What sites sell this type of wig?

Mar 2, 2008

    1. I am not even sure where to post this. x.x; I hope this is the right forum.

      I'm looking for this certain type of wig that's like... mohair, except it doesn't stick out in every direction. @.o; Luts sells a few. The new Kid Delf MILL is wearing an example: http://www.eluts.com/frontstore/Ite...art_id=lutsdoll&level=&mother_catalog_num=122

      I guess it's just mohair, but I've never seen any other sites selling this type. Are there any sites other than Luts that sells the more realistic-styled mohair wigs? xD;
    2. I can't tell for sure, but it looks like the same type of wool that tinybear uses for her wigs. Check her out- You probably achieve that same look by cutting one of her wigs! PLus, she makes every color in the world!
    3. Wow! Thanks a lot for telling me. So it's like wool or something? That's neat. xD Normally you just see those plastic?-type wigs.
    4. Yeah, tinybear's wigs are amazing! I believe she calls it tibetan wool (i may be mistaken though). But from my understanding, she hand dies nearly all of her wigs and all that good stuff...
    5. I don't know - The hair looks too thick to me to be Tibetan lamb though it may be. I think it may be a Dollga wig. Like maybe this one in the unusual L.Black color shown in the color chart:

      Here is a similar Dollga style I own (W062) but it was offered in the other group of colors which includes a somewhat dark brown but no blacks. The listing showed it wavier but this is the smallest size and was not as wavy:

      There are a couple of other similar styles it could be too. But only some of the Dollga wigs offer that group of colors. Dollga wigs often have that rough messy look and they are also sold by Leekeworld (mixed in with the Leekeworld wigs) and offered in Leekeworld Preorders. Each time there is a Leekeworld or Dollga preorder it's for a different selection of wigs and sometimes you can find a group pre-order in the Marketplace Group Orders section at the same time.

      This wig at Luts is similar but not the same:
      And this Luts one would be similar if cut shorter:

      If it is tibetan lamb you need to find someone who does gelled styles I think. That wig you showed definitely looks clumped as if gelled.

    6. Wow. Thanks so much. You guys have really helped me out. I'll try cutting and styling a few wigs to see if I can get the same effect. I have been a bit hesitant in the past. And I'll try tinybear, though she seems a bit busy at the moment. Thanks a lot!