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What kind of doll clothing do you think is the worst?

Apr 4, 2011

    1. What kind of doll clothing do you think is the worst? :doh
      Why you think so?
    2. The kind of clothing that

      • doesn't fit
      • isn't in scale with the doll (size of the garnment and of material used)
      • stains the resin
      • has bulky closures
      • isn't properly sewn (unfinished edges, etc.)

      is the worst in my opinion.
      For obvious reasons ;)
    3. Anything that stains the doll D:

      I hate having to hand-wash every article of non-white clothing my dolls get just in case. I use super-hot water just to be safe, so my hands get raw and burnt for ages, and it's kind of painful. :\ I wish the companies could either not use staining fabric, or wash/heat-set the fabric before making the clothes.
    4. Anything I tried to make myself when I was first learning how to sew on doll scale? :lol:

      Seriously, some of those attempts were pretty dire... Poorly sewn, ill-fitting, bulky, you-name it.
    5. Interesting thread idea!

      I think it goes without saying that the worst clothing is the kind that stains. Even after hand-washing, some colors just won't quit!

      I personally don't like clothing that affects posability negatively. Anything that's overly stiff or bulky that prevents me from bending my doll's joints easily is so frustrating! It hardly seems worth it.
    6. @Karitsa On the bright side, stiff pants can help give doll legs more support when you're free standing them xD;;
    7. Ah, I thought this was going to be a very subjective thread with people saying, goth or loli or whatever, glad to see it isn't.

      I guess I have to echo what others have said and put it down to quality. Having out of scale fabrics and adornments. Clothes made from socks that are passed off to be something else (no probs with sock clothing, just people being unrealistic in their expectations of such a garment). I have had one case of staining on my doll from a black fabric which was a bit annoying.

      My pet hate though are hats. I really cannot stand the top hats that the companies and private seamstresses make; they are so out of scale it really irritates me. They look ridiculous and almost as though they haven't even looked at how milliners make these sorts of hats at all. I used to make top hats and it is very unlikely they could succesfully work on most BJD's due to the shape of the head; a humans head is oval and so the inside of the hat is oval too; most dolls have very oversized round heads. Anyway, that's just me being a grump heh!
    8. To be fair, dye doesn't bleed out all at once. Something can be pre-washed half a dozen times and still stain. It depends on the processes used to dye the fabrics, which aren't always known. For instance, have you ever dyed your hair? You can wash the heck out of it until the water runs clear and then some -- and it will still stain your pillowcase that night, and you'll get more dye bleeding out over the next dozen washings or so also.

      I generally agree with Sharkyra, though, as to the general subject. Ill-fitting items (and by this I mean things made to fit a specific doll and then they don't, not something made for doll A that doesn't fit doll B ), things out of scale, poor stitching that leads to items falling apart... all can be very problematic.
    9. I'm lucky enough to have never had clothing cause staining on my dolls, so I think the next worst kind is clothing that only looks good when the dolls is in one position.

      Example: pants that look great standing, but fall off the doll's rump the second they sit, or pop a button, or turn into floods the second they bend their legs. I suppose you could call it a fit issue, or a movement-limiting problem, but I think it's worst when the clothes fit on your doll, look great, and then you find out they just have to stand there and look pretty in them, no awesome photoshoot to show off their new duds. That's super frustrating.
    10. I don't worry too much about stains as I've yet to run across any permanent staining, but clothes that actually damage my dolls is a worry. I have a pair of jeans that before I realized it was them doing it, cause horrible (really horrible) scratches on my doll's belly. They were highly visible and you could actually feel them when you touched them, like dremeling before sanding. It was awful. I had to sand them out twice before I figured out it was the jeans doing it and fixed them by gluing some felt over the inside of the snap.

      I've never had anything from a doll company do this, but the memory of it still makes me aware of all closures when putting them on for the first time.

      And I pretty much hate all pants anyway, because none of them fit well enough in my opinion. At least not any of my dolls.
    11. This. I especially find pants that the doll can't sit in frustrating when they come from the same company as the doll. I don't like stuff out of scale either in terms of print or buttons, etc. I also don't like it much when I have to remove the doll's head to put the clothing on; I much prefer shirts that open down the back.
    12. I hate non-flared pants. My doll is going to have Hooves, and from what I've seen, their huge. I already have pants that I've had to modify, because they don't flare out for his hooves. Once I saw these sold out pants that actually had zippers from the back of the knee down so for his hooves I could open them - Its an ingenious idea! So when he has human feet theyre a little fashion detail, and when he has his hooves on they're practical! :D
    13. Teeny, tiny buttons make me INSANE!! :x
    14. I really hate staining. But I also hate when the threads on the inside of the cuffs are loose and get caught on little resin fingers. I'll think the hand is going to go through, then I tug and....>_< FFFUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!
    15. Anything that looks like doll-clothes.
    16. This *so* much. I much prefer taking off limbs to dress the doll than having a strip of velcro down the back. >_o
    17. Yep; Volks has some outfits that have that 'doll clothes' look. What I find especially cool about BJDs is that most outfits don't look like doll outfits at all.

      Also, boys outfits. I tend to see the majority of boys shoes (for example), are big, clunky - and expensive - goth boots, or dress shoes. I tend to find shoes in general are somewhat stereotypical; girls shoes are always ultra feminine, boys are ultra masculine. I never really see a lot of just 'plain' shoes.

      And maybe a little more period pieces.
    18. Definitely clothes that stain, and clothes that don't fit. Those outfits cost a small fortune, and it just sucks when you've saved up, paid for the outfits, paid for shipping and insurance and all that other stuff -

      And it just doesn't fit. D:
    19. Anything that stains is just the worst. Makes you not want to put it on your BJD again. And jeans that are supposed to fit but keep slipping off or are too difficult to pull up the thigh area (*_*)
    20. I don't have a doll so I don't have issues with non-fitting clothes or staining clothes haha, but from the pictures and stuff that I've seen there is just one tipe of clothes that I don't really like: 'candy' dresses, I don't know if they have an specifical name but I call them candy dresses because they are so colorful, they have buttons, pants, corsets, gloves and even hats, and I just don't like the overall look of it- Maybe because I'm kind of lazy person, and simple- So I can't see myself trying to put correctly all that stuff in just for a photoshoot and then take it out. But I have to say, that some of them look pretty!.