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What shoes fit 4 cm feet?!

Sep 6, 2008

    1. I checked the Tiny Size chart and I can see that several dolls have 4 cm feet - yet, apart from a small selection at DDE, I haven't been able to find any that fit this size.

      Where can I get proper shoes for my upcoming Bobobie Isabella? Something like sneakers and the like?

      Help, please!
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    2. I don't have much in the way of shoes for my girls but the best fitting ones I have so far that fit my BC Kumi for example are 45mm tan brown mary janes I got from Kemper if that's any help to you. :)

      These ones here to be exact

      They are large enough to be able to slide on and off of bare feet nicely, but not so huge that they fall off or gape.
    3. here is your soon-to-be saviour!!!! Judy doesnt have sneakers but plenty of dressy looking sandals and boots etc... otherwise on ebay try Mimiwoo, if you're unsure about a size just ask her she's really quick to reply and UBER helpful!! http://stores.ebay.com.au/Mimi-Collection

      Judy is a darling posts about 30 seconds after you pay and has sooooooo many colours to choose from!!! either the home-page which is:
      or straight to the shoe section:

      I have bought hundreds of shoes off her and they are always excellent quality and close to every pair I've bought has been lined in white so NO STAINING!!!!! :) Have fun!!

      Edit AGAIN: I just did a search for Yo-Sd sized converse/sneakers on ebay and came up with this: they will be a little big but IMO (I've had an Isabella) they would work alright :)
      Yo-SD Converse Sneakers on ebay
    4. Thanks! They look nice. I bought two pair of Mary Jane-ish shoes on DDE, but I like to have different kind of shoes to change with :)

      Ooh thanks!

      I checked Mimiwoo, my favourite eBay seller but apart from a single pair of rubberish sneakers I couldn'tfind anything that looked like it would fit. Then again I don't quite know how much "too big" they can be without looking like clown shoes. I guess I'll jump in and try a few :D
    5. I don't know exactly what their items are like, but when I was looking around for shoes for tinies, or boots to be precise, there was one seller on ebay who was selling shoes for blythe and lati yellow, they were going down to less than 2cm some of these shoes. Don't know if they have any for 4cm since I was looking for 2.7cm shoes, but they have the measurements for their shoes in their listings, you could look and see if any would fit perhaps?
    6. Audrey's has several Monique shoes that should fit. www.audreysdolls.com They have a Vans type of sneaker, but you'd have to use socks with them. I know either Dolls & Friends or Denver Dolls had a converse type of Yo shoe at BJDC last year, I would think those would work with socks as well.

      Also, the white tennis shoes sold for the vinyl Rini dolls fit, as do shoes made for the Alexander Doll Factory dolls that were sold at FAO Schwartz.
    7. Lots of great ideas! Thanks ^_^

      I guess I'll have to wait and see until she arrives and measure the size of a shoe - aparently many of the small yo-SD shoes are around 5 - 5.3cm in outer length. And that's not a *lot* but still a good deal longer than her foot. So I think I can judge it better when I get her. And then raid all these sites *GG*
    8. Hi, my Bobobie March (same foot as Isabella) is wearing Affordable Design Leeann doll shoes. http://www.leeann.ca under Accessories. They're not a bad fit with socks, perhaps a little wide. Most of them measure around 4.5cm or just under, but note the Kitty shoes he has seem to be a bit bigger. I haven't found a perfect fitting shoe for her yet. :)
    9. Aelia! That site looks very promising! And IF the Kitty shoes would work.. WOW! I've sent the siteowner some questions regarding sizes (they have some very nice wigs there, too, along with other accessories, and since it's also an 11" doll, there ought to be more of the stuff that'll work for a March/Isabella/Bei.

      Also the prices seems quite affordable ^_^
    10. My March wears a Leeann wig, and it fits very well - it stays on with no assistance. I know they're not all exactly the same size, but would probably still work. The Leeann clothes are a little bit large, but they still look cute. I'm hoping the kitty shoes will work with heavy socks. Denis is nice to deal with too. In this photo, my Tulip (March) is wearing a Leeann wig, tights, and shoes. Sorry it's not a better picture.

    11. Awesome! Thanks for that photo! I love your March, she looks very cute with just the right amount of impishness ^_^
    12. Dream of Doll makes a 4cm kitty shoe for their Dream of Baby line.
    13. I e-mailed AOD to ask how big their tiny shoos are exactly and they said they are 43mm so they should work.

      The CH Ange Ai-Uri I'm waiting for has 4mm feet too. :)

    14. Great, Dustbunnie! Perhaps we should do a combined order then? ^_^ *goes to look at AOD's shoes*
    15. Count me in too ^^
    16. :)Thanks TrekkieGrrrl! I just love this little girl.:aheartbea
    17. Trekkie and Jeanet that sounds good but I didn't count on ordering anything until next time I get money - September 30th. I need those cute pink boots though. :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea

      Edit to add: Aeilia your Tulip looks adorable in that outfit. I can understand why you love her.

    18. Thanks Dustbunnie, for your kind words! :)
    19. Dustbunnie ~
      Oh I'll need some more money - and preferably the doll - before I order any more for her. I need to figure out her style and all ^_^ SO the end of September is fine with me - and may even be too early, depending on when she's shipped and all...

      Perhaps then we can do another micro-meetup downtown and have fun, all of us ^_^