What kind of wigs do you prefer?

Feb 28, 2017

    1. What kind of wigs do you prefer on your dolls? I like both fur and synthetic for different reason but I was wondering what you would kind you think looks the best and is the most cost effective and other factors you think about when purchasing wigs.
    2. Of all the ones I've had, while mohair is great for the fuzzies, I like faux mohair the best. It's soft and easy to work with and tends to have far less of the not good type of fuzzies when compared to synthetic.
    3. I tend to go for fiber wigs, since they look more like real hair to me, but it is really all about what specific hairstyle I need, and cost. So my favorite wigs are the inexpensives ones lol!

      I love how fur wigs can be styled though. I think dolls with fur look super cool! The thing is, I try to do pre-set character dolls, so finding something that suits them in the color I need is enough of a chore. Choosing what the wig is made of is kind of not important, just achieving the style is.

      That said, I love playing with both fiber wigs and your run-of-the-mill cheap fur, they feel and move differently but I like both.
    4. I perfer synthetic wigs for aesthetic purposes; I just like the way they shine and look rather realistic. But I actually think the fur ones that are crimped? (I'm not sure if that's the word ;0A0) look more realistic for curly hair. I like that fur wigs are versatile and can be styled really nicely, although I probably wouldn't buy one myself ^^ Generally $20-$30 is good for me, but shipping from certain websites always hikes up the price *_*
    5. I really like the synthetic mohair wigs from Monique, the fiber is so fine and smooth. My favorite for romantic styles is natural mohair curls--beautiful.
    6. I like alpaca wigs. The hair has a nice, real, soft feel to it. Wigs made from goat hair look good too.
    7. I love the way long synthetic wigs look. So shiny. Much curl.
    8. I personally prefer Heat resistant fiber because generally there's far more styles available. Alpaca wigs often look nice but it's so hard to find alpaca wigs that aren't for minifees or littlefees because they won't fit my dolls! Each to their own but I hope people do stretchy caps soon. x-x
    9. I like synthetic mohair or fiber wigs best. I won't put real animal hair on my dolls, and I usually think faux fur wigs tend to look too wild and untamed for my crew. I love the look of some of the soy fiber wigs, but considering the care they require and the price tag, I just can't make myself get one. I can almost always find a synthetic wig in a style and color I like for my dolls.
    10. Mohair or good-quality synthetic/synthetic mohair wigs. I'm not a fan of the very unnatural, Barbie doll-looking synthetics; anything too shiny or plastic-y doesn't work for me. I would use human hair since antique human hair doll wigs are incredibly soft and easy to manage, but there are so many issues with the wigmakers taking hair without consent (even from children), underpaying women in developing countries, etc. So it has to be mohair, alpaca, or nice synthetic.
    11. I prefer synthetic and alpaca; those two look the best too me, but synthetic is way more affordable.
    12. I prefer making faux fur wigs. But I find synthetic fiber wigs look the best
    13. Faux fur wigs are definitely more cost effective and style-able but I usually use heat resistance fiber wigs even if they costs more because I like how it looks a little more realistic. However, one of my doll is using faux fur wig because his hairstyle can't be styled on fiber wigs. :XD:
    14. My first choice is resin hair! Not many bjds have this option, but having a couple bjds (BishoneHouse Steve and Vince) with resin hair, it's fun. The wigs don't fall off, they never loose their style and come in different colors (or can be painted). But for the majority of my crew, I make my own fake fur wigs. I enjoy customizing the wig for a perfect fit for hard to fit dolls. Only drawback is the length of the fur. I just wish there was more selection in shorter lengths for smaller dolls, or guys with short hair.
    15. Human fibers, but mostly just so I can be creepy. Not that there's really any real benefit to it.
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    16. I definitely prefer the realistic wigs over the furry ball ones. I had a furry one and it just didn't look right and my cat kept taking off with it.
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    17. I like wigs which look like natural hair at the scalp. That can mean fur wigs, mohair or suri pelt wigs, commercially made wigs such as JPOPdolls Cecile or Cecile Long, or wigs I've made myself.

      Making these types of wigs (that actually look like they have lots of tiny hair follicles coming out of a scalp) is super time consuming, but I'm the sort of person who likes to do something only once. I don't usually make more than one wig for a doll, so it better be the best it can be.

      Currently I'm in the middle of making such a wig for my Dollshe Arsene/Dollstown 18 body. I hate the process, and I'm days into it and still not complete (I can only work on it on weekends because I work). Ugh. But I'll love it once it's done!
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    18. I definitely prefer the animal fibers- usually alpaca- because its so similar to human hair while being more "in scale" if that makes sense. I dont like the mohair ( i think thats the ones? ) because i dont care for the whole animal dead thing for a wig.
    19. I love furwigs! I have some synthetic fiber wigs to but most of my dolls wear/has furwigs ^^, For me they are easier to style (?) and are not that high maintenance :XD:
    20. I like synthetic wigs - they are easy to maintain. I don't like to style wigs. Some of my dolls have goat fur wigs but they are simple and need only water spray for styling.