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What makes you NOT buy an item on the secondhand marketplace?

Aug 12, 2016

  1. You feel the price is too high for what's being offered

    218 vote(s)
  2. You feel the price is too high for the item's condition or age

    237 vote(s)
  3. Lack of certificate/Lack of legitimacy

    157 vote(s)
  4. You feel the item's condition is too poor

    131 vote(s)
  5. Seller charges PP fees

    155 vote(s)
  6. Seller doesn't accept layaway

    58 vote(s)
  7. You feel the item has been marked up too high from original price

    163 vote(s)
  8. Other

    61 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
    1. Hey guys! I wanted your input of what causes you to pass up a sale for a secondhand market item. Do you believe you come across more instances of the price just being higher than you're willing to pay, or are there other factors that are more important than that? I've created a poll to go along with this as well as hope to discuss this here. Please give me your inputs!

      Please keep in mind that this is solely based on opinions and to also refrain from doing anything that could be seen as advertising or selling outside of the MP. Thanks!~
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    2. For me most of the time it's a "are you kidding me the doll sold for $500, isn't discontinued, and you're selling your 5 year old scuffed up version for $550 on account of the mediocre faceup?" type of bafflement. While I understand limited collectors items can hold or even gain value over time, I think a lot of times people can forget that resin isn't infallible, and that their dolls quality will decrease with age due to the resin degrading and yellowing. Its nice to recoup the costs from originally getting a doll, but I think more people need to realize that won't happen with many dolls, especially if they're non limited.
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    3. This is exactly what's been on my mind. I've been trying to downsize my collection because I've lost interest in resin bodies (I prefer Obitsu for posing) and so far it's been slow going.

      It's actually one of the reasons why I've decided to come back to DoA and try posting again - I'd like to be more up to date with the market and such. Plus more active with my keepers. :)

      For me, anytime when I see the price going for more than its original, without it being limited/discontinued/retired or with enough extras (such as clothes or detailed face up), has me quickly navigating away. But I'm also not one that expects pennies for an older doll, they still have value. I hope that makes sense.
    4. I didn't buy something recently because the seller took a long time to answer my question and didn't answer it completely.
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    5. I am always in disbelief that the seller bought it straight from the company in the last year but has no receipt, order number, or proof of purchase. How??? :nowords:
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    6. I don't have marketplace access yet, but I've seen BJDs and BJD related items for sale all over social media.

      A lot of the time, the items seem pretty overpriced. I'm not interested in paying full retail or more for a non-limited edition doll that isn't brand new.
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    7. Price most often isn't the problem - if I want it badly enough or if it's worth it to me, I'll shell out the money. If I don't, I won't. However, it really annoys me when sellers ask PayPal fees on top of the price. Folks - just do some basic maths and add them to your total price you're selling for! The whole world isn't like the USA where you're charged additional taxes upon check-out. Over here where I live, taxes are already calculated into the selling price. I mean, what's the big problem?

      Also, when you're selling a doll for a hefty price and then don't offer layaway. Right, it's your doll, you can sell it on your conditions but don't be surprised it'll take you a looooong time to find someone who can buy your 2,500 USD doll - not everyone can just drop that much money on a doll all at once. Extremely short layaways kinda bug me, too. I do realize that in some countries, you get your paycheck on a weekly basis. Over here, you don't. You get your paycheck at the end of the month/beginning of the next month. So, yah, if I could finish a layaway for a 2,500 USD doll within just four weeks - honey, then I wouldn't need layaway ...

      Third factor: "won't ship internationally". THAT one more often than not makes me go "Fine, then keep it." Yah, I know, you can always ask the seller if they'd make an exception and I've done so in the past but for that to happen I have to really, really, REALLY want that doll/wig/clothes/stuff and it has to be something I can't find anywhere else.
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    8. I came across a doll I wanted that was discontinued but refused to buy because it cost higher (like nearly 2x) than it should be and plus without a box or anything else it came with except for COA, it should be closer to original price, maybe with slight increasemeant due to discontinued sculpt but not nearly double or more the price. I have seen other dolls similar but never got sold. Just sell for the price you paid.
      There really should be a "BJD Blue Book" or something like this out there.
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    9. My "Other" reasons, which outweigh price and even condition (except in extreme cases) when I'm shopping:

      1. It just isn't something I want. After twelve years in this hobby, I have pretty well-defined tastes -- there isn't all that much in the Marketplace that I'm either actively looking for or susceptible to falling for on impulse.

      2. The seller is on my Ignore list or has a Problem Transactions record that troubles me. I've learned that I can and should trust my impressions of people, based on the way they present themselves here on DOA.
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    10. I chose other for a couple of reasons, most of them were listed in the poll: PP fees, price too high for whatever reason I feel it's too high (and I am very flexible on price, so if I think it's too high....well seriously.)

