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what kind wig do you prefer( fur,fiber,real human hair?)

Jun 2, 2007

    1. Hi I'm just wondering what do everyone think about different type wigs...
      I think the fur hair is very convenient but there is no much choices...and fiber hair is really easy to get massy..
      wig made of real human hair is easier to take care than fiber ...my question is
      do you feel confitorble with your dolls wear real human hair???
    2. I love human hair wigs ^^ and I wouldn't feel creeped out if and of my dolls would be wearing one.
    3. Fiber hair, as none wear fur or human hair.
    4. The nice thing about human hair is that you can wash it like you would your own hair but it can get more tangily and synthetic hair tends to be softer. I like both actually, it just depends on the look I'd like
    5. im planing on geting a human hair one because i like the look better . :)
    6. It depends on the size of the doll. On the bigger dolls, human hair may be ok, but on smaller dolls human hair is completely out of scale.

      Synthetic and fur is more in scale for smaller dolls. However, fur mats easily (like fur on real animals). Unless you brush it often, it will turn into dreadlocks (or felt? XD). But if you like the wild look, you know...nothing says wild like fur.

      Synthetic looks best to me, but it pbb statics like mad. But to me it is the best of the lot :\
    7. I like synthetics, myself. I don't like the texture of human hair on dolls. Something like Monique's artificial mohair just seems more in-scale. I do have one skin mohair wig and the texture is wonderfully soft, but the poofy, wild look really only works for my little lion demon. It would look odd on anyone else over here. :D
    8. I like fiber, personally. Human hair for me is too realistic to work on this type of doll, and I can never get fur to look quite the way I'd like it to, even though some of my dolls do wear fur wigs a lot.
    9. I love mohair. I prefer the mohair skin wigs but also love the long wefted but it doesn't look good on all my dolls. Next would be synthetic.
    10. I prefer fur wigs - and extensions made of human hair (read: made of my own hair hehe) :)
    11. I love the Monique Gold wigs ( Japanese soft fibre), and although I don't have a doll sized Human hair wig, I like those too.I also like Mohair on Tinies, and I've just bought a lovely Dollmore fibre white wig.
    12. for me Fiber ---- more looks when it comes to it, fur is nice but fiber to me look better (then again some bjds look too amazing in fur wigs XD) // : | human hair i have actually not seen so i guess i cant judge
    13. For me it's a tough desision between fibre and fur, though there's more choices when it comes to fibre.
    14. Fiber, probably. I had a human hair wig of my own and it creeped me out a little bit. Plus, all my dolls are boys, so they mostly wear short styles that I can keep in shape easily enough. I like the look of "real" hair better than fur, too, I guess since my characters are mostly not fantasy-types, just human people. I do use fur for Maverick and Caelan, it gives a cutesy look and those two aren't human. Mohair is also wonderful, so soft and lovely curly look.
    15. Eh, I think fiber, but I wouldn't be opposed to making a human hair wig out of my own trimmings if I absolutly had to in order to get a colour correct. I have thin hair.
    16. I prefer the fiber hair the most. The fur hair is okay, it is depended on whether the hair style is suitab le for my dol or not ^__^
    17. I prefer fibre hair, because it's less expensive than human hair (if my experience with human-sized wigs tells me anything), and I like soft, silky, shiny hair, so fur wigs are out.
    18. I prefer synthetic hair or synthetic fur. My morals are against human and animal hair.
    19. hmm I'd have to say fiber. I like mohair too, but most of my girls/boys aren't into the wild curls. I don't have any fur wigs yet, but may have some in the future.
    20. I would think that human hair would be the prettiest, but I think it would creep me out a little bit.
      Not where I'd be like "OH MY GOSH, HUMAN HAIR. o_o"
      But enough for me to think about who it came from and if they gave it up by volunteer. XD