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what size bjd will fit into only hearts club?

Apr 19, 2009

    1. hi i have a ton of only hearts club clothes and am looking for a really cute and sassy resin doll to wear them.... what dolls will fit into them nicely?

    2. PpoPpo fits in some as does Tinybear's large Mina and Moona and so does the CH Bisou Ai.
    3. Also Elfdoll Hana and Orientdoll Joong.
    4. And Notdoll Labs Lucy (pants are bit long)
    5. thanks everyone!!!!!!! guess what I just bought a Lucy (notdoll) on here so I'm very excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I will post massively when she comes!!!! anyone else have one? are they as cute as they look? I hope so!!! mine will be white skin... not crazy about white skin but have to do what the budget allows right?!!! she looks cute so hopefully she will be!!!

      yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait!
    6. Hey Doree,

      Congrats! I think you'll really like Lucy. I find she's a great poser (after I wired her with pipecleaners) and a great size. :)
    7. I have some Only Hearts outfits and will take pics of my Joong, my PpoPpo and my Hana when she gets here :D

    8. I have a Lucy (Nymsy) just got her about a month ago. She does fit in the Only Hearts Club clothes well, you will have to hem the pants up but that is easy enough. The shoes fit Perfectly and they are the only shoes that I have found that fit. I just had Spampy from here make her some clothes and she did a GREAT job. She is wearing one of the outfits Spampy made her in the picture ;)
    9. How about Little Fee? (I'll never be able to afford them, but I just wanted to see.)
    10. Littlefees in only hearts club. Absolutely impossible.
    11. NEVER. Take Only Hearts and a Ken (the Ken is the LTF size)...it is IMPOSSIBLE. the waist of the skirt is like the size of my LTF's foot LOL.

      So those are Only Hearts shoes she's wearing in the photo????
    12. ReineDeLaSeine14, yes they are Only Hearts Club shoes. They fit well with and without socks ;)
    13. My Lucy has some Only Hearts Club too - the PJs seem to fit her best. They're a little roomy overall. I love my Lucy! She's wired, but she can be a challenge to stand up - but I love her. So tiny and delicate!
    14. It's awful, my little darling daughter got some actual Only hearts club dolls from her grandmother for her birthday, and it's all I can do to keep from stealing their clothes off their backs!

      Fit my Elfdoll tiny doona :)
    15. :doh HEEEE-HEEEE! :o Sounds like something I would do! ;)
    16. Can you ask her to borrow them? lol
    17. I got the big/little sister set tonight and I have an outfit for my Wol and my Puki...


      The big sis outfit has a long sleeve top too


    18. Will they fit on a Lati Y SP?