What size eyes does Jiedoll wear?

Sep 18, 2011

    1. I bought a new doll at a show yesterday.

      She's a Jiedoll Mini and her eyes do not flatter her.
      I'll get her new eyes but I don't know what size they

      Short of removing her eyes and measuring them is
      there any way to figure out what size eyes to
      purchase for her?

    2. I would guess 14mm, since my MSD's all wear them.
    3. I just got a Jie Doll MSD Girl and she has great eyes from Jie doll, but due to stems they shift, so am trying silicone or flat back glass. I found 12 are to small so will try 14MM to me since that is what glass ones were that is what will fit best.
    4. I'm going to bump this with an added question: My Jiedoll msd Vanilla girl doesn't seem to take eyes quite right, she always ends up looking cross-eyed. Is this a common issue, does it have to do with sizing, and did you ever find a solution?