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What Really Fits Dollshe Fashion 26F

Jun 16, 2018

    1. The boys get all the attention. Now that I have Snow-Snow, Erica Snow in honey snow pale, I'm trying on a lot of things for her from my stash of clothes and shoes.

      After hearing how few clothes fit her, I'm happy to find that by now there are choices out there. It's just a matter of hunting them down, or going through your collection and taking that dress off another doll!

      Snow with IH vampire in smaller model size - both wearing Sartoria J knit dress.
      Note the heel calf for Dollshe girl with a perfect fit in an American Model 22" heel. They only fit if the cut of the toe is low enough to accommodate that super- high arch.


      Sartoria J heels for Dollshe fashion girls are not as arched as the foot. They look ok, but they're sitting up over the shoe bottom instead of sitting down on it. Still a good choice. Makes me wonder if the calf foot is more arched than the heeled foot. ?

      Lingerie made by Doug James for CED. A nice fit on the medium bust. Would be better on the large size.


      Please share your 'what really fits' here. :apresent:

      now I'd better paint both of them & find the right eyes!
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    2. Right now Nimune is wearing a raoken corset patterned for minifee and nothing else which is ridiculous and I'm working on it. I would say it fits well, but not perfectly. She has on the smallest bust fyi.
    3. oh, that sapphire blue is gorgeous!
      at least corsets can be tight or loose if it has laces.
    4. @petiteballerine
      Thank you for making this thread!
      Amanda has a 50 degree angle on her calved foot so that is a way to determine if the high heel angle is right. If you see a side view of a shoe in a picture, you could put a protractor on the screen to see what the angle is. Her feet are big and she has a big toe. It's easier to fit with open toe shoes as you say.
      Here is a pic of my earliest attempt at making shoe bases for Amanda. I adore the calved foot. She is quite stable standing alone with high heels! Amazing to me but I do take care to support her anyway.

      [​IMG]Dollshe Amanda Beauty with WIP DIY shoes by Linda, on Flickr
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    6. trying on some shoes from my pile of goodies and two new pairs:


      from he-meife on ebay
      both the same size Tonner 22 model, but obviously the blue shoe is a bit wide and won't let her put her foot all the way in.
      fortunately they (and others this size) fit my Serenade doll and IH FID girls.


      SartoriaJ - gorgeous! but not a good fit - although made for that size supposedly. lower heel, less arch. better for IH heel feet. (not the high heeled ones)
      the foot looks good from this angle but sits out of the shoe.


      older boots from not sure where with another he-meife pair (pink) See how the pink shoe is cut so the arch can fit into it? that's what to look for.

      that's my shoe report. :apresent:
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    7. She looks really good in these tight jeans. I love how they hug her shapely legs and the length is perfect too!
    8. Reviving this thread to ask if anyone's tried the various tonner line clothes (tyler in particular) on these girls?
    9. The Dollshe girls have a huge round booty that is way too big for the Tyler pants and dresses that I have here. No matter how much I tried it would not go over that booty.
    10. I'll have to get some photos but MOST of this set (Coral Corset Set) from Raccoon Doll fit my fashion Amanda, the only part that was a bit off it the stockings are a tad tall and the underwear is a tiny bit loose.