What originally got you into BJDs?

Jan 19, 2010

    1. Sorry if this is a duplicate thread, I did search and found nothing.

      So! I'm curious. What got you into BJDs originally?

      I'll go first. I was browsing DA's popular page, as I am wont to do, and saw beautiful photographs of I had no idea. So upon clicking the thumbnails, I discovered that they're BJDs. Having never heard the phrase, I did a Google/Wiki search, and found more information. Thinking that I was going to have to pay at least a thousand for a doll, I dropped the subject. Until a convention. At which I saw one. This rekindled my interest, and I started looking up prices. Well, now I had to have one. I bought Midori, and I'm looking at a second now, and the rest is (will be) history! :)
    2. A few years ago I came across BJDs in passing, but didn't pay much mind, then two years ago, I started seeing Aeryn (Hirati)'s Hayden on the DA front page and started watching her DA and soon learned about BJDs through her FAQ.
    3. I don't even remember who I saw on DA, though I did follow someone... Just don't remember who. n.n;;
    4. A picture of Matt from Death Note that I saw on Photobucket. It was an amazing Dollfie.
      And now one of my friends likes dollfies too so I have people to talk to about them ^_^
    5. A cartoon doll forum back in the late nineties first introduced me to them. I wanted one but would never have bee able to afford one at that point. Now I have the means and am saving up ^^
    6. Do you remember what their doll(s) looked like?
    7. Looking up Chobits online, which led to Angelic Layer, which led to to Dollfies, which led to Volks. I didn't really get into bjd until a year or two after when a friend in school showed me the Luts website, and I said "Oh, I've seen these dolls before!"
    8. I remember hearing about them in passing but was told they were very expensive, so I never really investigated it until my friend returned from a convention and started talking about them/sharing pictures. I looked them up then and came across the LUTS website. That's when I saw the El mold and the rest was history. haha.
    9. I remember the dolls were such like Ra, and other Egyptian deities. Ra was pale-ish and had black hair. I think he's 1/3. Ugh, sorry I can't remember anything else!
    10. I've always liked dolls. Mostly Disney, a few special Barbies. The Disney lead me to Tonner, and Tonner lead me to Haute Doll. Which lead me to BJDs.
    11. I'd seen them a few times on DA or at conventions, but then I started hanging around with a girl who had a few. I fell in love with them (mostly her DZ) after playing for a while~ :D Eventually love of hers turned into me wanting one of my own.

      And now here we are, a year and a half later, 5 at home and saving for more.
    12. Heh, wow, I feel behind! I still only have the one I bought last May! (but hopefully that's changing next month)
    13. Saw a gorgeous doll on e-bay had no idea what it was.
      Spoke to a friend who manufactures dolls who explained a bit more to me.
      Done some research and saw some more pictures, was completely smitten.
      Bought my first doll from a dealer and although I knew the size, I hadn't actually worked out what that would really mean.
      Bought a Luts Dark Elf Soo SD. Nearly fell off my chair when she arrived. I had in my mind a doll of about 30cm even though the height was clearly stated. She looked enormous, a few people who were there when she arrived were in hysterics at my expression.
      I had collected polymer sculpts and had that sort of size in mind.
      Once I got over the initial shock I fell in love and bought my second and now have to control myself from buying more. :D
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    14. A couple of the artists I watched on DA started posting photos of their dolls (Marti/ball-jointed-alice's doll photos really tipped the scales for me), I looked around a bit but didn't really think much more of it after seeing the price until I finally caved a good 6 months later.
    15. this is such a good question, but i have no idea! the most i can remember is one of my old friends owning one, so i got curious and started poking around to see where to get one of them for myself. you can imagine my surprise when i saw how expensive they are for the first time, haha.
    16. my friends had a few BJDs and i started to get interested in them awhile back. i started going to meets and found out that i really enjoyed face-ups... then one of my friend ended up selling a bunch of her doll stuff to me recently so now im in total dolly mode.:lol:
    17. Since I was little, I never liked barbies and the like much, but I loved loved porcelain dolls. Only got my first porcelain doll when I was around 13 or something, and that was because I found it D: my parents never wanted to get me one cuz they were expensive... (That's how poor we are D: )

      Then when I was around 14-16 I found some pictures of BJDs on the internet and was absolutely in love with them. From then on I set my dream in life to get a BJD.

      Now at 21 and with a stable job I'm still waiting to make that dream come true. I have enough money to buy a BJD, but being Resin I can't D: I live with my parents two cats and a dog in the country side. Small house, too dusty.
      So I got a Hujoo which I'm waiting to arrive =D They are soooo gorgeous, cheaper and plastic, perfect for while I can't get a resin one ^-^
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    18. Exactly my story, and then I looked at some other BJD DA pages and eventually found out more and more, this was just last year now I already have 2 BJD's :lol:
    19. I accidentally got on the site of DOD 3 (or 4) years ago. First thing I did was just printing out the beautiful pictures to stick them into my diary.
      I can't quite figure out when I learned about them being BJD's.

      I do know I forgot about them for a while and then resumed my interest last summer, because my sister really wanted to get one.

      It's all fuzzy, I just know I randomly found DOD and then learned about the concept BJD. And only since last August have I been doing my research.
    20. What caught my eye first was a customised Pullip(by Sheryl's Designs, incase you're interested) I found when searching for Ville Valo on Flickr.
      It's all that pullips fault, I looked through the other albums and photographs on that site and had a Pullip want for a bit, before I started to really look into posable, customisable dolls, in an attempt to see if I could make my own Ville.
      That "research" lead me to proper BJDs and that lead me to do a marionette-style sculpture for my ceramics project, and whilst researching for that I found SOOM MD Cuprit, who I drew and became smitten with <3

      hee hee =3
      ~end mini essay~