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What look is your absolute favorite for BJDs?

Dec 18, 2004

    1. I know that although some of the exquisitely painted mature and goth girls are wonderful, in the end I love the innocent, sweet, childlike look. Very "pretty".

      I want my next doll (MSD Sinsiya) to look like a little Persocom---wideeyed and innocent.

      What do you like?
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    2. I love the older, mature yet elegant look for the boys. :o I've seen some amazing F-28/16s that really look like they're in their twenties. But at the same time, I'm in love with the cute, curious little-kid look (for both genders). :grin: They are so adorable!
    3. Hm..... I guess something very versatile, like Too? o.o;

      Something sweet and young ooking, but can look bad@$$ when he wants to
    4. smart ass with the touch of sweet innocence, but under it all they know more about all teh dirty stuff then you could ever know.
    5. It really depends on the doll sculpt, and what personality I have envisioned for them.
      Mostly sweet, but knowing......some a little darker, slightly sinister even, but they usually turn out to be the creampuffs in the personality department.
    6. i like the tough-yet-calm look...
      and very sarcastic yet not angry


      and i also like tomboyish look (for girls)
      and the sarcastic look (for guys)

    7. Since my favorite doll is El, I'd have to say I like the narrowed eyes that hide a rather mysterious side to him, reminds me alot of the anime guys I always love and adore, like he has some sort of..secret idenity! Perhaps a bit of danger and recklessness in there. There there is Dark Elf Soo, I love her large beautiful eyes and pointed ears, she is very pixie like, innocent like, whereas Lishe has a more mature and graceful beauty about it. I 'm pretty picky about what I like, but I know I like the more mature looking males, but I like both the innocent and the mature looking girls. There is just so much you can do with them!
    8. for girls i loooooooove colorful face-ups. Ironically (not really though) I also love goth-y make-up too.

      *contemplates face-up plans for her DES Vamp head in the mail*
    9. Definantly older. I like the lolita look a lot, but i like the high school lolita look, not the little girl in a frilly dress look. I also love dolls in fruits and streetwear type clothing, i don't see them that often!

    10. I like my girl dolls to look very sweet, even if their looks don't match their personality! My favorite female doll faces are Mimi, Rio, and MSD Sinsiya/Misya. ^^ I like colorful/gothy faceups too (hey, they can look sweet if done right!) All wearing classical lolita. ^^;

      On the other hand, I like teh boys to look handsome and mature (that doesn't mean old-looking as in over 20, of course), and totally badass. Even if they have the nerdiest personality ever (and have a hobby of collecting model cars or something), they still have to look somewhat cool doing it. XD On the other hand, I hate it when a boy doll looks like a caveman. If they have to look like a girl to have style, then I won't complain! Hehe. Generally, my favorite faces for boys are.. hmm, Shirou! I've really really wanted him ever since he was first released, but I'll never ever get him :( He's like my dream doll, though :\
    11. I like dolls to look soft, even if they are envisioned with a tough personality. I like the girls soft colored, dainty and glowing. The boys I like geeky and dorky, usually with messy hair and layered clothes. And glasses for all, of course ^_^#
    12. I have mostly MSDs and I prefer them to look, well, little. XD They wear typical little girl/boy clothes. I have an SD13 Syo who just looks like a dork (according to some people XD ) no matter what he wears. But he's a very sweet dork. :D
    13. This is a great topic ^_^ I'm trying to come up with a look for my FCS so i guess this is a good practice to get it all down.

      Since he's going to be a MSD, i like looks which are on the boyish and cheeky sides. A certain shade of confidence as well as sacarsm as i envision him to be quite a dogmatic person >_< Overall.. a look which is slightly like a Hewitt's, i guess. ^_^
    14. I must say, I personally like the mischevious but sweet and boyish look from my BJDs. X3 I've only ever seena few girls that I'd really ever imagine liking ("Pink" and "Sully" from Customhouse and "Bee-A" from DOD). X3;; I really REALLY prefer boy dolls, and I like it when they have a more 'smoothe' look to their face and features, like Shirou and Tsukasa. I've grown to like F-28s and Lucas, but I don't think I'd ever own one. X3 I like my boys to be youthful and friendly! X3 Or just plain cute and pretty, like Hewitt.
    15. sweet and innocent is cute (and perfect for MSD) but sweet and a little bit fruits-y funk-y EGL-y is my favorite. I'm quite thrilled that my new girl agrees with the look, because my MSD didn't and insisted on being dressed like a little country girl ^^;

      I like faces that can fit my favorite fashions, so I like them sweet but not cloying. I tend to prefer slightly realistic (I have found myself generally in love with all of Mikey's designs), girl/boy-next-door faces.
    16. My sentiments exactly! My little Sinsiya (when she comes....eeeee...) will be repainted with glossy lips and softly blushes cheeks...and wel.

      My boyfriend is what you'd call a "stylish dork"...but hes not a doll :oops:

      Maybe I'll get them both to pose when I'm done with my doll's faceup...

      OH! And Sinsiya is totally going to do the fruits look.
    17. I like evil but a lil bit girly boys and cute girls.
      I like evil looking guys even in real life so... XD
      And I like cute girls 'cause I've aways been a tomboy so... I miss it....
    18. I personally am not a fan of the black-gothy Lolita look. Some of the white Lolita dresses are okay. But I really like to see dolls in normal, 'wear out and walk around" wear. Not like, 'display' wear. My first outfit for Odette's gonna be a lil white sweater with a long white skirt. :) and then her ballet dress. Which is... eheh... a bit of 'display' wear. :oops:

      On boys, I like to see gentle boys. With glasses. and bare feet. I like their feet. ^^;;; And big cargo pants that drape over the tops of their feet. Yess.
    19. I'm not really into the uber-dark gothic makeup, really...Personally, I think that there's a fine line between enough and too much when it comes to a face up.

      I like it when the doll has obvious make up, but it still looks natural and smooth. o_o; If that makes any sense. >>;
    20. gothic, jrocker, androginne boys :3 and sweet evilly girls XD