      I have another one that's only a personal pet peeve for me - no splitting or people who put "not applicable" under splitting when an item can actually be split. I have no idea why this irks me to no end, but if I see that on a thread I hit the back arrow and won't look at it :\

      I know people are allowed to sell dolls however they want too, I have selling quirks I'm sure people hate and I don't care. I also understand not wanting to split an item - especially a full set - because it creates more work for the seller.....but so many people have missed out on sales from me alone because they won't split. A lot of those dolls/parts are still for sale right now (I check often. Obsessive? Me? nooooo).

      I guess I could be grateful....that is a lot of money I saved.

      Sometimes I'll also pass on a sale depending on where it's coming from. A lot of countries have slow shipping, and it's insanely expensive for that slow shipping. If I'm buying second-hand it's often because I don't want to wait for that item, or I'd just order it new (if possible). I don't really expect to have to wait a month for something already made and ready to ship. This makes it seem like I have problem paying for shipping...which I don't. But if I have to pay $60+ I feel like it shouldn't take 3 weeks to get to me (this doesn't count the odd item that gets stuck in US customs for days and weeks on end.).
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    11. I'm surprised that there's nothing in the poll about feedback, because that's the first thing I check. Also the general attitude of the seller - in my experience someone who's very confused and needs a lot of propting to answer questions is not a great person to deal with, becuase they'll be equally confused about how to deal with any issues that arise. I'm generally willing to pay a little more to deal with someone I can reasonably expect will do what they say they're going to do.

      Paypal fees are a huge pet peeve of mine. It's rare that I'll purchase from someone who charges them.
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    12. For "Other", I get red flags when I see a listing for a doll that is several years old and supposedly has no yellowing or damages. I've owned dolls long enough to know that even if a 4 year old doll sits in a dark box all its life, it's still going to have yellowed. I've also handled and restrung enough dolls to know that no matter how careful you are with them, you'll always wind up with minor damage like small dents around the joints, nicks, scratches, etc. Thus, my first instincts are the seller hasn't bothered to examine the doll closely and once it arrives to me I'd find a whole host of undisclosed damages and yellowing.
      #12 Kimchi, Aug 12, 2016
      Last edited: Aug 12, 2016
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    13. It's funny, feedback is usually the last thing I check! I only bother to look at feedback if I'm about to contact a seller, something I'll only do if I'm 100% sure I want to buy. All the other factors come first, because if I can't get through the post without hitting the back button there's no need to check their feedback XD

      And I thought of something else - pictures. If there are no pictures or a couple small ones that don't show the whole doll or are out of focus I don't bother.
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    14. If I feel the price is too high, of course I'll pass unless the seller welcomes offers. I do not like it when a seller charges buyers PP fees. It's against PP's ToS, and using PP's service is a cost of doing business and as such it should be figured into a seller's price. To do otherwise seems pretty unprofessional to me so I'll pass. Also, one thing that will absolutely put the brakes on any sale is if the item comes from a smoking household. Cigarette smoke is so hard to get rid of, it discolors everything (dolls, clothes...) and it makes my allergies act up. I've only got one or two packages from smokers (they didn't disclose that they smoked) and I had to treat the items (all clothes) for a long time before I could bear having them around.
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    15. Feedback or word of problems through my huge local group would be first. If the doll has too many problems would be next. Even a great deal is a no for me there, because my skills aren't developed enough to feel up to risking the money.

      When I have trouble getting answers to the specific questions I ask is a huge no to me as well, only because those are the things I need to know before making a purchase.

      Another one that may just be me is a really terrible or heavy face up. Just because I don't know if the doll is stained underneath. I can't ask someone to remove it, because I might not buy it if I don't like what's underneath and another buyer might have wanted the f/u. Thus also goes back to not having the skills for repair.

      If something changes after I agree to buy. Part missing I care about, fees added that weren't in listing, lost CoA, something on it turns up broken. I understand those things happen, but I probably wanted that piece.

      Also I've had issues where either I've bought something, and it turns out to be different than listed. Just slightly, not enough to return it, but enough to avoid that seller in the future.Or something I sold a person is relisted without listing the issues I know it has. I wouldn't trust that what I bought from that person is as described.

      That probably sounds like a lot, but about half of my things come from the secondhand market, so I know what bothers me by now, lol.
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    16. For me it's definitely a case by case basis. I prefer to buy secondhand from Mandarake, however, I will purchase from individuals as well. It's mostly based on how our communication goes if I will commit to buy.

      Feedback is also huge. If they don't have any feedback or cannot provide a link to feedback on ebay or elsewhere, I'm less inclined to complete the purchase.
    17. One thing I thought of under other is poor / lack of sales pictures. The amount of times I've looked at a sales thread and then immediately clicked back due to the only pictures being artistic ones where the doll is fully clothed and wiggled is too many to count.

      When I buy a doll prefer to see one shot of the face without wig, one of the doll fully naked from the front and one fully naked from the back. I sometimes can't even tell from a sales thread which body the doll is on due to clothing that isn't even included in the sale.

      Also if you are selling a hybrid I expect to see that doll nude and with head/whatever other non matching parts visible so I can clearly assess resin match and parts fit. I sometimes get the feeling sellers are being purposely misleading when taking pictures of hybrids from all their best angles to try and hide poor parts fit.

