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what odd thing(s) do you collect/make for your doll?

Nov 28, 2010

    1. being a doll collector many (most?) of us must have at least a trace of obsessiveness in our personalities. but i find that i tend to get off on weird tangents of things i collect or make for my girls. ok, so maybe collecting shoes isn't all that odd - but did they really need 10 pairs of shoes each before i finished making their first top? and right now i'm into making carpets/rugs on my embroidery machine for displays (i'm close to a dozen and have at least that many more planned)

      so my question is; does anyone else obsessively collect or make peripheral items for their dolls. (i'll accept anything other than the dolls themselves, you define obsessive..) and if so what?
      how many?
      and did your "obsessions" change over time? i.e. do you always collect the same thing or do you get tired of it and move on to something else.
    2. My MSD Boy James has a few hundred Silly Bands... I have 2 other dolls but he is the only one that wears them and when ever I find a pack of ones he doesn't own, i have to buy it for him. I think at one point i had close to 400 of the silly little things but have traded/sold like 1/3 of what i have since they come with like 2-4 of each style in a pack and he only need one of each (altho he has 2 ostriches and 2 jelly fish just cause they are cool)

      and my MSD Girl Rei has a small army of Stuffed animals but she shares them with my other dolls so it's not as bad..
    3. Vince has quite a toy collection... He has a tube of little plastic animals, 'action figures' (Hero Clix-sized Iron Man and War Machine happen to be in perfect scale for him), a Lego minifig doll, a sword-wielding skeleton that my brother gave me (think it's from a Mega Blox set), a Polly Pocket because she came with a cat-marshmallow creature... a Skee-Ball game, and some tiny plush toys that ought to have been keychains and such. If it had just been little plush things, I'd still count it as normal, but I keep finding him/having relatives find for him some really weird toys...

      I haven't made him any plushes yet, but I've been working out what the patterns would be for a few. He'll wind up with a handmade crab, elephant, and who knows what else...

      He also has a few buttons (the pin kind, not like shirt buttons) that are large-ish for him but not ridiculously so, a super tiny Oscar Wilde, and one with the PMX panda on it... I have another Vince-sized button (maybe more), I can't recall exactly what's on it.

      His other collections are more normal, I guess. He has a bunch of in-scale art supplies, and I'm working on building up a hat collection for him.

    4. I make fanzines for my Vivien (Elfdoll), as shes a riot grrrl DIY culture lover, so lots of tiny made photocopied hand made feminist magazines for her! She cant have enough. I collect fanzines myself and I like to shrink them down for her. I plan to make her some doll sized vinyl records featuring her favourite bands on the front, itll just be another case of scaling down the sleeves I have :)
    5. I love the idea of your feminist fanzines! And the vinyl records.
    6. My boys have a collection of in-scale musical instruments. I have LOTS, and lots of Guitars in particular. (My favourite is an in-scale replica of Sting's guitar.
    7. I make medieval stuff, and collect it when I can find anything that works. Props, materials, furniture, etc. It's hard to find, and nobody makes it for dolls intentionally, at least not SD sized and vaguely accurate.
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    8. I'm kinda obsessed with making little books for my gang- I love reading, and some of the dollhouse scale paperback novels and such are so perfect but there's nothing like that scaled for SD sizes. I'm also obsessing over putting together a 'school' set for them, so I've been collecting wooden desks and trying to find an appropriately sized chalkboard... ^_^;;
    9. cool idea. i'd love to make mine a library and have been trying to figure out how to make that many appropriately sized books.
    10. I knitted my girl a ton of scarves in varying colors, lengths, widths and styles
      I also crocheted her one of those U-shapes pillows that people usually take on planes with them (forget what they're called), it was a total accident though and it's more YoSD sized now that I actually have her to compare the size with
    11. I make machetes, "skin" aprons, wings, books and scrolls. I am also considering skin eye-patches, and normal eye patches. I just need to find soft, resin friendly cloth for the backing.

      The skin aprons are pieces of latex I cast on myself, and reused the bits and pieces to make dolly scale stuffs.
    12. My doll has nothing weird yet... but she does have My Little Pony: FIM minitures. :)
    13. i like to collect toys for my dolls
    14. Oh my gosh! I was just thinking today about trying something like this. But I don't know where to start. I was thinking about making it in MS Paint? That way I can make boxes of the same size over and over again and fill the pages with whatever. I need to think of something.

      My dolls don't currently have any handmade things, really. I made a bracelet for one, but I lost it before I ever got to give it to him. >_> It's a charm bracelet with his initials, his boyfriend's initials, and a Chinese-style dragon charm (because his boyfriend was supposed to have bought it for him in Hong Kong).

      My wife recently bought a ton of little Christmas gift boxes that are kind of doll-sized, and came up with the idea for the dolls to exchange gifts. I think it sounds really cute! ^^ She's got quite the collection of doll-sized gift boxes, though they're all empty.
    15. I'm obsessed with shopping for clothes. If I had unlimited money, I would keep most of the Slim Mini sewers on Etsy quite busy. |3
    16. Amir collects Egyptian statues, artifacts and art. Anything Egyptian and in SD scale is fair game! As long as it's artistic, not like little kid toys or something.

      Sixx can never get enough rings.

      Loki loves attitude tshirts.

      Maddox has a doll collection!

      Gus can never get enough emo bracelets and necklaces.
    17. Probably the weirdest things I have made are drumsticks! My drummer Duke (DZ Yuu) has four pairs already. I think he plans to break a lot of them, LOL!


      I've also made little BJD-sized crepes out of craft felt, beads and fabric paint.

      One of my girls has a doll (a Figma, actually), and I am considering giving her an entire collection. But her first is her very favorite already, it looks a little like her.

      Linda S.
    18. There's a steadily growing horde of miniature items invading my room, everytime I go out more seem to appear. I have an ever increasing amount of furniture for them, as well as stuffed animals and toys.:doh
    19. I loove making weird accessories for my dolls. I'm hoping to make dollie sized pippettes, MRI printouts and various things I work with. I've made horns, baby pets, wings, and a few other items for them crafted from various scultpuring mediums. My other next project is making shields and armor. I may also resume making gas masks again when I get a break from schooling. Those seem to have been a big hit a few years back when I sold them. I love finding new mediums that look authentic. n_n

      I accidentally stepped on this mask and broke it :...(

    20. I definitely have an obsession with buying small "kawaii" keychain plushies and squishes and hanging them off of her pants like little charms. I also make her tons of fox-tails to hang off of the side of her pants. I really want to make her a little backpack though, and attatch all of her keychains to that.