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What Sculpt Name Do You Find Odd?

Mar 8, 2019

    1. Sorry to start another thread kinda soon, and apologies if I missed an existing current thread with this same theme! I just had to ask if anyone else has this problem. Lately I keep seeing Volks Creamy Mami pop up in and although the doll is lovely, that name grosses me out!!

      I've seen names before that make me giggle (Fairyland PuPu, anyone?) But it never bothered me. Until. Creamy. Mami.

      What names do you hate? Would the name of a sculpt ever be enough to stop you from buying a doll you otherwise liked?

      (I don't mean any offense by this post. I know there are language differences and the names of sculpts are chosen by artists, who I certainly don't want to insult; this discussion is intended wholly in a light-hearted spirit! Everyone has a right to their own opinions and tastes.)
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    2. Hahahahahaha Fairyland PukiFee or Puki Puki. hahahaha because in my country, Puki means female genitals LoL!
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    3. :XD: oh my gosh that is way too funny!!
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    4. Fairyland Pipi and Kaka. Pipi means urine and Kaka is poop in our childrens language.

      There is a company named Popodoll. Popo means butt in german. But it is children language as well.

      Then there is Ninodoll Shampoo, which I own. Shampoo means hair soap in a lot of countries in this world.:XD:

      I am learning japanese too. There are some funny names too, sounding odd, if translated. Souldoll's and Peakwoods Chichi. Chichi means father, but breast as well in japanese.

      I have jugoslavian roots. A lot of female dolls are named Nana. That's like children address their granny. As I heard Nana the first time, I had to think about my grandmother in first place.

      Oh! There is Napidoll Chesi, which I renamed instantly after arrival. I thought if she will turn yellow, Chesi will quickly get "Cheesy" in my head!
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    5. I feel like I always notice Doudou and its variants... I don't hate it, but it does seem kind of unbearably over-the-top cutesy which always bothers me a little

      the only time a name has stopped me from buying a doll it was the name of the line, not the sculpt itself- I've had my eye on DollPamm dolls for a while, but the "loli" and "shota" line names... bug me. :sigh I'm not about that life
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    6. Ipplehouse JID Soa. SOA is the Dutch language abbreviation for STD. I don't think it would have kept me from buying her if I really wanted her. I heard another Dutch BJD owner say she was considering asking her husband for a doll for her birthday, but not this one - it was too weird to have to say her husband got her a SOA for her birthday. LOL!!

      Resinsoul names annoy me, because they're so similar. Yi, Yu, Ya, Yin, Yun... Lu, Mu, Su... It's also annoying because the names are often too short for a decent search string.

      That gives me a whole new perspective on my wish to one day own a RealPuki!!!! :wiggle
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    7. Funnily enough, my friend and I found some of the Dollshe sculpt names very amusing. Disregarding their last names, David and Grant are stereotypical "common middle-aged white male" names in the area we live in, so they appear rather "unglamorous" in our eyes :XD:
      Also, Saint, Bernard and Hound? (Husky too) Dollshe, are you even trying?! :XD: I joked that if they ever have a doll named Poodle I'll buy it, haha!
      P.s. I vaguely remember a doll being called Isis. Probably receiving some hate for her name now, even though it originally came from an Egyptian goddess.
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    8. Yeah, I’m in the U.K. and think the same about Nana! Also kaka, which I think means poop to little kids in a lot of countries! XD
    9. a fair amount of Chinese companies have or have had sculpts named "dongdong". "Dong" is a colloquial term in English for penis so when I see a bunch of dolls sculpted to be adorable babies it's just... I can't quite get over how funny that is.
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    10. Hate is a strong word but there are some sculpt names that made me wonder just how tired (or in a funny mood) their sculptors were when they named them. I apologize for possible repeats.

      Iplehouse Rexy - Reminds me of Anorexia
      Fairyland Pipi/Kaka/Pupu - For obvious reasons... (Urine/Feces/...)
      Fairyland Celine - Nothing wrong with this one but it just irks me. In my head 'Selene' is the only correct spelling of that name (which is obviously not the case).
      Dollzone Tit - But it's so adorable!
      Fairyland Minifee/Minifée - Because I keep reading it as meanie fee.
      Unoa Sist - I know it stands for sister but sist/cyst?
      Dikadoll AAAAA - Because it's so cute only the office cat could name it by taking a nap on the keyboard.
      Resinsoul Dong - Because yes. (Male genital)
      Iplehouse Soa - A SOA is the Dutch word for an STD.
      Sadol Whee - Because "Whee! He's finally finished".
      Pudding, Carrot, Brownie, ... - Because they make me hungry while browsing through BJD-related sites D:
      Yi, El, Xiao, ... - Because they're too darn short to give me any decent search results.

