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What other BJD shoes will fit Luts Kid Delf?

Mar 16, 2006

    1. I'm getting my first BJD, a Luts Kid delf Ani, and sadly am not finding a pair of shoes that I like on their site, but other vendors don't say what size the shoes are on their sites, they only say MSD or SD, so I don't know what will fit her:( Does anyone know?

      Please help I don't want my little Ani to have to go barefoot:atremblin
    2. Kid Delf can wear any shoes sized for MSD. They're pretty much the same. :)

    3. I'll let you know when my girl gets here on Monday (please let it be Monday, unless she wants to come Saturday...) I ordered some shoes from Audrey's dolls and we shall see if they fit her.
    4. Thank You!!:) I'm so happy for you!! I look forward to seeing her picture.
    5. hehehe me too! Thanks! I'm really scared now.... what if I open the box and dont like her make-up.... wanna trade? ~.^ I'm really hoping at least a few of the shoes I got fit. If not, she has no shoes to wear. I'm having a hard time finding shoes I like as well. Most of the shoes seem to be chunky clunky ones and I'm more fond of light barely there shoes. Those thick platforms dont really grab my attention. I guess if all else fails, she goes barefoot or I learn to make something. Not many people sell handmade shoes....
    6. I'm hoping to get her make-up like the Ani head 1006 advertised under parts at the Luts site. I thought her make-up was super cute. Have you checked:
      For shoes? I think they have a pretty good selection.
      :sweat I like the chunky ones. I'll keep my eyes open and let you know if I see some cute barely there shoes!
    7. Here are the shoes I bought from http://www.audreysdolls.com/


      The shoe on the left is Monique ribbon french shoe, 62mm. The one on the right is a Kemper white leather ankle strap 60mm. They were a little hard to get on at first but eventually worked out.

      I also have Monique strappy sandles in 65mm and Monique summer floral sandals 68mm which do not fit at all. They are just way to wide, which is the big drawback to ordering shoes online, you dont always know the width. Socks are by Luts
    8. I am so happy to hear someone else has the Ani girl. Mine is not an elf though. I just got her about 3 weeks ago. They had like a doll depot booth w/ lots of wigs, shoes, etc. I got my little girl two pair of converse like shoes. I want to say they were size 5/6. I don't now if that helps at all ordering from an outside vendor. I did find though, in case, my shoes didn't fit my mom's MF Lishe. Ani's feet are wider. Oh, my Ani's name is Masina by the way. I'm very new to this board and am still trying to figure everything out. Good luck w/ your shoes. I know there's lots out there.
    9. Oooops my girls not and elf, I think I was getting it mixed up because I asked for the elf Ani make-up on her. Thank you so much Priscilla. My Ani was just purchased and I still haven't gotten her yet:( I'm going stir crazy waiting. I'd love to see pictures of your Ani. My Ani is going to be kind of Gothy, she will be my first. I did purchase some shoes from Dollheart that are MSD, I hope they fit:oops:
    10. Mine is an Ani Elf, but the feet are the same as any other kid delf, just the head is different. If you can remember where they came from, I think it would be a good thing to have pictures and descriptions of shoes that fit kid delfs that arent necessarily from an abjd vender.
    11. Are the sizes the same for the boy Kid Delf's? I've heard their feet ran a little bigger.....the one that I plan on ordering for my first doll is one of the boy-type Kid Delf's and I'm pretty clueless on what sizes of clothes, shoes and wigs to buy him....and I don't want him to be naked when I finally order him!..lol
    12. Hey :3 I might also be getting an Ani, though I will be getting the face up B that she has on when wearing the KDF pure white set. I would love to see pictures of her, as finding home pictures of the Ani sculpt is quite hard. DOA does have fact files on the different MSD sized dolls, like Kid delf, minifee, MSD and many more that you can compare :)
    13. so to clarify, Kid delfs can wear any type of msd shoe????