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What Kind Of Eyes Do You Want To See More Of?

Jan 12, 2017

    1. I don't think there's already a thread like this? Sorry if there already is! :sweat

      Anyway, I was wondering what sort of eyes that people would like to see more of. Is it eyes with coloured pupils or ones without pupils at all? Any specific colours that you want to see? Do you like glitters, stickers, or anything like that in the eyes or do you prefer everything natural looking? Anything else you want to see more of? Please feel free to share your preferences~

      I personally really want more pale green eyes, the ones in existence are either too plain or is more blue than green. :pout:
    2. "Weird" animal eyes that are actually made for bjd and not taxidermy. Like eyes for frogs and deer with weirdly shaped pupils, but still in the nice bright colors as other bjd eyes, and of course in the right sizes
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    3. xD Yellow and orange eyes definitely. In any style/material really, but specifically urethane with little crystals and sparkles like Oscardoll eyes would be amazing. I swear I have the hardest time finding bright yellow and orange eyes that fit this criteria. I spent literally years looking for the perfect pair of bright yellow crystal eyes for one of my dolls. Also more cat pupils, I can never have enough of those <3
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    4. I would really like to see some eyes where the iris has depth. Like instead of having clear glass/resin over a printed image of an eye or some colored glass, I would like the iris' color to show in profile. So many eyes do not do this.
    5. Do you mean like this?
    6. @Doll-Mage

      I can't really tell. The iris on something living is pigmented and on sort of the surface of the eye (is convex). Most eyes give the iris little thickness, or make it sort of cylindrical, so it's just sort of wider in profile.

      I keep wondering if I could make my own eyes with the iris more of a hemisphere.
    7. Gemstone-inspired eyes. Not just eyes with Swarovski crystal inclusions, but eyes in convincing gem colors. Opal, agate, rainbow obsidian. I've been experimenting with making my own.
    8. More small iris eyes.
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    9. Eyes with horizontal pupils for goats, sheeps, and octopi!
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    10. I love eyes with tiny flower inside them! Would want to own a pair myself someday.
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    11. @Alchemical There is a Japanese eye maker that uses semi-precious stone inlays for the iris. I follow them on Twitter. I'll see if I can dig them up!
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    12. Eyes with glow in the dark irises, or the eye overall glows. I'm looking for something with this effect for a character of mine (a few, actually), and have been having a hard time finding something, and I don't want those LED-lit ones. I also would love for those to have some dimension/realism to them, and not look flat or cartoony.

      In general I love realistic looking eyes. I'd love to see more of them in wackier colors and wider range of color schemes. vivid colors, multi-colored, and with depth!:3nodding:
    13. Also wanting more fantasy/animal style eyes. It is hard to even find nicer cat eyes as most are flat looking printed acrylic ones.
    14. Eyes with no whites, they're a different color instead. Or just totally one color, but they have that quality that catches the light very well.
      Highly realistic sounds really cool too.
      Also the gemstone idea sounds really awesome. I'd love to see some pictures too.
    15. Hold on to your socks, 'cause I'm about to blow your mind:

      Have you seen these eyes by Dollmore?
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    16. @Doll-Mage
      Ooh! I haven't, thanks, I'd prefer if the entire eyeball was translucent though, do you happen to know if those are available somewhere as well?

      Also the sideways cat eye is clever.
    17. You'd probably have more luck searching for cabochons like this instead of doll eyes specifically.
    18. @Doll-Mage

      Yeah, I did think of that XD it would be so simple but unfortunately I'm very picky and animals with horizontal pupils tend to have more of a dumbell-shape to the pupil. So it doesn't really work /:
    19. That's an even better idea! I might have to that. Do you think they'd be able to be applied in the same way as normal doll eyes? I don't want to get too off topic, but I am curious.
    20. Cabochons can be installed in the same way as flat-back glass eyes. They're also made of glass or acrylic, so there's not much of a difference...