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What kind of SD Volks Doll stand is this?

May 30, 2008

    1. Hiya,

      I noticed on some Volks pictures that some SD/SD13 dolls have a doll stand without the wooden part.
      Here is a Kun modeling an h.NAOTO outfit behind her leg you see a metal part.
      I don't think these pictures are photoshopped.
      I have seen pictures where the stand is more clear but I forgot to save the picture.

      Has anyone seen these stands before in person and where would we be able to get them?


      I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong group! I wasn't really sure where to post this thread.
    2. I'm wondering if it's something they made as a part of their photo studio set-up. They have to take pictures all the time so they must have a dedicated space for it. Maybe it's a bar that's screwed directly into the table with a waist support?

      That's what I'd do if I had the room.
    3. I saw pictures of the stand going into a point it's not attached to anything. It's like an extra to stabilize the doll when it's standing.

      I am wondering since my girl is wearing the Seven boots and she can't seem to stand well with them. Which I think is weird since she has high heel feet and the shoes are also high heels? So if this stand works I'd love to know what it is and where I can find it.

      But what you're saying is not a bad idea too but currently I don't have the space to make a studio for my doll.
    4. I know only of tree types of Volks stands, and I have researched the subject!

      • Old type waist stand with big plastic tumbscrews that hold the metal pole to the heavy polygonal platic base, plain white or marbled pale grey. A rather clumsy stand.
      • Old type metal stand, either saddle or armpit variety, with a sleek round metal base.
      • The current stand, either waist or saddle, with a thick polygonal wooden base.

      The stand on the picture doesn't look like any of the stands I know.
    5. Maybe I am being silly but this stand reminded me of the one unoa's got. ( I know SD don't have a hole at the back) but maybe the Volks people have a modify version of that in the studio?
    6. The unoa stand also has the wooden part but this one hasn't. That's what I find so interesting.

      It would be easier to just photoshop the metal rod away instead of a complete stand with wooden part.

      I found more samples on the VolksUSA website:
    7. That defenitely looks like a old type metal stand where a sheet of paper with a small hole for the stand's rod has been placed over the stand's metal base, in order to make the stand less visible in an easy way.