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What RACE are your dolls?

Dec 28, 2005

    1. I always wonder what people think of their generally Japanese or Korean BJDs... I showed my beloved Banana (Nana) to my Mother-in-Law and her remark was... "well she doesn't LOOK Japanese"...
      Inwardly I rolled my eyes... but said... Oh well she certainly DOES with black hair...


      But Then I got to thinking about it... Here's my group:

      Japanese: Unoss, Kurenai, Nana, ReChe, Enn, Cosette, Candy
      Chinese: Ching
      French: Seol-a
      Irish: Susie
      Arab: Tan El
      NonHumans: Vampires: ND Aletheia, Janus
      Elves: R20J, MSD13, EShiwoo, DES, Ttory

      My elves and vampires actually have "ethnicities" too!
      Aletheia and Janus are Romanian (but of course!)...
      E Shiwoo is Korean
      Soo is Irish (Gwrageth Annwn)
      Ttory is Japanese (Matsutaki Mushroom Elf)
      MSD13 is Japanese (Pearl Guardian)
      R20J is...?! (I guess he hasn't told me yet...)

      So it's quite a mix for me... What about yours?
    2. I think Raziel's French... At first I thought he was Korean, but considering that his sister's French, I figured that there was a high probability that he is, too.

      Actually, they're either French or Russian. I haven't figured it out yet... In either case, whoever named them was drunk, as their names are neither French nor Russian. And both of them speak perfect English.
    3. The Race of the Resin People? XD

      (You can tell that I have never given the subject much thought. In my fantasy world, race does not exist. =))
    4. Brazilian...
      Specially 'cause it is impossible to look brazilian since we have all kind of people in our country.... I find REALLY impossible to say how a brazilian person would look like since...
      On the subway: 30% caucasian, 30%black, 20%japanise, korean, etc, and the 10% is a mix of everything I guess.. is hard to tell so.......

      Brazilians all the way XD
    5. I think she means nationality ^^' "race" to me is more a word to reffer to nationality.... like, most people with a certain look are on this part of country... actually, I find it kinda impossible to tell living here... specially at São Paulo where everyone is a mix of everything. (see me: germany, portuguese, italian, brazilian indians.... O.o' so many... different countrys O.O')
    6. 0_o Mine are fantasy races that I have yet to determine. Well, I'm pretty sure my tanned El will be human. Its Evelyn I'm not too sure of. He'd make a lovely elf, if I new how to make modded ears. (I'm doing LOTR type races, I guess)
    7. In my fantasy world, there is neither race nor nationality. XDDD

      I'm sorry, but I'm not being difficult. I just never thought about it. XD Actually, I don't think I want to give G and J a nationality or even pin down their ethnicity to say they are Caucasian or Asian, French or English, Japanese or Eskimo. I don't care. More importantly, it doesn't matter. =)
    8. huahahah got it... I think mine ae brazilians 'cause I enver though about that tooo XDD they are just here... so.... they... must be from here I think XDDDDD
    9. Race is nothing but a social construct. Therefore I refuse to lable my dolls as one race or the other because racial constructions are designed to limit and segregate people.
    10. Caressa's a mix of just about everything. French, Brazillian, African, and Middle Eastern mostly. I just have to finish tanning her - she's a bit streaky at the moment ^^; - and hopefully it'll be obvious she's mixed.
    11. everyone seems to think my Kain is Irish. they see him and they're automatically like "Ohhh it's a little Irish boy!" and i always just sit there and twitch, then explain that he's NOT Irish- he's a fire spirit, hence the red hair, and he grew up in Germany. ^.^ i think if one more person asks if he's Irish Kain's going to get so annoyed his wig will pop off!
    12. Actually, I don't really want to separate them like that! They are who they are, and they live together with their own backgrounds and stories, but they don't need to be one of those, being a "Yank", "Limey", "C'nuck" or anything. Being who they are makes me happy enough. :)

      (if their Nationality was where they were 'born', then they'd all be Korean or something... That's not what I'd call them.)
    13. I took race to mean like how race is portrayed in character creation in D&D which is as just a way to see if you have any freaky inherited powers or distinctive looks (fangs, pointy ears, magic etc.) I don't think it was intended to be some sort of social statement.

      Hm. Yeah, race, nationality, whatever. Last I knew they were as follows:

      Elf: Paris (drow), Lune (might also be a vampire, just to confuse things)
      Half-elf: Lishe
      Werewolf: Kayan
      Human, basically: El, Gena, Tender Yen, Yen, Twing-key (sort of more like a Frankenstein's monster, but human in flesh anyway)

      Of all of them my Gena, Morgan, has a definite nationality which is American. Though I suppose they're all living in an American sort of city together in my brain and rp experiences with them.

      Most of them were developed in character creation systems, or out of universes, without much of any national identity.

      And only Morgan has nothing strange or supernatural about him. He's a stock broker. That's like one step away from being an accountant. Beauty.
    14. Hmm, Ilú's mother is half-Japanese, but that's the only human ancestry in him and he was born and lives off-world anyway so....

      If you asked him about his human side he'd identify as Japanese but that's more a cultural thing, I think. He's much more in touch with the other side of his heritage really.
    15. It doesn't in mine either!
    16. All of my kids are Japanese.
    17. Noes is Arabic.
    18. Weell~, My Adelais and Laksha are Elves, of course. But they're Asian Elves... The Glade they're from is located on an island in the sea between Korea and Japan... So, they have Asian features. They are, magical beings, though, and have their own traits. Odette is Half British, Half Japanese. But she was raised by women of all cultures, so I don't tend to nail her down to a particular race.

      Interesting question!
    19. hmmm well lets see ^ ^

      Kiatou is Japanese
      Tokia is Japanese
      Kawashi is a vampire but is a mix of French & English ^ ^
      Lii is Egyption
      Daisuke is Japanese
      Aoiku is American
      Kyou is part Japanese part American
      Seoul is of course Korean XD

      Thats my boys ^ ^ I included the dollfies because they're people(dolls) too ^ . ^
    20. CM is Korean
      Min is half-Korean half-Japanese
      Justyne is (or will be, when she comes) a demon o___o;

      Harr. It's all about the background (Min was flying from Korea to visit her father in Japan when the plane crashed, so you can see how it factors in (I swear her backstory isn't as angsty/stereotypical as that synopisis makes it sound xD )). Otherwise I wouldn't care about their race/nationality ~