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What size clothing does Bobobie Nissa fit?

Mar 25, 2008

    1. Hey I looked for a thread but couldn't find one so if this is a duplicate please point me in the right direction.

      Well I'm pretty much a newbie to tinies. The closest I've got to even holding one was a Leeke Honey and that was quite a bit different from my Bobobie tiny. I just received a Moony and the stuff I bought for him isn't the right size to make matters worse I haven't really been able to find measurements for him. So I was wondering if anyone could help me find stuff that fits him. I know his eyes size is 6mm but wig, clothing, shoes... I don't know what fits.

      Sorry for sounding so newbie-ish. It's just tinies don't have "standard" measurements like MSDs or SDs. Thanks so much.
    2. Oh dear, I really haven't had one myself (though seriously have been thinking of one) But aren't they the same size as a puki? Can't they wear Kelly clothes (from Mattel/Barbie's little baby sister?)

      Ok, I just looked up Bobobie site, and they are 15cm, which is bigger than Kelly. Hummmm... They are about the same hight as Elfdoll special tinies, but much chubbier. What would work???? (I ask myself, LOL) Oh man, I really don't know. That's a tough one!


    3. I think this size can wear Lati Yellow clothes, and luckily there are lots around on ebay and etsy.com. Worth a try - there was a cute boy outfit on etsy a few weeks ago. Tinybear can make a boy wig for you as most of the wigs I've seen for sale are girl ones.
    4. Oh yes I love tinybear's wigs~! I actually had one for one of my bigger girls. Ok I will look into those clothes. Thanks or your help. <3
    5. Most of the lati yellow clothing fits great! Only watch out with clothing that have hoods because lati heads are much bigger then bobobie heads ^^ I bought several cute outfits for my (now sold) eric and always fitted great :D
    6. sweetie , he has 8 mm eyes
      he somes with 10mm I think

      there is such a wide range of tinys its hard to buy ,,,you cant just buy a outfit it tiny shoes
      or tiny wig as there is such a wide size difference

      as the others said Lati Yellow
      there is a shortage of boys clothes I think
      but there are some great sellers in the Marketplace , Ebay and Etsy
      you can get some FAB shoes for Lati so they will also fit your boy ..his feet are a little smaller ...but nothing a pair of socks cant fix
      they take size 4 wigs

      I have a special pattern for them as they are a little larger than a PocketFairy ,:)
      but they are great dolls :)
    7. I was actually wondering about that myself. :/ I haven't bought my Tiny yet because I've been looking around for accessories that will actually fit him.

      I'd hate to buy him and then let him run around naked for weeks! (Although....he may actually like that.... >.>;)
    8. Look at the tiny size chart in the Sticky section of the Tiny Dolls part...it's made by Carolyn S...it's awesome!
    9. The measurements for a Moony are similar to my Cookie's measurements according to the site I look at for bobobie measurements

      Overall Height:15cm
      Head Circumference: 11cm
      Head Diameter: 4cm
      Neck Circumference: 5cm
      Shoulder Width: 3cm
      Arm Length: 4cm
      Body Length: 4.5cm
      Chest Circumference: 8cm
      Waist Circumference: 8cm
      Bottom Circumference: 9cm
      Leg Length: 5cm
      Feet Length: 2.4cm
      Shoulder to hip: 3.5cm
      Inside leg (to bottom of leg): 4cm
      Waist to bottom of the leg: 6cm
      Eye size: 8mm

      My Cookie is currently wearing a pair of trousers made for a Lati Yellow. They are a little big on him, the bottom hem of the trousers likes hooking over his heel a lot. The shoes he is wearing are made for blythe and they fit. The body type of a Moony is the same as on my Cookie so things that fit my Cookie will fit a Moony.
    10. I don't know if anyone remembers/heard of Flower Fairies? They were small dolls (tiny BJD size) from the 80s made by Hornby? I dug out some of my old Flower Fairies clothes and they fit Alaw (a Cookie) very well. I would say the dresses are the perfect length, but the trousers would be way too long, the dresses are supposed to be knee-length on the original dolls, but are ankle length on Alaw.

      To get Flower Fairies clothes in mint condition would be a very expensive business but you can try here if you prefer new items, but finding things second-hand on eBay isn't too hard, the good thing about getting them MOC is that they come with a small comb (everyone needs a comb for small messy wigs!) and wings! The wings have a small button in the middle which attaches to a small hole in the Flower Fairy's back, but this could either be filed down or attached to the doll's dress if you wanted your tiny to have sturdy, yet light and pretty wings.
    11. I am very curious about these cute little sprites/elves. Does anyone know what size clothing Nissa can fit? can they fit barbie clothing? please help.
    12. anything Lati Yellow
      check out Etsy and the marketplace ...with the growing popularity of Lati ..means more clothes for our Bobobie :)
    13. oh very cool thank you tinybear.
    14. ah!!!!!!! thanks! I was looking for this!!
    15. I have just gotten a Bobobie Elfkin , so i will post a few pictures of things i found that fit :D

      first, a dress i took off one of those Madame Alexander dolls made for McDonald's


      Here are some Hi: Glamm (doll made by MGA) shorts, they actually fit Jun Planning's Dal too, every skirt that fit Dal also fit my Elfkin :D


      dresses i took ofd my vintage Holly Hobby dolls :D



      and ... here is a top that i used for Blythe but fits nissa as a dress

    16. Yellowbird - your Elfkin is really cute! She's another on my wishlist :aheartbea
    17. thank you kayjay :D
      she really is lovely! i'm dying for a little green one!
    18. How funny...I've put that second Holly Hobby dress on my Elfkin, too! And the bloomers that go with the dress also fit. I have her wearing those bloomers right now, underneath a Lati Yellow dress. :)
    19. hahaha yeah i wanted to try the bloomers on her, but i have them on my Susie sad eyes and she stretched them quite a bit :sweat
    20. during a trip to toys-r-us I found thatStrawberry Shortcake dolls and
      Cabbage Patch Lil Sprouts clothes fit, both shirts all fit wonderfully, the Strawberry Shortcake shirts dont come close, but the cabbich patch shorts fit with a little velcro extension neither of the shoes fit! and the Strawberry Shortcake socks fit once I removed one little stich at the top:)

      shirt is strawberry shortcake
      shorts are Cabbage Patch Lil Sprouts