What size clothes do Rosen Garden 19cm doll fit?

Aug 2, 2017

    1. I'm buying a Nari and need to know what sized clothes she can fit! Please and thanks for the help
    2. Congrats! :whee: Rosen Garden girls are tinnnnnnnnny. I have Hana and adore her.

      As far as clothing...I ordered custom. Her torso is roughly Monster High size. If you find someone that makes MH clothes or if you're crafty all you need to do is have the the sleeve and pant length altered. I found someone on Etsy to make a dress and coat for my girl and it's a perfect fit.
    3. awesome! I have a doll around her size so its all good! Thank you very much :) I assume Bratz clothes will fit just as well since my other mini is really close to the same size!