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What kind of eyes do you recommend for dreaming dolls?

Oct 18, 2007

    1. I just got Dreaming El's head, and on Luts' site they say he comes with 18mm eyes (this head was used and didn't come with eyes, I was just checking for size).

      I tested my spare eyes to see if they'd fit in him (16mm acrylics...high-domed, I think? How can you tell? Is high-domed just that, a raised dome? xD), and the iris takes up most of the eye space! :o I can't imagine what 18mm's would look like. x_x

      Anyway, I'm having some trouble finding eyes for him. IF the eyes that I have are high-domed, where can I find low-domes? Or do they not make acrylics that way?

      And does anyone with a dreaming head know what size of eye fits best? I don't want to buy 14mm only to find that they're way too small. xD
    2. One of my Dreaming Els (Nightengale) is wearing 18mm Soom eyes. The dome is low enough not to look odd on him... The other one (Chanter) has a pair of 18mm gray Volks HG. They're not low dome, exactly, but the curve of the iris isn't so pronounced that it interferes with the fit.

      One thing that will help with the "big iris" problem is positioning the eyes with the iris higher. Let the upper eyelid hit about halfway down the iris rather than centering the iris right in the middle of the eye.

      Here's how that eye placement looks on my Dreaming Shiwoo. (I don't have a good picture of Nightengale or Chanter's eyes up on my server at the moment, but Tien Jen's eyes are a similar shape to theirs...)
    3. I know Ginarolo sells non paperweighted eyes for sleeping or dreaming dolls but they are glass not acrylic.

      What you are looking for are eyes that are not paperweighted basically no dome.
    4. I have 18mm glass ones in my Dreaming El, but with them tilted up. They look more natural that way.
    5. In my dreaming Chiwoo, I have a pair of 18mm glass, and they fit just fine.

      Most of the acrylics I have are high domed, but most of the glass that I have are low domed. I'd say try to find some nice glass eyes. :)
    6. Not sure if 16mm is possible in this boy's head, but thought I would ask. Too small?

      Since I don't have any experience with 'dreaming' dolls, I'm wondering if they can take 16mm highish domed dollmore type eyes.

    7. I wouldn't recommend High Dome eyes in dreaming heads. The dome would make the eyes sit back.
    8. OK, thanks. Then what eyes work well in 'dreaming' heads?
    9. Sooms, Gina's glass eyes, S&K's flat-backed glass... EDs, Eye Candies and Mystics... Basically anything with a relatively low dome. Deeply "paper-weighted" eyes are what you need to avoid... The depth of the material over the iris won't fit correctly in narrow eye-openings like a Dreaming El's.
    10. Neat, my thread got merged with an older one.

      Thanks for the input, looks like it's time to spend more money on eyes :)
    11. You can never have too many eyes. :lol:
    12. i actually don't know if this is the right place to ask, but...

      i am looking for nice hazel or light brown eyes for a Nanuri 07 dreaming head. Thing is, since this is a dreaming head, the eyes will not be seen too well... i would like to know if anyone has or knows of nice eyes that reflect light well that are in the hazel or light brown color range. i do not mind if they are metallic (as long as they are NOT gold-colored).

      so... any owners of dreaming heads (nanuri or from a different company, e.g. DOD's Ducan, etc.) who have suggestions for me? links to stores? links to pic of your doll? any suggestion will be appreciated.

      thanks in advance!
      :kitty2 :aheartbea
    13. I'd recommend the Volks Metallics. I recently got some for my Nanuri 07, and my husband has a pair for his Dreaming Moon.

      They are low domed and fit nicely in the sleepy eyed heads and the reflectiveness makes the color pop even with the narrow eye opening.

      They have a beige and a brown color that may work for you. I cannot find an owner picture of the browns, but here is a link to the beige ones.

      EDIT: Found links to the brown ones(1) (2) (3).
    14. Masterpiece has a million shades of light brown and hazel eyes including a line line of metalized eye colors and they'll custom metalize any of their standard or custom colors for an extra $10.00.

      I don't usually recommend ordering from Masterpiece directly but it's an option. If a person wants some of thier regular eyes, it's much faster and easier to buy them from a dealer on Ebay. I bought three pairs of eyes from Masterpiece a few years ago and two pair of the three I ordered had hairs floating in them. The custom pair I had them make was the only pair that turned out perfect. I know their method for making eyes has changed a lot since then so perhaps they've worked out the lint issue. >_>
    15. @Tonboko: thank you so much for the brown metalics links! *___* i have been having a hard time looking for owner pics. (i always see the blue ones) it does make me wonder tho.... they (brown) look a bit pinkish in pics... i hope they aren't that way IRL, as i have been considering them as one of my choices.

      @idrisfynn: oooh~ i didn't know i could ask for a customized metallic color! *___* this is great! (i've always wanted to get their eyes, but they are quite expensive, and the seller photos ive seen aren't that good) nice to know they have an actual site. :3 thank you!
    16. Ok, I just bought a CP Luwen Vamp. Shallow Sleep head, and need to know what eye size fits/ looks good for them, and what kind of eyes to use to make them "stand out", or be noticable.

      I'm thinking about getting him Dollmore eyes, but suggestions are welcome!
    17. OK I had originally ordered some really nice Dollmore eyes for my Dreaming Lishe. Tried the new ones in the Dreaming.....they get lost in the narrowed eyes. Not all is lost as I can give my 5 year old NS DES some new peepers.

      What the heck am I going to get for the Dreaming that will show up nicely???? Any suggestions???

      My only other eyes I have on hand are dark green glass and cornflower blue....