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What Resinsoul msd hand sculpts do you prefer?

Mar 1, 2017

    1. Trying to decide if I want to request a specific hand sculpt for my upcoming purchase of my 1st doll. So do you prefer a particular hand sculpt and if so why?
    2. I really enjoy Lu's hands, they look so delicate and feminine with their pointy little fingers! Yao's hands are very pretty as well.
    3. Of the boys, I think I prefer Ming's hand shape. The flat one is fine and the grippy (song) one is useful but it's a bit uh... graceless without the doll actually holding something. they look like they're spoiling for a fight or.. making a rude gesture.

      I love sui's hands too, I have a real fondness for claws.

      http://farm7.staticflickr.com/6092/6395136955_dcddd5a39c.jpg love this image.

      Lu and Yao have lovely expressive hands I think. Very dainty.
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    4. Thanks for that image, purple_monkfish! I honestly had no idea there were so many Resinsoul hand options! Judging by that pic, my Ju has the Mei hands, and my Wu has the Ming hands. I like the Ming boy hands best because I think the slightly-curled fingers are the most versatile. But I think my favourite girl hands are the Yao, very graceful and I love the pointy nails.
    5. No worries. I wish we had a reference image like this of all the blank heads lol.
    6. Thank you so much for the informative responses. The picture reference really helped. It was nice to see all the sculpts side by side. I think I'm going to choose Yao's hand sculpt, though Lu's are very nice as well. Maybe I'll get both. ;)