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What kind of eyes do you shop for?

Oct 8, 2016

    1. I had recently bought a DIY eye kit from amazon to start making my own eyes for my dolls and i realized out of all the eyes I made there were alot of diffrent styles. Most of them were painted in the "anime" style that i like the most, but i did catch myself painting more realistic eyes too.

      So i was wondering, what type of eyes when you guys do set out to buy new eyes for your dolls; do you prefer style wise? Do you like more realist human eyes, or something more animetic or cartoony? ( sorry if this has already been posted and discussed)
    2. I tend to lean more towards silicone eyes, such as safrindoll.com. They are affordable and look nice, in my opinion. I do have a few boys with glass and the occasional acrylic but I very much like silicone. They look softer. I like Browns and greens, occasional blue, more realistic or the vibrant greens with streaks in them.:)
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    3. I have discovered that the kind of eyes I shop for dramatically differs depending on how I'm feeling. Earlier this year I was on a total cartoon eye binge and bought a bunch of cartoon style acrylic eyes. Right now I'm on a sparkly eye kick, which is a bit rougher on my wallet than the cartoon eyes were:sweat I do tend to not be quite as interested in very realistic humanoid eyes though, regardless of the materials. The kind of eyes I'm buying also does tend to depend on exactly which of my dolls I'm buying them for and if I have a strong idea of what kind of eyes they should have.
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    4. I'm all about some realism, but I like smaller irises. I find that sooooo many eyes out there regardless of material have huge irises and leave almost no sclera showing. I guess a lot of people like that doe-eyed look, but I mostly have teens and adults and prefer a more mature realistic look.
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    5. Glass eyes are forever my favorite, but I also like urethane. I don't like realistic eyes, but I do like smaller irises so the proportion of iris to sclera is more realistic (also, it's a pet peeve of mine that I really really hate when my doll's eyes look too dark and like they have no sclera because the iris is too honking huge). I love eyes with fantastical, not-found-in-nature colors, and colored rather than black pupils, and sparkle.
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    6. I Iike really bright, jewel toned glass eyes without the lines in them that some glass eyes have.
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    7. I mostly like realistic... At least, when it comes to 'anime or realism', I prefer more realistic eyes. Unless I'm going for something more fantasy-- I mean, I bought heart eyes just because they amused me, and I've looked extensively at glitter eyes for my next doll, though I have yet to really pick out one pair. It really depends on what I'm going for with a specific doll, if I want to break from the realistic to get something cartoony or fantasy.
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    8. I generally prefer glass eyes, but for non-glass I like smaller more realistic eyes. I'll do fantasy colored irises, but tend to be more vanilla on everything else. I do sort of wish there were more "trauma" eyes with damaged/torn irises or ones having the pupil of the eye offset from the curvature of the eye (so you could more easily do a lazy-eye without offsetting the ball from the socket of the sculpt). I used to work with a girl who had two "pupils" in one eye from an eye injury when she was young, and I always thought that was kind of interesting.
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    9. I very much prefer realistic human eyes, but I'm ok with a bit of difference, like the shiny glass eyes. I would like a few that look ghostly though!
    10. I like really vibrantly colored eyes; realism isn't what I'm after, especially in my character dolls who don't necessarily have eye colors based in reality. (Dave's are ruby red, ffs.) Rich vibrant colors and I looooooooooooooooooooooove urethanes. Got a couple glass, got a silicone, but my endless love for Mystic urethane eyes will never be conquered. They're like little jewels of eye-shaped awesome.
    11. I like more realistic eyes, but glitter and funky colors are are also great!
    12. I really vary, haha. Usually I go for more realistic eyes, but those glitter ones look so good in photos! I honestly have two pairs for each doll, depending on the type of photo I'm going for.
    13. I def prefer glass or urethane eyes, and tend to lean for the paler colours. I love pale irises too
    14. Right now I use buttons for their eyes. It saves money because I already have a huge button collection, and it looks unique. It's not for everybody but I like it.
    15. I like glass eyes the most, as they're pleasantly heavy and bright if good quality. Colors range based on the dolls I use them for, but mostly it's blue, green, violet, and mint colors, as the yellow-ish and brown-ish colors seem too bleak in my opinion.
    16. I like glass, round, with the knob on the back best, but I don't usually look for normal human colour, like I need purple on black sclera or pink and black rings, for the most part I've been lucky to find what I've needed in the sizes Ineeded in glasss, but if I didn't I'd be willing to do poly or plastics if they had the colour s I needed.
    17. I love urethane eyes and high-quality glass eyes. Unfortunately neither of the two are cheap, but I don't mind shelling out for beautiful eyes. I've recently taken a liking to more realistic silicone eyes, too. Size and type depends on the doll and character for me, but color-wise I tend to stick to blues, greens, purples, and grays, with the occasional red or pink if I really like the color. I also prefer to have more sclera showing and smaller pupils versus the doe-eyed look, too.

      Usually, I avoid colored pupils, colored sclera, and the sparkly eyes with jewels in them.
      Especially the sparkly eyes. They look super gaudy to me.
      #17 Selenae, Oct 18, 2016
      Last edited: Oct 18, 2016
    18. I'm not picky with eyes. My eye collection has brass buttons, jewelry fixings from Hobby Lobby, acrylic defaults, hollow-back acrylics, handmade resin eyes, Oscar Doll eyes, you name it. I'm more choosy about who I buy eyes for. Alistair has...oh, the last time I counted Alistair had thirteen pairs of eyes, while Johnny and Chloe each have one pair. Alistair doesn't have a fixed style like Johnny and Chloe do, so he gets all my spares! LOL
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    19. I love bright sparkly eyes . but I'm not a natural anything type person.
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    20. I love really sparkly unnatural colored eyes. They're so cute ^^
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