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What poses do you leave your dolls in?

Nov 13, 2009

    1. (I'm not sure if this has been done, maybe something similar, but I'm not too sure. -_-)

      1. What poses/positions do you leave your dolls in when you're not around?

      2. Any funny pictures or stories? 3. Do other people in your family/house move them when you're not there? 4. Where do you usually keep/display your BJDs?

      Tobias (My AOD boy) usually sits on my manga shelves. But when I get my T.Too and Bee-a, I plan on having Tobias kissing the Too on my shelf with Bee-a looking on with
      jealousy. ^_^ My brother puts my BJD in the oddest positions while I'm in the washroom and I leave him on the desk. I come out and am surprised every time. :o
    2. I leave Devany resting against my pillows in her dressing gown while I go to work. She keeps the bed warm haha. :D
    3. actually all my boys they are hiding in a big trasure box.
    4. Lately Sooah's usually sitting on the couch beside the poor naked Michael Jackson doll I found while cleaning out the closet. I have GOT to make that boy a toga or something at least : O
    5. She's sitting in a little white rocking chair... eventually I plan to get her a stand, though.
    6. I sit Sanyu on her bed on her shelf in the closet. Typically with her hands in her lap. Sometimes I lay her down on the bed. Sometimes she sits on the cheesy homemade couch with her arm up on the arm of the chair.
    7. 1. What poses/positions do you leave your dolls in when you're not around?
      Sitting or standing, as their character allows. Only for Awa I have to make an exception, because he's too tall to stand he has to sit. :sweat

      2. Any funny pictures or stories?
      A couple sits cuddling together. Otherwise they look like talking or looking off into space or keep to themselves just as their characters would.

      3. Do other people in your family/house move them when you're not there?
      Nope, he wouldn't dare. Only if I'd ever forget a doll outside he'd put her/him inside again.

      4. Where do you usually keep/display your BJDs?
      In a closable window bookshelf. I like how it keeps the resin smell alive. ^^
    8. Miss Dunn, my first girl, usually sits in the little parlor I've made for her in my living room.
      She gets various poses depending on my, or my husband's, mood. ^_^

      My poor Faun has been living in her case of late because I'm working on an outfit for her at the moment, so she is unclothed. ^_^"
      Otherwise, she likes to lean against the arm of my big cushy chair as she is a bit too big for the parlor chair.

      Both of them spend most of their time in the living room. Sometimes they will sit together and read on the arm of the chair, or talk while Miss Dunn smokes. I always like to leave them set out as if they are doing things, it makes it nice when I pass by and see them. My husband definitely likes to pose the girls when I'm not looking, but he's always careful with them and his poses are fun.
    9. Minis: some of mine are sitting in chairs around the table at the bar, while Simon sits on the stage. The rest are sitting on their couch, except Kestrel usually ends up sitting on the floor. The puki and RS tiny either are on laps, on the floor or somewhere else away from the others. The 60cm sits in his wicker chair, sometimes with a book to read. Heads are on a shelf in the dolly wardrobe.
    10. Vyvyan stays with me in my university dorm, and I re-pose him every day or two, usually in the morning before I leave for classes. He's done everything from standing guard beside my mini-fridge, to sitting dignifiedly on my desk, to peering over my laptop screen, to lounging on my bed, to even sneaking into my dresser drawer. XD It's fun for me and perfect for de-stressing, plus it entertains my roommate and visiting friends to see what new things Vyvyan is up to every time they return to the dorm room.
    11. My guys stay standing (courtesy of doll-stands) in my wardrobe where they're protected from the sun. I used to have them sitting when I had fewer dolls, but 19 sitting dolls take up a lot of space, and they quickly get deep creases in their trousers at the knees and hips that standing poses don't incur :)
    12. Ive only got one sd and one tiny at the moment, so I have them tucked away in a fabric bed in one of my drawers, with my sd holding his little girl :)
    13. I don't have a doll stand so my girl is usually sitting 'comfortably' on one of my higher bookshelves with the guitar or stuffed toy that are her size. Once or twice I've laid her down as if sleeping.

      If my brother still lived at home, I could garuntee you I'd have stories. My parents don't go in my room (unless Im here and they want to talk) and they don't touch my things. When my brother was here for Thanksgiving I left my Delf on the table and turned to get a drink, turned back and she was posed in a rather in appropriate playboy manner. -sigh- He's four years older but he's been doing terrible things to my dolls all my life, even now that I'm in my 20's.
    14. 1. What poses/positions do you leave your dolls in when you're not around?
      Always sitting. I have a weird modernist house and the upstairs floor is just thick wooden planks and when my elephant-footed menfolk stomp about the place everything shakes, even pictures on the wall!! D-:< My dolls would totally topple. Seriously it's a pain.

      2. Any funny pictures or stories? 3. Do other people in your family/house move them when you're not there? 4. Where do you usually keep/display your BJDs?
      My family'd never dare touch my dolls when I'm not around, they know their cost and are terrified of them! XD Once my MSD girl pitched headlong off my dresser onto the eyebox sitting on my workdesk. Luckily her mermaid ears (etc) weren't damaged. The box is kind of soft PE plastic anyway, I'm sure that helped. I keep my dolls in my workroom, it's got the least exposure to natural light and is safely out of the way.

    15. hm usually sitting, with their arms in crazy positions because usually i have an armload that i'm putting away after a photostory >.>; sometimes i'll have a couple sitting or standing on my desk in actual poses (if they're standing usually it's in a corner of my desk or something so they don't risk toppling). my dolls spend a majority of their time on the dresser in my closet.

      my husband SOMETIMES will move them, but very rarely.
    16. Mostly mine sit -- they are safer that way.
      My husband likes to make the hands of the male doll reach for the body of one of the girls.

      At least he makes me laugh!
    17. Most of mine sit on a shelf in the living room where they are nice and safe from my dog, and safe from falling. My favorite however sits in a relaxed pose on the arm of my couch beside me, where I can play with him or fuss over him easily.

      No, no one else lives with me.. and if someone did and decided to mess with my dolls, Id get really upset.. I dont like people touching my stuff without asking.
    18. My boy sits or sleeps on his little futon when I'm not playing with him. When he's sitting I like to make him face the door to watch for intruders :)
    19. my tiny has a little room on my shelf, so she stays there. she normally sits on the couch, but sometimes I change her posing and she's on the rug, or dopening the wardrobe, etc

      my MSD and puki have another shelf with a cabinet and a couch, so they are posed there randomly

      my SDs live inside a cupboard, they are too big to have them all around with my cats. one of them is randomly with me, sitting next to the computer for a few days. I love to pose them according to my mood. right now I have Lurien, my Soom Amber, comfortably sitting on a box and having mint choc chip icecream ^^

    20. I used to pose mine regularly and leave them that way, but I noticed that after awhile their stringing was not as tight and I now keep them standing (with the aid of doll-stands) to avoid this. I love posing them, I just try not to leave them that way for an extended period of time, as I am terrible with things like restringing.