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What other bodies fit mini ResinSoul heads! <3

Jan 27, 2010

    1. Hi everyone!

      My first Mini is on its way to me and I am soooo excited. I got a ResinSoul White Skin Mei. :D (Sanding her ears however, not all too fond on elf ears, especially since she is going to be a little lolita girl. :P)

      Now, I am curious however. Who knows what other doll companies heads fit on this body? Do all Mini heads usually fit on other Mini bodies? I may consider getting a different head for my new Mini as opposed to getting a whole new doll if I find a head on the market place that I am particularly fond of.

      So, any insight and advice would be greatly greatly appreciated!


      xoxo - Lindsay.
    2. generally most MSD heads/dolls are a standard size... some may have minimal variations. if you look at the company's measurements (most have them listed somewhere) you will know if the head will be a good fit.... check the actual head size of both your doll, and the head you want to use instead, and the neck size of your Resinsoul body, and the body of the doll, who's head you want to use.... does that make sense?
    3. Congrats on your Mei, she's a lovely doll. I think Mei is what's called a "slim" MSD, so some heads might look a bit bobble-headed. I second checking the head measurement, or the wig size.
    4. Okay, I totally forgot that she was considered slim. I figured the neck measurement would be the important one to check.

      Awesome, thanks! <3
    5. Oh, looks like my title got changed? Although, I don't think it is about the question anymore... It should be what other heads fit ResinSoul Mini bodies, right? D:
    6. My Minifee head is not a great match in color as it has more yellow tones, and the body is pinker, but you can see how she looks here:
      [​IMG] She has a regular size 7/8 head which is larger than the ResinSoul or even the Bobobie heads (but not necessarily faces) Some of the resin soul heads, like Lan, wear size 5/6 wigs, two sizes smaller! So they look more in adult realistic proportions.

      I wanted a body for my girl and couldn't afford another A-line, so I got this, and I'm happy with it because she is an elf and I think the slight body works for her character. The wig is a mess and doesn't belong to her LOL, it's going to have the curls softened and relaxed soon. I just don't know what happened to her Tinybear wig?? LOL

      Anyway, I think but am uncertain, that the white skins are easier to match. Before considering Fairyland, though, please be aware that you need a neck piece to attach their heads properly, otherwise they may sit low on the neck but it can also be done without by using a donut shapped "stopper" inside the head.

      However, all this may not be necessary as Mai is really beautiful. The problem is that the Resin Soul and Bobobie faceups are very basic and bland and light. If you get a great faceup, like most people get for their more expensive dolls, you'll have just as stunning a doll. Look at this doll that belongs to Shuga-shug. My daughter's sprite is really a lovely doll. The only thing they lack is fancy complicated joints, but they're not necessary to get wonderful poses out of your doll!

      Also, you know you can buy just the body, and get another head to get a different look at a cheaper price, and keep your Mei in tact :)
    7. Thanks so much for the advice! I'm glad to see that I have options with these dolls. I mainly want to get into doing face ups myself, so I was hoping that getting a bunch of heads for one body would work. I'll be shopping around then!

      I will definitely be getting my Mei a wonderful face up, the one she has now is quite bland indeed. I love the Espree you linked me to however, she is gorgeous! :D