What size eyes do Realpukis use?

May 19, 2016

    1. I have looked on Denver doll and cannot find this info anywhere...do Realpukis use 8 mm or 6 mm eyes? I thought it was 8 mm but they looked too large on ebay. Maybe I am looking at the wrong sizes or types. Could someone tell me if I am right? I am looking to swap out my Realpuki soso's stock eyes which are black with colored ones, but cannot see if I should buy 6 or 8 mm. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    2. [​IMG] I just got my first Realpuki, Toki, and I got him 6mm Oscar Eyes from Fabric Friends & Dolls. He came with dark brown acrylic eyes that were of good quality, but I thought they were too dark. I think the 6 mm size is perfect, but I do think you could use 8 mm too, and I love the way the brighter blue lights up his tiny face...here's a (rather dreadful) cell phone pic of him, hope that helps! :)
    3. I use 6mm in all my Realpukis.
    4. thank you both for the size verification on this, and especially for the pics MorningsInAikmaar ! I had been thinking of getting a clear blue for my soso as the dark brown or black that were her stock eyes are just too dark for photos.