      Lack of layaway prevents me from buying dolls alot of the time but to me that's my problem and not the sellers. I'm extremely grateful to people who do accept layaway but I will not be mad if they say no. It not the sellers fault I can't afford to pay upfront and if they can get the money faster and decide I'm not worth the wait no hard feelings at all :)

      I never turn down buying a doll due to missing box or CoA as I feel Im relatively competent at spotting recasts and tracing a dolls origins through DoA isn't terribly difficult if your willing to put in the time. Also as a burgeoning soom parts hoarder getting a CoA with every piece I buy is nigh on impossible so I just don't worry about it.

      I do think alot of sellers overpriced their yellowed and damaged dolls and I believe a non limited doll's price should reflect it's age and condition. I think alot have people still try to carry the 'collectables' mentality from the old days into the now when the sheer choice of dolls out there has largely invalidated that viewpoint. Most people are buying dolls because they like that particular look and not trying to complete any sort of collection so expecting every doll to hold its value as if it came from some completeble set is a little unrealistic.
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    18. If the price is too high, I won't even look. I have a limited budget. I understand the seller can ask whatever price they want, and I can refuse to buy. When I do look at the mp here, I won't go past page 5. If the doll or items aren't bumped occasionally, then I get the impression the seller is not serious, or not on DOA much. That to me sends up a warning to not be interested. If the item is on page 10 and listed over a year ago with no recent bumps, the odds are it was just left there and the seller forgot about it, or they aren't even active members. Just my quirk, lol.
    19. I'm pretty picky about buying secondhand, so I have a whole list of things that make me refuse to buy things.

      If the price is too high for the doll in the condition it's in. If I can buy the doll new for the same or similar price in better condition, I'm not going to buy the secondhand one. If you're selling the doll brand new, like you just got it from the company and knew the moment you opened it that it wasn't what you expected, I'm ok paying the same as the company. But if it's damaged, yellowed, missing pieces, dirty or marked higher than new, that's a nope. It also depends on the faceup. I do my own faceups most of the time, so I'm usually going to wipe the doll. Therefor, I won't pay a lot extra for a faceup I don't plan to keep and likewise I think a doll with a very amateur or heavy faceup should be cheaper than a new one, since I don't know if it's stained underneath. If it appears to have anything like sharpie, oil paint, thick messy paint, waxy materials or nail polish on it, I'll skip it all together because I assume the resin is probably damaged from these materials.

      If the item is obviously not in the condition listed. For example, I see a lot of dolls listed with "no noticeable yellowing" when the pictures show a very different story. I don't mind buying yellowed dolls, but I fear if you don't disclose the yellowing, you might be hiding other more important things like broken fingers or staining.

      If you charge PP fees or only accept personal payments. Charging fees is against PayPal's TOS in most countries, and if you're breaking their rules, it concerns me that you might break other rules. With personal payments, I'm forced to give up my PP security. I don't ever go into a transaction expecting to file a claim later, but if you're taking away my rights before I even enter the transaction, it makes me think you're planning to scam me. You might be a perfectly nice person, but I have been scammed before and couldn't get a refund from PP, so I'm extra careful now and avoid sales that feel shady to me.

      Poor communication. It's as simple as this: If you're taking days to reply when I'm trying to give you my money, what's going to happen after I pay? I worry that you'll be impossible to reach if I need your help later.

      Negative or flaky feedback. This one really depends on the nature of the situation, and this is why I love the problem transaction subforum. I usually don't want to buy from someone with poor feedback, but if you have pages upon pages of positive, and one negative, I'll read the transaction and see judge for myself. Sometimes I do feel that negative feedback was unwarranted, so it doesn't entirely stop me from buying, but it is a red flag for me.

      Blurry or dark photos. Cell phone photos are fine, my iphone has the best camera I own. But if the photos are too blurry or dark to see clearly what I'm buying, I'll skip over the thread. Same with broken links or listings that don't show the full doll I'm buying. If it's a full nude doll, I don't want to see only photos of it dressed up in an outfit and wig I won't receive. I want to see the full body and bald head. Even if the extras are included, I still want to clearly see the full nude doll.

      Lack of layaway. It doesn't really matter to me on small things, but I think a lot of people don't have $300+ just lying around.

      So...yeah...I'm picky. XD
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    20. My "other" reasons outweigh price, too. Number one reason would be that I simply don't want the item.

      I also avoid sellers that have bad feedback, unresolved paging threads, or just a poor attitude in their general forum posts.

      If the listing itself seems vague, like the seller doesn't know where the extra hands or CoA are, but "They're sure they have them somewhere. Really!".

      Photos. I need to see what I'm actually buying. Also, if the item is in a dirty room, lying on someone's unmade bed, eww.

      If the seller wants a personal payment, forget it. At best, they're too cheap to pay a few bucks in fees. At worst, they're setting you up to scam you.

      On the flip side, I'm not bothered by bad faceups or lack of layaway, if I want the doll.
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