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What size shoes for Obitsu?

Mar 4, 2007

    1. sorry if this has already been asked but how do obitsu feet compare to sd and sd 13? have bought sd shoes for my gretel
    2. Obitsus take MSD sized shoes.
    3. thabk you.
      sorry if this is a stupid question, but the shoes i have bought are gothic boots. would i be able to stuff the toes?
    4. sure, no reason why not.
    5. thabk you
    6. Anyone have a list of brands or sizes to share with me? Thanks. :)
    7. Their feet are pretty small, but will be alright in most anything, as long as it doesn't say it will fit Elfdoll Rainy girls, because then they'll be like boats! But they should be fine in al the normal stuff sized for SD. If you're really worried, just get their foot length, and ask the seller. That should work here and on Ebay.

      Antique shoes also fit them very well, if your a bargain hunter like me, lol.
    8. Thanks so much for responding. I have a body on layaway and just wanted to get her something together to wear when she arrives home.:)

      I am definately a bargain hunter. I'm a single mom running my own business so sometimes the cash flow gets to not flowing so well. :lol:

    9. MSD Luts shoes fit very well, as do Dollfie Dream shoes.

    10. We must have been typing at the same time since you posting just a minute after I did. :)

      Thanks so much for the info. I'm going to do an ebay search and see what I can find.
    11. MSD shoes do fit very well.

      Especially the "sasha" sneakers you will see all over ebay (and in my shoes sales thread ;) ). They are a perfect fit.

      The "Obitsu" branded shoes are huge on the feet, tight in the ankles. It takes a lot of muscle or a hair dryer to soften the vinyl the shoes are made of to get them on.

      The feet are about 6-6.5cm I believe... :doh I shouldn't have taped up that box so quickly, otherwise I could just pull out the foot and measure...

      Mimiwoo on ebay sells a lot of shoes that fit the Obitsu, but shipping is crazy expensive unless you buy a lot of things. Becareful that you don't get shoes that are too big and floppy. If it says that it will fit SD and Obitsu, it will generally be too large for the Obitsu.

      Also becareful when measuring for shoes. Often the sellers post the outside shoe measurement. A half a cm can be a lot when it comes to shoes...
    12. Thanks for the info FunnyLori! I have bought from Mimiwoo several times. I will have to check her out.