What size dolls heads are easiest for you to do faceups on?

Sep 24, 2016

    1. So I am guessing it is all based on personal preference for the most part , but I'm kinda curious as to what size doll faces are the easiest or everyone else to do a Faceup on.

      For me, I'm guessing the bigger the better. I like a lot of space for what I'm doing and I feel like 1/4 doll heads are even large enough for me to work on at times XD
      I would really love to get a 1/3 sooner or later to see for myself if of actually be comfortable painted onto a face larger than what I have worked on so far :P
    2. I actually like the smaller heads. I LOVED painting my (now sold) Pukipuki Flora. I can't quite explain why though...
    3. 1/4 heads are my preferred size in general, but after that I prefer smaller heads rather than larger. The problem I have with 1/3 heads is I always feel like there's too much blank space left. Anything smaller than 1/4 feels like a challenge and that's always enjoyable.
    4. I like larger heads better because it's easier for me to see (my vision kinda sucks...) and I feel they're a little more forgiving if the symmetry or linework isn't perfect. SD and 70cm are my favorites to work on, but MSD isn't too bad either. At the same time, however, I feel like sometimes I can do smaller heads faster just because they often don't need as much detail or as many layers. Most of my tinies are kids or babies, so they just need simple faceups, no fancy eyeliner or long black lashes or perfectly arched brows. Still, while I think I'm pretty decent at larger dolls, anything smaller than 1/6 is really difficult for me, especially if it's a mature tiny. Dolls that are fashion doll scale? Forget it. Absolute fail. I have so much respect for people who can paint a mature tiny in detail and make them look amazing.
    5. I would say 1/4 because you have less space to f up on, but it's not too small for painting details either.

      If that makes more sense: the bigger a head, the harder it is for me to make good clean eyebrows because I can't keep a straight line going for very long, but smaller than 1/4 would be too hard to paint nice eyelashes because I also can't make THIN lines :sweat
    6. Definitely prefer 1/4-- I like a happy medium. I don't really have any trouble with 1/6 (or at least, I haven't yet), but I also feel like... well, so far, I've had more experience with 1/4. I find 1/3 a little daunting, since I'm used to working smaller (and in fact I have a long history of art teachers asking me if I couldn't make things bigger... but once I hit a certain point, I feel like there's so much space to make a mistake in...)
    7. I definitely love to work on large heads. 8 inch to 10 inch circumference are my favorite. Working on smaller heads makes me feel restricted.
    8. 1/4 is easiest for me, but I've never done a faceup on an SD!
    9. Hmmm... I haven't really done that many faceups but I think I like it on MSD 1/4 sized dolls the most. I have shaky hands so trying a smaller doll is just a horrible mess for me. :sweat Then for a SD doll I can't seem to get the size of things right compared to the head. Like the eyebrows are too small, so I try again and they're too large. If that makes sense.

      Definitely worth trying them all out though! You never know which size you'd prefer til you try it. And practice makes perfect... expect when you're impatient and stuff like me. Haha I get frustrated so easily when I'm not perfect at a faceup.