a dreamer, so I think I might be a minority! lol!
    2. Mostly a Dreamer. I do some of the hobbyist stuff, but I don't really show my boys off anymore. My skills in photography are much better than before, but they don't stand out. I do sew, but finding material in a town with no fabric store is very hard. What fabric we do have...it's not what I want. I want knit, like what our t-shirts are made of. Denim I can kind. I can't paint but I do restring and all.
    3. I'm definitely a cross between a dreamer and a hobbyist. While my dolls are definitely meant to represent original characters of mine, I also really enjoy the artistic aspect of it. But, especially since I don't really ever intend to make a trade of it or anything and mostly keep it to myself, it definitely lends more to the dreamer side. My dolls are personal artistic expressions.
    4. I'm, without question, a dreamer. ^^ While I like photography, sewing, and customization, those interests stemmed from the love for the dolls themselves... If that makes any sense? ^^;;;

      I'm a very sentimental doll person. I've ordered a blank School Head A, with intention to I've it a faceup and sell it. Already, after scheming about what type of character this little head will be, I've gotten myself hopelessly attached... >.> I haven't even got him yet and I feel guilty that I ever contemplated selling him. It's something I feel rather silly about...
    5. I voted hobbyist, but I'm also quite the "dreamer".

    6. I'm some of each, but mostly hobbyist. I just don't like to publicize my work so I don't post everything I do, or plan to do, on the forums, but really the attraction of these dolls to me is that you can sculpt them, paint them, and make things for them. If it was just a case of buying dolls and buying outfits I wouldn't like the hobby at all.
    7. Hobbyist, most definitely! I like the stories the dolls can unfold, but my main interest is in creating a beautiful creature with my own skills. :)
    8. I am mostly a dreamer, then a little hobbyist and a little collector ^^
    9. For me it's definatly a mix between Hobbiest and Dreamer ^w^
      They kind of intertwine really:
      I make new items for my group so I can take more pictures!
      It's really fun to take pictures and share them with my friends :aheartbea
      No matter how terrible the shoots generally turn out xD
    10. I'm actually the Hobbyist/Dreamer....I try to customize my doll to the best of my ability but I also feel as tho I've brought a character to life and he's my child too.
    11. I'm mostly hobbyist and a little dreamer! :)
    12. i thing i am a little bit of every of this profiles..
      but most the hobbiest i think? i'm not sure ><
    13. Technically, I'm all three. I'm a hobbyist because I simply adore photography and doing my dolls' faceups, as well as making them all kinds of props and (poorly done) clothes. I'm a collector because, well.. I love buying them and their things! I have piles of clothes and intend to have piles of dolls, I do collect them. However, I voted dreamer, beacuse that really is the biggest enjoyment I take from this hobby. I write loads of stories and have loads of characters and love to dream about other worlds. These dolls are physical embodiments of the fantasy that resides in my head, and I love having it where I can see it every day. It makes me smile.
    14. Dreaming hobbyist. :) I love sewing for them, experimenting with designs, trying to create new looks and images. At the same time, though... dolls are children to me, and they have more personality than most people I know! Hee. :lol: So I'm a bit of a dork that way, but I love it.
    15. I actually fit in the hobbyist group. I make clothes, style wigs, paint furniture, almost anything but face ups (too scared to do them at the moment). Right now I'm working on making dress patterns and possible furinture design and construction.:)
    16. Very definitely a dreamer. XD I like painting faces and taking pictures well enough, but I can't sew worth a damn and I don't have the money (or time/interest) to be a collector - I just loving having little character-shells sitting next to me on the couch. <3
    17. I put myself into the dreamer category. I do all their face-ups and I like to work on them and take gobs and gobs of photos of them with lighting and angle and things taken into consideration, but I do the work I want to on them because I want them to be very specific, to be who I want them to be. Once I'm done with what I need to do they don't go and sit on a shelf (for very long at least XD). They're played with and cuddled and brought places.
    18. Dreamer with aspirations of being a hobbyist, I think. I've learned I need to 'know' the character of the doll, so to speak, to really want to play with him. But I'm compulsively working on clothing and jewelry and whatnot for them, because I can. :)
    19. Dreamer. It is all about the characters, and the things that the doll represents. The other two are still large components, but.. it all goes towards achieving a character.
    20. Completely dreamer, except I dont think of them almost like children they are my little children ^^