      But I don't hate any of them per se and I'd have a chuckle out of people naming their characters the same. Would I ever not purchase a sculpt because of its name? I don't think so unless a company purposely named their sculpt something that's offensive or hurtful to a certain group of people. Then it's just a matter of principles.
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    11. Aside from the ones previously mentioned here, I'd like to add DollPamm's Cucu and Pica. In portuguese, cu is a slang for butt and pica is a slang for male genitalia. I thought it was hilarious! :XD:
    12. I wouldn’t say I hate the names although I do wonder at them sometimes. I just chalk it up to cultural differences and leave it at that. It would not be enough to keep me from buying the doll if I liked it, though. Besides, I always rename to what I want, so sculpt name is rendered obsolete when it gets home.

      I do have to think, though, that some of these companies know EXACTLY what they’re doing when they choose their names. :mwahaha
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    13. @0bsequi0us Agreed SO HARD on the loli and shota line names. Yeah, I know companies like to give creative names to their doll lines, but...couldn't they have picked any names besides those. >_>;;;

      I normally don't mind food names, but 2D Doll has some 70cm guys named things like Cream and Scone and I just find them rather weird. I guess I associate food names with smaller, cuter dolls? They just don't look like a Cream or Scone to me.

      Wouldn't say this is a particular name I dislike, but it bothers me when different dealer sites have different names for the same dolls, because then I don't know what to call it! In some cases it's because they're literally translating from the original language, but in other cases it just seems really random and inconsistent. Like there's this one Doll Legend guy whose name I've seen as Lain, Rain, and Ryan....

      I also propose a moratorium on the name Lucifer going forward. Not because I dislike it or anything, but because it's just so freaking common. I swear every company has a guy named Lucifer somewhere in their catalog. :XD:
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    14. The extent of differences in how people view/interpret names even within the same language is so cool.

      Anyway... my opinions:

      Sometime around when she adopted me, my mom told me about a dude who hit on her at a bar. They hit it off, until he said his name was Amos. She walked away.

      That's why I resent DC Amos. It just sounds like the name of someone you'd find stranded in the middle of the ocean after their ship broke down.

      I used to hate the name Amelia, but my babe is a DZ Amelia. It's grown on me the last year because I say or think it like, every day.

      About body names: Could companies stop using weird codes and just describe them? Like, for real, it's so confusing. NB58-001...
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    15. Hehe, Creamy Mami is an odd name, but it's not too bad in context? The anime character just had to think up a name on the spot in like 2 seconds during a TV interview and all she could think of was her parents' business (they ran a crepe shop) called the Creamy Crepe. :lol:

      I do find some sculpt names unusual, but generally I'm not too worried over them since I'm going to re-name the doll anyway. Hehe. So far none have been bad enough to turn me off of a sculpt I was interested in.
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    16. LOL! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought of this about Minifee. The first time I saw it, it just thought of meanie fee, it's like something you'd pay to your school bully :XD::XD::XD::XD::XD:

      I wouldn't say I hate the name, but some of the sculpts I just can't for the life of me pronounce it, and everytime I try I'd feel stupid lol
      Switch: Uhui (You-hue? OO-Hue? X_X, love this sculpt but why you so difficult to pronounce)
      Switch: Waseon (Okay, I can't lie, I keep misread and mispronounce it as `Watson`..lol)
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    17. I'm not sure if there are any I hate enough to not buy a doll I otherwise like, but these:
      Dikadoll AAAAA
      Crobidoll Ys
      Jie Doll Phny

      Or any other sculpt that either seems to have no proper pronunciation, OR has so many different ways to say it that no one knows what you're talking about when you say it in person. Like poor Delf Yder---EE-dare? EE-dur? Yoder? Yider? Why-der? I feel like everybody at a doll meet could own one and they'd all pronounce it differently and not know they were talking about same sculpt. :XD:

      And then, I don't hate this, but it gets confusing, when a company has different sculpts with very similar names, like ShouShou Doll Gouhai and Gouhuai. That one little letter can make a big difference in getting the doll you want or not.
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    18. I admit I and to look up the definition of "shota" but when I did... Yeah. That really bothers me. All the other names including Creamy Mami are just kinda funny, but there's nothing funny about that to me.

      Yeah, I think "hate" was the wrong word! I should have phrased it differently. I really meant something more like, "what names rub you the wrong way," or something.

      Haha that's actually my daughter's name! Not really relevant, but I thought that did a good job of highlighting how different opinions can be!

      Oh my gosh thank you for this context. I feel dumb now haha. I thought creamy was a reference to her skin tone :lol: That makes a lot more sense!
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    19. Mods, it seems like the name of this thread is bothering people... I regret using the word "hate". Could you possibly edit it? Or is there a way for me to edit or delete it? Thanks so much and sorry again for the overly strong wording.
    20. Haha that's great. I think I didn't like it because it sounded dated to me, but that's not an issue now because I'm so familiar with it.

      I'm sure if I acquired a friend named Amos I'd feel the same way sooner or later. As long as he wasn't singing sea shanties.
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